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VHPA v3.1.4 [updated 26/03/10]
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Quote from Bob Smith :Yes I have noticed this too. It will take me a couple of weeks I'm afraid as there are numerous changes to make to update the program for patch Y.

So far I see:
* Update car default specifications (applies to dp1 as well)
* Add FBM
* Update setup format
* Update LFS compatability mode with new setup naming convention

Additionally I want to add:
* Better torque curve modelling (this I have already done outside of VHPA, so just need to import it in)
* Remove the default vehicles from the .exe and create an auto-loader list so they are loaded from files on startup, this list would be configurable and means I only need one exe for the standard and LFS version
* Possibly add a new installer interface so you can pick which version to install and pre-configure some options, all from one download (which will simplify the website a bit too)
* New version update checker
* Fix the few bugs that have been reported

Awesome. Cant wait for the update. I just got into using this tool and its proved to be very helpful for me. Thanks Bob.

Quote from Venus :Bob, When will you be releasing a version compatible with X31 setups? I try to run latest vers of VHetc and it just reports incorrect version of setup.


If you manage to save the file as UF1_Whatever.set, it works. is this supported Bob or are the setups that this thing spit out not compatible with the current version of LFS?
Quote from joeynuggetz :If you manage to save the file as UF1_Whatever.set, it works. is this supported Bob or are the setups that this thing spit out not compatible with the current version of LFS?

I'm getting a setup version mismatch when trying to open new setup files. I've yet to probe the setup files to see how much the format has changed, as that is what the version number change should indicate. It might be a single change or a complete overhaul, so until I find that out I don't know how long it will take to update that feature.

Thankfully I've only got 3 and a half more days of work until we go on shut down until the 2nd of January, so I'll have more time on my hands soon.
Small update: just so you know I'm being a sad bastard this Christmas, I'm coding in the evenings and have finished off the first new feature of 3.1.0; the new torque curve system. Not want you all really want to see but I'm pleased with the results.


Cheers to Axus for helping out with the maths side of things.
Wow nice

Great to see how different the inertia improvements have affected the torque curves. I certainly could feel a huge difference, but now I can see them too

I was only thinking of this yesterday lol
To clarify, these are the curves generated by VHPA, at this stage they do not reflect the updated LFS torque curves. It does allow me to make the torque curves in VHPA more closely match the curves in LFS though. I have yet measure the LFS torque curves and compare them with my earlier measurements to see how they have changed.
I have a problem in Vista. It won't register the OCX files. Tried running as administator, and searching this thread only got me one unhelpful hit.

Any tips?
I don't have any other suggestions, sorry. They were copied to the correct folder I take it?
No, they weren't. I had missed the warning about no access to the system32 folder and assumed the files were copied. My bad. Not used to being babysat to this level before (new Vista user).
Looking good!
(EDIT: BTW, to take a screenie of the current app you can use alt-print screen instead of just print screen and using paint to chop some bits out as you seem to be doing)
That was alt print screen. This PC just doesn't like me. Plus I'm very drunk atm which doesn't help matters.
I've some questions about the vehicle data output reader. Actually I need the sprung mass CoG and the body's aero forces application center.
  1. In the general data tab, whose the CoG locations are? Sprung+unsprung mass? unsprung mass only? The values are different from default data values in WHPA... Is local Z=0 the ground level?
  2. Is the Y axis the longitudinal car axis? looks strange
  3. If yes, why the CoG's X positions are never equal to zero even with monoplace cars? (is LFS so accurate? :cry: )
  4. Is the line "Body + Driver" the body's aero forces application center?
  5. Where's the "world co-ordinates" origin?
  6. What's "body matrix"?
That's all for now
CoG is for the entire vehicle with whatever is added at the time you pressed O. So can include driver, passengers, fuel and mass handicap. When local Z is zero, you are still at the reference height (in world space) above the real ground. This needs to be added to the local Z to get the true height.

The X position is very close to zero, I'm not sure why it isn't exact. You'll notice that even with the driver out, road cars are heavier on whichever side the exhaust is. This isn't tied to the model directly, but the numbers used to generate the CoG location may well be generated from the model at the design stage.

I think the car body aero lift and drag are always applied at the unladen (i.e. no driver or fuel) CoG. So there is normally no weight transfer from aero drag.

Who cares where the world co-ordinates origin is? Somewhere below the car.

No idea what the body matrix is.
Thanks for help, some of my results are now the same as WHPA. But I still have trouble to locate the aero devices... but it doesn't matter now because I've just noticed that spring deflection in LFS is truely calculated with a vertical oriented spring, which disappoints me when I see the pushrod angle on formula cars... I always believed that this angle was taken in account

WHPA rules
VHPA v3.1.0 preview
The new version of VHPA will be out this weekend, all the programming is done, I just need to update the website and manual now.

For those want to give it a try out early, attached is a zip containing the new .exe along with the extra files that are now needed to go with it. Just extract to your existing VHPA folder. You will need to create a sub folder called images and move the car jpgs there if you want them to still be displayed.
To anyone who tries it, this would be the ideal time for tiny feature requests, or more usefully, bug reports. Note that your options will be reset to defaults when you first run the program.

Edit: here is the changelog
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Sensational Bob, preview works a treat with me & can't wait for the full version release.
Thanks again for your continued development of this great app.
I am interested to know how this project was received at school? I don't remember you mentioning it since it was completed & submitted
Great work Bob
Why do I have to change the ufr name to UF GTR instead of just UFR?

EDIT: Nevermind, clicked the 'enable lfs comp.' box.
Quote from flinty72 :I am interested to know how this project was received at school? I don't remember you mentioning it since it was completed & submitted

The marks were mostly from the project report, which I didn't quite finish, nor go into as much detail as I could have, both of which cost me marks, plus I had already doubled the word limit, again losing me marks. I put that down to my project being substantially larger and more intricate than any other final project (at least from my course that year). I didn't show it to anybody on my course until about a month before hand-in, nobody else could believe how much work I had done. Still, only got 61% overall for that module, 60% average for the course so I got my 2:1 (just). Curiously I got 73% for my ethical hacking assignment which only took 3 or 4 days in it's entirity (for a 4 month module), although that said it was quite easy. A shame the marks didn't correspond with the effort but it's all water under the bridge now. I got my current job on the strength of VHPA, my (as of yet unreleased) LFS mod and my setup guide.

Quote from pine-fin :EDIT: Nevermind, clicked the 'enable lfs comp.' box.

Yes, that will be enabled by default in the LFS edition once it's on the site.
I just found only one bug in the preview version, each unit list is repeated twice in one unit listbox. Not annoying at all
I can't get it to do that? How did it happen for you?
Actually, when I click on a unit preset or load unit preferences, it changes the unit whole lists correctly but concatenate units in listbox during each press
I got two bugs. In the preferences dialog with the list boxes (the first tab) the items in the listbox are constantly repeated. Second, when I try to open a setup that I made, I get the following error pop-up:

Run-time error '383':
'Text' property is read-only

This does not happen when opening a setup that is shipped with LFS, like the RACE_S setups. After this error the program closes.
when I try loading a setup, I get a notification, I have not loaded the curreckt setup for the vehical, it says, even though I have

How ever, if I change the name, eg if making a setup for the uf1, where lfs set file is called uf1_test to get it to work in vhpa, I would change the file name to uf1000_test.
Bogey - thanks, I'll look into that now. I think I know why that's happening.

styr90dis - please attach the setup and I will investigate.

Dan - please enable "LFS compatability mode" in the options.

VHPA v3.1.4 [updated 26/03/10]
(634 posts, started )