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Everybody is waiting for new content of course, but these steps like a new website etc do prove the preparations for what is coming I think.

So altough these new developments may not be satisfying enough yet, Patience might be really rewarding. As there seemingly is no alternative comparable to LFS, even the ones shoutest the loudest they'd leave LFS for AC never left and even come back...

The new site has some nice features, I like it. Although me too have to get used to the new forum, but as stated before, changes always brings difficulties.

I wonder if there is a possibility to see on the forum from which team a forum user is a member? Also, is there still a possibility to make a signature?

Thanks in advance
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Click the button next to your username and you will be able to access them (Messages).
I can't begin to express how amazing this new site is, well done Victor! It's by far my favorite forum look n' feel wise.
It seems that images size of 1024x768 don't show on the forum anymore when trying to use the IMG code? I kinda understand considering the fitment in to the new narrower forum layout, but why was the forum made narrower anyway?
Quote from MousemanLV :Click the button next to your username and you will be able to access them (Messages).

Quote from CZE :
Quote from Whiskey :
Quote from CZE :
Quote from Scawen :Are you using it on a small screen? Or are you zoomed in a lot? Does it work if you hold CTRL and move the mouse wheel down (or CTRL+minus) to reduce the size so the browser fits on your screen?

Hey.I never zoom in/out my net broswer.I have still 100% and when i hold ctrl+minus(mouse wheel) and move it to 90% i see all but all other sites looks horrible with 90%.

Usually that setting is per site, meaning that it should only affect the pages at domain

Firefox and Chrome work that way. Using Ctrl & +/- or Ctrl & mouse wheel only change the zoom setting on tis site (just checked on both). Maybe this is another example of why Internet Explorer (in case you are using it) is so hated though noawadays it is not half bad as it was.
It will take a while to get used to the new forum I hate these kind of changes generally, feels like a new place altogether.. But it's a very good design.
Quote from danielroelofs :I wonder if there is a possibility to see on the forum from which team a forum user is a member?

If you are on the forums, click on User profiles, and then search the license you want to check.
Didn't check if this was already mentioned (but I it was, I second it!):

I really miss moderator names being highlighted in red. I enjoy following Scawens work and just having to look for his red colors (figuratively AND literally? ) really helped.

Sure there is the option to visit his profile and see his latest posts, but if that feature could be reimplemented I'd really appreciate it.

If not I'll sort it out with greasemonkey somehow.


Edit: This is a potential quick dirty fix, CSS only:

a[href="/profile/43"] {color: red;}

Obviously it would be better if the selector would target the innerText/innerHTML rather than the href. But I'm not familiar with a technique to do that using nothing but CSS.

Edit 2:

Couldn't resist. Here's a client-side solution for Tampermonkey (confirmed to work with Greasemonkey as well):

// ==UserScript==
// @name tweaks
// @namespace
// @version 0.3
// @description Ability to toggle Highlighting of Scawen's, Victor's and Eric's posts on as well as fluid-width layout.
// @match*
// @grant GM_addStyle
// ==/UserScript==

var enable_dev_highlight = true;
var enable_fluid_width = false;

if (enable_dev_highlight) GM_addStyle("a[href='/profile/43'], a[href='/profile/1'], a[href='/profile/64'] { color: red }");
if (enable_fluid_width) GM_addStyle("#BodyDiv { width: 100% }");

Edit 3: Added option to enable/disable fluid-width layout. Not tested thoroughly and might need some tweaking. But it seems to work pretty well actually.
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Holy cow. This looks great! Fantastic work.
Looks great I love the activity feed on the main page. And the forum integration looks neat. Well done!
WOW. Bravo! Clean, fresh and super cool.
Quote from Scawen :Thanks.

So someone chose an extremely general word that just means "something that reacts well", and applied it to an extremely specific meaning... "a website that can adjust its layout depending on the width of the window allocated to it".

That is ridiculous, let's not let jargon totally override the English language. This site really is very responsive, to anyone who can speak English.

Stick to what you're best at Scawen :P
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It's unexpected but great. I like this new design, well done boys, it was a great step! Will the "join date" and the "location" info boxes come back here on forums, under the users' avatar? Plus I miss the indicator of current online players on the main page

I really didn't want to post some offtopic stuff here, but some retards (sorry for the phrase) started to spam the online activity box with restarting a server a million times, to raise awareness with their servers name... see the picture.
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This feature is awesome:

Seriously nice. I like that you can apply your uploaded skins to the image too. Top job.
yeees butcherino, already mentioned it few pages ago. It's a really cool feature.
Quote from Flame CZE :
Quote from pik_d :What happened to the page that lists all the threads you're subscribed to? I can't seem to find that.

Subscriptions. You can see it at the top right on the forum homepage.

No wonder I didn't see that. There's space for it on every page, when I'm done reading one thread I usually want to go straight back to subscriptions to check other threads I've posted in.

Also, fixed with is obviously a user preference, but I personally don't like it. Most people have widescreen monitors, and of varying sizes. Fixed with just makes it so half my screen is unused space.

Other than those two, I like the overall theme.

Edit: Actually, not being able to see which sub-forums have new posts until you're in the parent forum is a bit annoying. I see that there's a new posts in league racing, but I can't tell if it's in a league that I'm following.
Hey! Congrats guys! New site is both slick and unique. I'm sure there will be growing pains, but it's a good step. Cheers! *Clink*
You should really fix the "online racing activity" tab, avoiding hosts from spamming on it. Some demo guys are having fun with it.

Add a cooldown for each server, to avoid that spam.
Quote from MousemanLV :yeees butcherino, already mentioned it few pages ago. It's a really cool feature.

Definitely worth mentioning it again!
Thanks for the feedback guys! I have made notes of the most needed / important features that you have requested here and I hope we can implement them as soon as possible.
Looks great guys, good job!

A New Site
(469 posts, started )