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ok thanks thought 1 would be the best etc... no problems

One more question is there a command or function to see how many laps for a most laps ranking. Dont need another command just wondering if this was sorted
Take the lap time licences as stages/phases, you go throught stage 1, then advance to stage 2 etc. Currently there's no command to sort drivers per completed laps.
Quote from EQ Worry :@ Unknown -There was a post about one very strange error, something about WebException and wrong state of object, but I can't find the post anymore (or am I simply blind?). I would hope it was some kind of strange system state, I really do not know what could cause it. If it repeats, cause and solution needs to be found...

that was me, and it was my fault.
#579 - Bub
Does it restrict the max fuel capicatity in fuel tank?
that you can max drive with 50% of fuel, so in race could be more pits?
Then it could be really greatfull =]
OK EQ i will try make some experiment.

Informaziont: with !ch off i put off all additional check, so (confirm ):
- rotatetracks
- restart mode
- blue flag spec
and ALL in srv.txt ?

But what about the car restriction in TC file ? It remain ?
Quote from Bub :Does it restrict the max fuel capicatity in fuel tank?
that you can max drive with 50% of fuel, so in race could be more pits?
Then it could be really greatfull =]

Information about fuel level in cars isnt available to server/Airio, so you cannot check/limit that. In FULL version you have the option to define custom number of required pitstops, together with pit windows and pit work that need to be done on the car (tyres changes, refuelled).
Quote from michele0676 :Informaziont: with !ch off i put off all additional check, so (confirm ):

Here are the checks that will NOT run if all additional Airio checks are turned off (using !ch off). Each check can be also turned on/off individually.

Speed, Spin, Position (restricted and limited zones), Idling, Driving (wrong way), Lagging, Flooding, Name (prohibited), Cursing, Name (doubled in stats), Text (numberplate), DriverSetup (ABS, TC), Tyres, Speeding (in pits), Camera (driver view), Address (doubled IP), Cursing, Cars (prohibited types), Licence/Rank/Rating, Lock (lap time), Join (limited count), Skin, Passengers, AI, Restrictions, CarSetup (gears, brake), Inactivity, Time (split/sector). Also races are not auto-restarted.

By omission BlueFlags check will always run, but I corrected the code now, it now belongs to the above category. Seeing this I believe checking Position using limited zones (invalidating good lap times gained by cutting) should always run, I will correct this.
#583 - Bub
k, thanks for info
OMG ... so i've to turn on !ch is i want check restrictions !
Hm, yes, currently. But I see it may not be the best/desirable behavior, because if you want to do an event, you should turn off all checks, but car limitations should still be applied. Of course you can turn off all the other checks individually (maybe using a SET file), still...

So you believe Restrictions need to be checked always, once defined? What other filters belong to this category then, always running unless expressedly and individually turned off? Maybe DriverSetup, CarSetup, ProhibitedCars, Tyres, Passengers, AI.

EDIT: MC, it was a very good note, something I was fighting with earlier. To solve the issue, I updated Airio, separated all checks into 2 categories - basic (car setup, ranks etc.) and advanced (text, speeding, lagging, ...). In normal server, both basic and advanced should run, during event only basic checks should run andthen you'll have correct car setups and only people with sufficient licence can join. No one will be kicked/spectated for speeding, idling etc...
I've a problem with Airio 2.1.2 of 500server.
In Airio.srv.txt there is NOT all this part:

# ------------------------- Driving Filters ----------------------- #

# Disallow wrong way driving - boolean

# Time in seconds after which player is seen as driving wrong way
# and spectated in race or in practice (after race) - integers

# Remove idling cars in race - boolean

# Time in seconds after which player is seen as idling - integer
# Player is warned of idling on (IdlingTime - 10) and (IdlingTime - 5).

# Remove cars with extensive lagging during race - boolean

# Number of missing consecutive car position packets (sent every
# 100 ms) seen as lagging and maximum number of such lags before
# spectating - integers

# Disallow speeding in the pitlane - boolean
# Disallow this even after race - boolean

# Check positions inside defined restricted/limited zones - boolean


But sometime one people is spectate for lagging.
How is this possible ?
2.1.2 is OLD, I would strongly suggest updating to the latest version, 2.2.9 with 2.3.0 coming in a few days. It would basically require doing new configuration because old config files are not (mostly) supported anymore. Further updates will be relatively easy, just an option added here or moved there, no major config structure updates are coming.

If I remember correctly, in 2.1.2 there was a separate file for defining filters, Airio.fil.txt (and Airio.fil.x.txt, where x is server number). So look for that file and definitions there. If the file's missing, then Airio uses its harcoded defaults. In any case, update is strongly recommended, many new features were added/improved since 2.1.2...
Yes EQ Worry, setting is in fil file, thank !

A questione for u: i'm going to ask 500servers to upgrade my airio.

Can i ask to overwrite only airio.exe (i think to upload the config files after edit) ?
I lost my data ?
I believe you do not have to ask, you may do the upgrade yourself using the control panel Game Updates under Airio service. This update will overwrite only EXE and PDB (debug info) files, you need to change the configuration files yourself. And when going from 2.1.2 to 2.2.9 you in fact must update the config files completely, because there's been one or two major changes to the structure and old files simply won't work. I would suggest to completely remove old configs, upload new ones from downloaded Airio archive and do completely new config (maybe with the help of items in old files). No need to do such complete reconfig with every update, but in your case it might be the best course to be sure you have all items available and at correct places/files.
OMG, each time there is something to learn.
OK i've updated to 2.2.9 !
Yes. We made a good arrangement with Franky of the 500servers and now updates are available very soon after release (withing several hours, usually even faster).

