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A.Nuse's thread of 3d things
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..just incase any of you really care here is a very large render lol

nice xcnuse.. just nice
keep going
i think.................. im getting better at materials

dont you agree? lol
i think ..its about right.. :cry:
ahhh forget the speach, im sure yall just want to see the updates

(using imageshack for the large images, photobucket wont take my files that large (because i dont want it to, because of bandwidth reasons))

It looks amazing man. Keep it up
huge pics.
could do 3 times that if you want..
do it. make the pics invisible under a microscope.
woops.. was racing so that makes no sense..

what i meant is i can do it 4800x3600
That's rediculous =/ it
I used to work on 3dmax for some time , but my car models were crap.
However your work is amazing

Any chance ill see your cars implemented into LFS ??
Quote from Dupson :Any chance ill see your cars implemented into LFS ??

definetely no:

1. no custom cars in LFS
2. FAR too many polys
3. he will never unwrap those models because it makes you go crazy :P (-> no texture coordinates)
4. the model will never be finished anyways

But that stuff rocks bigtime XCN, I REALLY want you to finish this!
This is soo amazing man, I have 3DS Max too now, but I have definitely no notion for creating any things in that Prog. I need a tutorial for it, otherwise I can't use it

But work on it. It looks really great.
i can texture it if i want orion, but i dont have any intentions too, no

but i know how to do that stuff with meshsmooth and all now

but yes, it can be a pain, but it done properly it can come out nice
(but no, i would never spend months on them trying to make it perfect, i could just have a texture [logo] as something and put that on the car; when working with renders like this, you dont have to unwrap the whole car, only what you need)
Quote from XCNuse :when working with renders like this, you dont have to unwrap the whole car, only what you need)

You should have told me before I started that RAC GTR
damn i hoped ill drive a BMW and i would love to drive her.

Nuse which way do you model all that cars ? With mesh , patches or nurbs ??
mesh using poly technique

major things are made from 1 mesh ei: the entire car body itself is made just from one mesh and not split apart (except for the last renders so i could move the parts around to show them off)
Oh my!
Quote :Small enough now?

Dump the colors.
Believe me guys, it needn't much time more then I'll totaly freak out :insane:. I hate 3D Studio Max, I installed and uninstalled that prog nearly 15 times since yesterday, cause everytime it said "You need a valid access key.
Dude I'm sick of installing hope that it works this time...

Sorry XCNuse for disturbing your thread :noob:
hm.. well no worries guys, i havent stopped the project yet (actually worked on the seat today) but anyways, i was hoping on creating a scene for the formula1 and i guess.. everything else, to render; a city

this is my first like.. external big scene, and i know its a small track (since its just being used for renders, you wont see really much of it anyway)
but.. are there any critics (and yes, i know that the pitlane and stuff dont connect, that will be once i feel good about the track itself)
hm.. this is actually getting kinda interesting..

how about some 'life' to the track

the sky is black so no worries, thats just so you can see the effect really

That's something new besides car renders.
I'm loving it

A.Nuse's thread of 3d things
(533 posts, started )