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A.Nuse's thread of 3d things
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Oh, man, it's always so sad when your loved pets die... I know that... My deepest condolences (dunno if that's the right word here) to you, mate

Oh, and im kinda noob to high-poly modelling, my best is the A-class (in attachment)

P.S. look at my sig
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i actually just saw cars last night for the first time, and i kind of want to model lightning mcqueen; but when he had the whitewall and old corvette style paint job; maybe some other time though, him and richard petty's dodge daytona (which i've wanted to model one of them for some time anyways)
Quote from XCNuse :i kind of want to model lightning mcqueen

Well, there is an easier solution: there's a game (multi-platform) "Cars" which contains low-poly versions of all of the main characters, so i think they can be used as a template
lol a few people were getting upset with the horrid quick-render colors so im making it all .. normal and what they should resemble

anyways, my first caliper.. ever!

see... this is what is the better part of it all, any model can be a good looking one, but just the body and some wheels and simple pads and calipers and all this simple stuff you just start to think after awhile... this sucks!

so heres an update render with the calipers and inside is the pistons and the pads and the clips and so on and so forth..
this time Im really starting to believe ur going to finish this
very nice
Great Work Nuse Class A modelling work. but I love to see a completely finished project from you. We are all waiting. Keep it up.
im goin im goin lol, i think im going to expect the exterior modeling to be finished around christmas time, and possibly a little interior work done by then, a little..

just watched a very very.. very intense movie, Hostage, which.. man that movie will make you shake after watching it, but here was what i was working on earlier this morning:
It's not a bad film (Hostage) but it's not so good that it'll make you shake - just another Willis action movie ultimately

Nice model by the way.
I have a question. Will it be a right side driver or a left side driver if you do an interior? Both?
And may I suggest a red interior?
pink plz

lol :P
it has a black interior; but i will most likely be able to change the material easy once i do it, and as you can see i live in the US, so it is indeed left side driver
(lol if you want it to be right sided, all you have to do is just mirror the picture )
i was planning today on doing the condensors and the radiators, but.. i think i might start the base of the interior so light doesn't show through anymore... might start work on something to cover it up so you can see through the whole thing through the fender wells .. owell..

i wish i could figure out how the actual reflection part of the headlight is shaped, out of like the 20 pictures i have, i can't tell if its just a parabola, or if there is a ledge in there or what, because it looks like there is one ehh..
heyho xnuse, i look at your threat from time to time, and i'm ever amazed what you can create with 3ds or blener or whatever.
you know, i get exited when i see such things and say "man, that's what i want to do!" but it won't work...

i loaded blender yesterday (the gui looks like chinese letters for me ) and the trial of 3ds max 9. ok btw i don't know if it is the best version to model thinks ... blabla
i read tutorials (online / books) and i just can create a cube (<- that's it ^^). guess, i'm the biggest 3ds max noob on the hole planet but in time i will create at least a stupid table or something else low-skilled.
can you give me a tipp what i should do? and don't say :"ok here's my tip, delete this prog " that's what i don't want to hear.

hope you can help me. greets
Quote from Dragon_Reborn :...i loaded blender yesterday (the gui looks like chinese letters for me )...

Install an English version...
thats not really that what i wanted to hear
lol chinese... hey when i started up blender for the first time to see what my friends were getting into, i had absolutely no idea what was going on either; but i uninstalled it right after that lol i didn't even want to try to mess with it since i use 3dsmax anyway

it just takes time; just.. moving vertex to somewhere and another to somewhere else, and just over time you'll get better; i mean.. obviously as you can see from this very page how far i've come in only 1 year so.. it really doesn't take that long to improve a huge amount so..

just keep looking around, seeing how things are made (not out of blocks lol, but polygons) and just imitate it, and then improve from there

this is comming from someone that has never done a tutorial on a car so.. if i can do it, anyone can really
one word: thanks
is it a new page yet?

anyways, its been a while since i've shown some stuff, heres the newest interior work that i just started on, and some older underside stuff from.. way back whenever

still trying to figure out how the suspension and all is working lol.. its quite a tangling mess to see around, and all i have no is photos, probably wont get to see the car again for some time
What's the weird shadow in the speaker?

Looks really nice, I wish I could do this work, and believe me, I tried

I'm planning to go to college next year, and I'll be doing graphical designer, hope I'll learn about this a bit too.
The only constructive criticism I could find is that the car sits a tad too high (suspension wise) and the car looks a little smooshed (car shouldn't be as long). Though the smooshed part could be from the angle of the pictures, I remember the Boxster being a little bigger heightwise when I see them driving around town. Otherwise the car looks amazing, would love to drive it in lfs .
@flippy, its just a hole, seeing through to the bottom of the center console area (since im not using vray or a skylight or anything to get shadows in the quickrenders everything is equally bright)

@dennis, nope.. unless the blueprints are horribly off, the roof does go up higher, but.. obviously i dont have that one on yet
well... i hate to be the bearer of bad news once again
hah, nice try, no im not stopping this one

but heres the real bad news, tomorrow might be my last picture take of the car (which.. trust me, about 150 pictures aren't enough), hes taking it to get fixed within the next couple of days, so tomorrow is really my last chance to get pictures, and after that, they are going to have it only for a little while, because his father plans to sell it, and his son's jetta, and apparently what bobby says, he will get a new car.. owell
but it really sucks, so im trying to make him take me out in it one more time

(you say it only has 200 some horsepower? who cares, riding in a porsche is more of a lifetime opportunity really, actually anything is at this rate so.. as i say, do what you can as long as you can because you never know how long it will last)

heres a somewhat small update to go along with the bad news
buy it

Looks great

A.Nuse's thread of 3d things
(530 posts, started )