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Quote from Dave_Scream :sorry i dont understand.
will LFS-server work in such network?

Without knowing exactly what the restrictions are, and how they are implemented I couldn't tell you.

All I can tell you is that the client only connects to the server, but does more than once.

Quote from Dave_Scream : ...sorry for my bad english pls.

It's much better than my Russian
Quote from the_angry_angel :Without knowing exactly what the restrictions are, and how they are implemented I couldn't tell you.

All I can tell you is that the client only connects to the server, but does more than once.

It's much better than my Russian

i think now i understand thanks
Hi All.

Was wondering if anyone can tell if its possible and how to run multiple tracks on my server. The Setup.cfg is the default bl1 but i would like to finish the race on there then move onto another say Aston automatically.

Any help would be appreciated.

It's possible, but can only really be done via third party addons at the moment, as there's no track rotation within LFS itself.

Simply connecting via InSim to the server and issuing the track change command is all that needs to be done. Combined with listening for the results packets + and timeout should be enough.

Other than Becky's STCC servers, which uses a private addon, I don't know of any publically available software that does this right now - although I maybe mistaken.
Cheers Angel much appreciated.. Now i know..
Here I am again... Im now on my brothers computer and nothing is setup sooo... my problem is when I type "cmd" in the start -> run, cmd poppes up and then goes away? if I try start -> run and type in "command" it comes up but when I try to put "ipconfig" in, no info comes up . Any clues? hmm deja vu, I think I asked this question about the cmd before :P
What version of Windows?
If its XP, try cmd /K.

If its pre-2000, then you want winipcfg instead (just run it from start > run).
Ok, ignoring that for a second (as its possible "cmd" is broken). You say when you run "command" and type ipconfig, it comes out with nothing? Nothing at all? Is there even a network card in the PC (I don't want to insult your intelligence, but we all make stupid mistakes occasionally)?
i feel like an idiot... ipconfig works now :?
leet haxoring skillz
I set up every thing like it said and when i start the game I see people trying to connect but it just says " new guest failed to conect". What is up with that???
Firewall or the ports are not forwarded properly, most likely.
Quote from filur :One 20-slot server should need from about ~1mbit upload speed at 3 pps to ~2mbit at 6 pps.

What is that information based on? The server is essentially reflecting vehicle positions on the track from what I can tell. Each client reports their position a few times a second and the server sends that data back out to all the other clients. Each update is very small so that seems like way more bandwidth than would be necessary.

Do you have a link to some more detailed information on bandwidth consumption for LFS servers?
If you want information on bandwidth usage, may I suggest using the "bandwidth calculator" in the full LFS client. Simply goto multiplayer > start a new game, select a track if necessary, and you'll see the "calculator" in the middle half of the screen. It's quite comprehensive and gives you a reasonable breakdown.
What Karl said, and do not forget about the PPS setting, decreasing packets per second might make it possible for you to increase the number of clients.
Don't fill in the IP, leave it on automatic.

If you haven't filled in the IP, make sure that you've opened the ports in your firewall (some firewall software will "consume" all ports, unless they have an exception in the firewall software).
Need to change the "unzip -o ./LFSServer" in the linux area to match the new file name.
Cheers Dygear.

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GNU/Linux LFS server
hi all,
i was able to configure a GNU/Linux server with CEDEGA to run an LFS server.

- install CEDEGA on your GNU/Linux box
- install VNC server and VNC viewer on your GNU/Linux server
- create a user dedicated to run the LFS server
- download the LFS server zip file and unzip it
- create an ~/.Xsession that contains:

- chmod 755 this file
- log onto you GNU/Linux box through ssh
- launch with you user the vncserver:
vncserver -geometry 800x600

Now you are able to connect throught VNC to your GNU/Linux box, and run LFS with CEDEGA.
But VNC is not a secure way to get the control of your GNU/Linux box...

- you can change the vncpassword with vncpassword
- close the VNC (5901) port with iptables on your server:
iptables -N DENY_VNC
iptables -A DENY_VNC
iptables -I OUTPUT -p tcp --dport 5901 -j DENY_VNC

- now connect to your GNU/Linux server with ssh:
ssh -L 5902:lolcahost:5901 USER@IP_SERVER

- and launch the vncviewer:
vncviewer localhost:1

- wait, and the VNC view should appear.
- Your are now running VNC through Ssh

How can I change the default "host" text at the top of connections list (the N key) on dedicated server? Looks like something have changed since version V, because earlier it was enough to edit "Ply name" line in cfg.txt, now it doesn't works I searched the forum and LFS manual, but didin't find answer.
Same as Poolek - anyone ?
Quote from kamo2000 :Same as Poolek - anyone ?

Setting the Ply Name entry in cfg.txt, which sits along side the setup.cfg file, still works here.
One thing - i'm a moron - it's working for me....thank you

But poolek still got this problem...when he's upping his cfg.txt file to server it changes ply name line to host again when he had something else one knows why :/

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