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Quote from NotAnIllusion :Basically, you need to know what numbers to aim at. For example (these figures are not accurate! Example use only), normal unsporty road cars have frequencies in the 1-1.5 Hz range, sporty cars up to 2 Hz, non-winged race cars up to 2.5, low-df up to 3 Hz and high-df up to 3.5 Hz, maybe even 4.

The frequencies you want to use also depend on the type car, front-wheel drives will need higher rear frequencies to counteract understeer, really powerful rwd without slicks will need lower rear frequencies to not oversteer when you glance at the gas pedal. Bumpy tracks need lower frequencies than smooth ones. Heavier cars want lower frequencies than light ones.

So, set the spring stiffness in VHPA accordingly. Then you need to move over to the damping tab and adjust damping values, to say 65-80% of the critical damping values in such a way that you get the off/on throttle characteristics you want.

ok thx for your explanation, the car i only drive is the XRT actually.. im gonna try to follow what u said...
Thanks for the explanation Bob, I will try to use it and see if I can make sense of things. I suppose it is matter of getting used to it, as lot of people seem to be using it finding it useful.

p.s: it would be fantastic if you get time to do your setup guide using VHPA.
Cant get onto the VHPA site??!!
@ BoB smith....Umm i have just tryed to download the VHPAv3.1.3 program & i cant seem to get on the site,i get a Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage???!!!
I can go to any internet sites/forums & can download anything,so its not my connection im sure..

I have tryed to google it & have tryed all sig links plus your link on first post,but still cant get it......Y? is your site down or somthing
The hoster is having some technical issues atm. I'm sure the site will be up later.
ok i will sleep on it thx.......:tired: Zzzz
Yep, all back up and running now.
@Bob....Thank you.......great program
Now i might be able to srub off some unwanted lap time.....and gain more grip(e.g.Cambers/anti-roll/suspension)-->this really helps me to understand more how to setup my cars.

Thx again Bob Great work
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Great tool it is!
I have a question: can i check how much traction i have on rear wheels (on rwd) under acceleration? i would like to check (and adjust) traction at wheels when adjusting differential and i would like to avoid inside tire spin but also keep reasonable control. thing is with low power values i spin inside wheel which is not that good
The effects of the differential are not currently modelled in VHPA. Something to add in to a future version.
please i have problem, can you help me!

i downloaded this program and when i try to open it it show's me this!

now comes the fun part for me!
someone said that if this comes you need to write this in
Start > Run window. (regsvr32 \windows\system32\COMDLG32.OCX).
when i try to start that first it was writing that i dont have that file so i downloaded file from this link and put it in C:\WINDOWS\system32. and again try to RUN window with (regsvr32 \windows\system32\COMDLG32.OCX) command and this shows me!

after that i try to start this program but again it tels me that i am missing that first file!

What should i do??? please help me i want this program soo much!
i make it!
Just wondering on the really remote off chance that anyone happens to have hanging around on their hard drives a version of my old GRC2 (not the old spreadsheet versions) prior to v2.0.7 (i.e. any file without a download link in this list)? Until that point, I only ever kept the latest version on my hard drive. More foolishly, I didn't start backing up the source until v2.5.0, so I can't recompile such old versions, or check to see what I was really changing back then.

If you wonder why I'm being so reminiscent all of a sudden, I'm creating a subversion repository for vhpa, and I'm commiting all of my old code backups in first, so I'll have a nice history to have for reference, and I can get rid of all my old source zip backups. I know I've no hope of finding any old versions of the source since they never left my PC, but maybe I can at least retrieve an old exe from some lfs file hoarder.
For the curious, after 2 and a half hours last night, I've got all my old backups on a SVN repository, added in chronological order, with my original comments at the time (if I made one for that backup), and with a little tinkering with my system clock, the original time and date stamps too.

That’s how he called early versions of VHPA
Project3 is what I've always called it internally. The original name for the v3 was going to be Car Technical Analyser, quickly changed to Vehicle Technical Analyser (the named used for my University project), then later named to VHPA for the first 'finished' release.
But what about the other 2? (If I may ask )
GRC2 was my first programming project, I'm not sure what I classifed as my second, possibly the subnet mask calculator I wrote (original version of it can be found here).
No secret LFS-related projects then? Guess I'm out of luck
Oh I've done other LFS related projects since I started VHPA. Not all of them made public release though, sadly.
Quote from Bob Smith :Oh I've done other LFS related projects since I started VHPA. Not all of them made public release though, sadly.

You should do them public, think guys will like it
Been a while since I released an update, but that doesn't mean progress has been happening. I'm mostly waiting for the Scirocco to come out so I can match the setup restrictions, but perhaps one or two more small features might make the cut.

Attached is an upgrade exe for v3.1.3 users to test out VHPA v3.1.4, comment on features and report any bugs. It might be worth backing up your existing exe first (renaming should suffice), just in case. There are now more options to play with, so you will need to set all your preferences again, as the options.ini will be updated and reset to defaults on the first load.

Changes since v3.1.3 can been seen from my to-do list.

Looks sweeet! thanks Bob
Great Bob, for now everything seems to work. Gonna play with it later tommorow.

VHPA v3.1.4 [updated 26/03/10]
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