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Just some set attached, I did try it with different sets from different cars and then it also happens.
I looked and the folders and files are not read only, I have the proper rights (am logged in as an admin, running VHPA as an admin etc..). The computer I use runs WinXP SP2.
To make it clear, the attached setup for the car was made from within LFS with the Y patch from scratch, using one of the supplied sets with LFS as the base.
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LX6_BWoodGP1.set - 132 B - 1010 views
Bogey - yep, fixed your bug, thanks for reporting that, the program should also start slightly faster if you have certain options set too (removed some repeat calling).

styr90dis - I hadn't added the new tyre choices (Bridgestone and Avon) to the program, they are added now in my copy so that error doesn't happen anymore. I added some array bound checks so that if more tyre choices are added in future the setup should still be openable.

If that's all then I should be set to release properly either later this evening or tomorrow evening.
Keep up the good work...
FXR old weight...
FXR still says 1190 KG weight
but as we know it's now 1100KG(20 less than before) + 70KG(driver)

P.S. it doesn't load version Y setups.

hm, strange, now it loads the setups
Aha, will double check all of the GTRs values with exports from patch Y. Thanks.

Just the manual left to sort folks.

NSIS is a breeze to work with.
when i open the bmw FB02, it says runtime error 383 text property is read only and closes the program, this is 3.10
all the other cars are fine

i have set as run as adminstrator
Quote from seinfeld :when i open the bmw FB02, it says runtime error 383 text property is read only and closes the program, this is 3.10
all the other cars are fine

i have set as run as adminstrator

Change the tyre brand used on your car which is Avon or Bridgestone to one of the others, then you can open it.
Yes, that bug is fixed in my version but that preview version still has a couple of bugs left in it. I've just got the manual text left to update (new screenshots are done) and to fix the GTR data, so I can't see that not being done by tonight.
loop error?
Hi Bob ^^, when i'm selecting auto-spacing metod(this one on the picture or adjustable progressive) i'm getting such an error. What does it mean? In adj.progr. i get it everytime i try to change "drop into top gear". ... 7709_Torino_122_120lo.jpg

I'm making a car with 259PS(5600RPM) and 393Nm(3400RPM)
I didn't know I was part of the female anatomy.

Anyway, yes, I've raised the limit in there so you shouldn't see that anymore (once I release).
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The first two look good, thanks. The third just times out for me. You could have posted them an hour ago!

I'll add them in my dev version so you'll get them next time I make an update, which should be somewhat soon as I've lots of little things I want to do but didn't want to delay getting out a version compatible with LFS patch Y any longer.
Yeah, sry Bob. I could, but i didn't think that You might include links in Your app. There is no rush ;D, take a rest. You're awesome!

Btw. There's mistake on page 27th of Your manual(the picture is on the text ).
Thanks, I'll fix that and re-upload the file. Which means your links will get in after all.

Edit: done, download again.
Nice program I can't wait the tweak
Awesome & thank you for continuing to develop this great app for LFS

Also great story about how this actually helped get your job, makes all the effort worth it, hey..
a question about damping
at the fist picture you can see a neutral car but with the dampers with red colours

after modify the dampers to their criticals values, the changes seems to affect under and oversteers graphs. is this correct? i mean, just using the critical dampers values its necesary for get a right damper setting.
When the dampers numbers turn red, ist's a bad thing?

Sorry the dampers is one of the things really hard to understand, so any advice will be welcomed
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Yes, you don't want the damping anywhere near that high, IMO. Going over critical is bad as it makes oscilations take longer to stop (so body roll goes on for longer after exiting a corner, and it takes longer to recover from bumps). Go too far over critical and you suspension won't do anything anymore. You want to use at most 85% to 95% for rebound and not more than 75% for bump (closer to 60% is better). For reference, road cars are around 25% for bump.
Thanks again Bob for this wonderful tool.

Have you given in thought to a combined setup view that shows the combined effects of your spring, anti-roll bar, and damper settings? Or does that not make sense?

Another thought is the effects of differential settings on handling, under steer and over steer when cornering.
thanks for the answer bob!
I just discovered this tool.
I'm building my own car, It's a MK indy (an LX ) with a GSXR-1000 engine. I started out with the LX6 as a base and changed the engine (torque curve etc) and the gearbox to real figures. Ballpark figures for a good 0-100 for this car is 4s (mine is not finished yet, but this is what I hear), what do I get in Bob's sim? 4.01s :o amazing! quarter mile in 14s, seems about right too, might be just a bit faster IRL.
Still it only proves how good this prog is and how close a LFS can get to a real car (I just took all the aero stuff off the LX6)!

In a later stage I want to setup my suspension properly, I'm sure this will help me.

This can be usefull in a typical discussion with peoples who want to put a fat V8 lump in in a very light chassis... You end up spinning the wheels in the 1st 3 gears and just adding useless mass.

Great job Bob!
Great tool, Ben. Is there any chance of support for intake restrictions? It would be rather useful as restricted cars are becoming rather popular.

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