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A.Nuse's thread of 3d things
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xcnuse, got a good tutorial for Plane modeling?
im trying to model a renault 5 gt turbo with poly-modeling, and it just wont work..
wanna model it for me? :P
lol i've taught myself majority of everything i know, i sometimes look through tutorials for some of the more advanced things such as materials and textureing and stuff, but for modeling.. i've never really looked at a tutorial
.. i know that wont help you but lol i cant really help you there
Quote from XCNuse :heres a small update; i know the door handles are messed up.. and i know the side things.. (whatever you call them) on the spoiler are extremely wide, i havent spent much time on them yet, but .. this is where im at right now with it

Try and get that skyline finished m8 i would love to see that finished. Great work man
lol sorry B11TME, eventually i will continue work

(hehe roadhog is mad at me for starting yet another model :razz

please find mistakes! i know they are there, the shape of the M3 GTR is so unusual i cant figure out whats wrong with the front skirt, i know something IS wrong.. just dont know what it is
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When will you ever finish one render!? You move on before you have even finished it.
I guess he is only doing this to practice modeling, because textureing is sooo boring
On the other hand though, making materials and setting up a nice scene is fun
Quote from XCNuse :lol sorry B11TME, eventually i will continue work

(hehe roadhog is mad at me for starting yet another model :razz

please find mistakes! i know they are there, the shape of the M3 GTR is so unusual i cant figure out whats wrong with the front skirt, i know something IS wrong.. just dont know what it is

Basically I'd say your model is too flat. The front looks too flat, the sides look too flat also. Your bulge on the hood steps out too much.
Also note that the front lip is a splitter and in the center goes towards the underside of the car (it's not straight in the middle).
I'll have to agree tho: that bumper isn't really easy to model.
yep.. i knew about the front tray nick, just didnt have any time to work more on it, but .. this is where i am now, got alot of fixes in (.. alot..) this model like.. sucks lol without many pictures of this car (good pictures.. all the pictures i see are from the basic same angle) and using blueprints of an M3 (which.. really screwed up parts lol)
anyways, i know you to well nick lol find some more mistakes, i know you like M3s (lol i remember your speedwerks avatar in RSC )

anyways, heres a larger picture of my ..slow daunting progress

as for why do i keep stopping and beginning new projects well.. im just one of those peoples that begins work and just cant finish rofl, we'll see where the M3 and skyline go, im sure once i get bored of this M3 i'll work on the sky
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Wait a couple mins, just the time for that render to finish......

Edit: here. That's a model for ingame use of course with a budget of something like 9000 polys for the car so there are some rough edges that could be fixed with some smoothing if the thing was just for render purposes, but anyways. Gives a pretty good idea of what the bumper looks like.
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okay here we go; did a few more hours worth of work this afternoon, and this is what i've come up with

lets see if i can remember what all i've done:
top grille; made that polys instead of an alpha layer
hood 'bump' i raised a bit because it looked almost flat
fixed those air inlets under the bumper.. and the bumper itself to work with the ducts
fixed a few things on the splitter
headlights (obviously) as for the turning signal.. i wish i knew why its doing that, but whenever... i'll try to fix that..

and i think thats it; here it is
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Looking better. Somehow that front 'mouth' doesn't look right to me, but maybe it is the angle. Start working on the midbody too!

looks nice! You should finish your other "car"
You really should finish some of these
i will eventually, im not the fastest modeling so i cant do them in 2 weeks like what profesionals do lol

anyways, heres a quick little update.. took forever to do this i dont know why, but i figured out there isnt anything wrong witht he turning signal.. it just looks that way, made the doors (sort of) made bmw logo.. fixed some things up.. owell

this car is getting hard to model since it has some hard edges.. and round edges.. its just kinda weird

hey atleast all the idiots out there now know its a bmw lol
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heres a quick little update..
this is what all i've done:
sides.. made the little trim lines on top and bottom,
fixed headlights more,
made an intercooler with fans and whatnot,
made a grille for the bottom duct,
made the hood pins,
and other little fixes that needed.. fixing

well i guess i should show what i've done all day rather than just a while ago.. anyways, here is what i've done since the last update
extended body more, fixed some clip problems, made rear fender wells (sorta) not quite ready to work on that yet
..owell this is whats done.. got lots to work on in the rear sections but .. i got time lol (sorta.. .. exam time is comming next week ahh )
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just a little update.. got some good and bad news
good news is this project is comming along nicely.. thats about it lol

bad news (besides the 2 deaths this week at my school [well.. the parents atleast])
i think the skyline file is corrupt
works sometimes.. others it gives 3dsmax runtime errors so.. dunno

edit- uploaded last pic for tonight
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We Want More :thumb3d:

Great work I wonder how is it done. I only know about deforming primitives and extruding paths lol . Could you do a mini explanation?
well.. first set up my blueprints (unfortunately for the GTR im working with M3 blueprints so its kinda hard and i have to get alot of the shapes from pictures off the internet

anyways, for a plane, set it somewhere, line it up with one blueprint, raise it to another blueprint, and line the 3rd blueprint up if needed, then just keep extending the edges to the points i wanted, some of the guys in cgtalk wanted a wireframe picture, so i guess i will post it here too.. so here it is:
Careful, this is Nuse's thread of 3D things :rolleyes: He wont like that
i know

but there should be a general post your renders and wip for 3d art stuff you created
ok my bad
heres an update, hey if anyone has any references of that rear spoiler, much would be appreciated! because i cant find any worthwhile pictures.. i have found some good ones, but not nearly enough quality to see what all is going on in the spoiler

figured i would just post a link instead of posting the image.. dont think to many people would appreciate that lol
This mite be a stupid question, But i have been wondering for ages , Will these models ever actually be made Reality in LFS ?, I mean will we be able to drive them.

Pretty stupid most likely but its just something that is bugging me


A.Nuse's thread of 3d things
(533 posts, started )