Everyone using the TCAdmin panel must be aware of one issue: The online file edit/save feature unfortunately saves the files always with ANSI encoding. In case you use non-ANSI characters in config files (e.g. in localized messages), this will lead to incorrect display, because Airio expects the data in Unicode (UTF-8) format. Until the issue is solved (by TCAdmin developers), it is best to change configs by uploading new versions from your PC with correct encoding, not by direct online editing.
Hi EQ, another problem.

I can't find the parameter with i ask to Airio to store the time in the !top in case of "slow" time.
I use Baby UFR (45% of intake res.) but time are not stored in !top because too slow.
In 2.1.2 i found a parameter that i can't find in 2.2.9.
Where is it ?
Hi! They are car settings, so you'll find it in track/car data file, TCD. Your case is the classic situation where a custom car should be used, UFB = Baby UFR. I'd suggest you do the following changes in TCD file:


By this you say that any UFR joining race with 45 percent intake restriction or higher and 0 added mass or higher will be reported as UFB, custom car. The major advantage is it will be perfectly valid car for Airio with separate stats and everything, just like if it was LFS car. Every commad accepting car type will recognize UFB as valid selection: !pb ufb, !sb ufb, etc...

The next step is to define how much slower this car actually is than his full-force father. It is also good to prohibit entering race with UFRs with lower restriction than 45 percent. Use something like this at some suitable place in TCD file:


The last value is most important; it specifies that UFB is 20 percent slower than UFR, so it is (percentage * 100) to allow fine tuning. Now you need to calculate somehow what the actual values should be, best by comparing lap times with UFR and UFB on several tracks.

If UFR laps are somewhere 150 seconds and UFB times then 170 seconds, you need to enter (170/150 - 1) * 10000 = 1333 (13.33 percent). OK?

Once the correct time adjustment value is found all the required times will be adjusted accordingly, meaning you'll need standard driving to enter stats, good driving to see good times reported, etc. All the above changes can be applied by simple !rld, no Airio restart is (ever) necessary.
Hi EQ!

Today we had a strange kick for inactivity:

A guy just joined the race as the lights were going from first to second red light - last place.

But just after the T1 he got kicked for inactivity... ???

Any clue why?
Hi, during the races same people can see the replay.
I read all the manual but i can't find a command to do that.
How can i see a replay ?
Thanks !!
Err... wrong forum, but what about opening LFS a 2nd time?
Quote from Crady :A guy just joined the race as the lights were going from first to second red light - last place. But just after the T1 he got kicked for inactivity... ???

Yup, I have a clue. Activity is not joining race once in some 25 minutes and just sitting in pits or spectating for another 25 minutes. Activity is racing, racing is passing splits and finishing laps (at least Airio thinks that).

The inactivity "timer" is reset for everyne on each split. (I had it on lap finish only, but it was not ideal.) So the guy you talk about was connected to server for more than 30 minutes (under default settings) and then was very unlucky that the check run a few seconds before he crossed a split.

It may happen, but only sporadically and only if he did no racing for set time.
Airio 2.3.0 is released. It is an attempt to consolidate previous development and solve some previous inconsistencies and illogicalities (if such word exists). The changelog is rather extensive this time, and also quite a few items were added to config files. Still I believe config upgrade by comparing your current and new default files will be quick, a question of a few minutes.
  • Airio checks have been divided into 2 categories, one basically about joining the race (with limitations such as time, licence, restrictions, ...), the other mostly about actual racing (idling, speeding, chatting, ...). This separation makes it easy to switch server between normal racing and event racing while keeping all race joining limits.
  • Commands such as !sb now support case sensitive nickname filtering. The filter is always the last item and starts with *.
  • New verbosity levels allow anyone to switch Airio to !silent or !noisy mode, receiving none or all global messages.
  • GUI updates consolidate more buttons into one. Try clicking them repeatedly to see what states they support. Unfortunately buttons text was changed as well, so new translations are necessary. It will take some, but hopefully short time to have 2.3 language files.
  • Limad system was updated, with configurable levels 0, 2, 4 available in FREE version and levels 1, 3, 5 added to FULL version. Level 4 may be virtual admin, driver without server pass, but with Airio admin commands available. Level 5 in FULL may be super-admin with reserved commands (e.g. !unban).
  • The !players command may be made available to everyone, while the !rep command may be disabled.
  • Drift summary (total angle, avg. velocity, time, points) may be shown on each drift end. Also some pitboard data may be shown as pitinfo in chat on each lap finish.
  • FULL version has dynamic kick/ban voting being turned on/off according to the "strength" of limads on server. The idea is to disable voting in case there are enough people to take care of troubles.
  • Other minor updates, improvements, fixes.
Enjoy, test if you like, bug reports and suggestions are always welcome!
OK EQ Worry, thanks for suggestions.
Updated at 6:00h this morning... lol

Big THX!

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