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A New Site
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A New Site
Hello all,

We have been working on a new site for a while and now finally here it is.
It has a more open feel - with more room to work with and a new look.

As you can tell, the forum has been integrated into the website. We hope to be able to better integrate the community with Live for Speed.
To aid with that, a new Leagues section is in the works as well. So things like the Racing Calendar will soon be back.

One new section you may notice is the Hosting section.
We now offer hosting for those in need. There are traditional subscription hosts and on-demand hosts. The latter is for when you just need a host for a little while (and one of the freely available ones isn't good enough ). Could be a league race for example.
Hosts are setup instantly and you can configure everything through our web interface. We keep logs and replays as well. I'd recommend reading more about LFS Hosting on the Hosting page

There will no doubt still be bugs to squash. When you run into something that does not work, just report it in the website bugs section and I will have a look.

The site will continue to be worked on as well. The new Leagues section has high priority, but many features in other categories are still planned.

I hope you will enjoy the new website with its new features. Have a look around - you may find some new stuff. Any suggestions and feedback are always welcome - I'm sure you'll not disappoint me there

Finally a big thanks to Flame CZE who has helped a lot with the graphics of the website!
Further thanks go out to Daniel-cro and Whiskey. Many thanks for your relentless testing, making the site a robust one.
Words simply cannot express how happy I am. I just woke up, got myself a tea and as soon as I got on, I really, really thought it was a dream...

This website looks absolutely brilliant and I really like the fact that is integrated along with the forum. This is just...amazing work already. Keep up the great work, guys!

And I love every single thing about this new design! This is just...god, I will stop writing down already...this is just mind-blowing!!!
I couldn't log in at first. Had to reset password.
Wow, this is very cool. I honestly thought that it was a dream when I loaded up the LFSForums. That's astonishing work from you, Victor and the others who helped remake the forums!

Quote from dawesdust_12 :I couldn't log in at first. Had to reset password.

Weird. I was logged off and I didn't need to reset password during login.
I do notice some omissions from the LFS site that were in testing
Nice work.
#7 - CZE
Hey.Nice forum but for me its bugy..I can't see all thinghs (quote buttons,log out,and more) on right side and there is no any bar to move it to side.Look at picture.
First look seems good But in forum, where is the smilies button? They still seem to work when typed manually.

More important: Where is the race calender and community news?
I think those are very important to organize (and find!) league races.

edit: ops, that is already addressed in first post.
Awesome, Thanks!
Great looking! Loving the integrated site!
Sexy site. Very nice.
Looks pretty good! Would be a good one too if you implement lfsworld into here. That will give it even a newer look. Keep up the good work!
Well done Victor, keep it up!
Quote from dawesdust_12 :I couldn't log in at first. Had to reset password.

Dito, had the same issue. But nice job Victor, very nice job.
Maybe you guys didn't remember your password very well? Nevertheless, new website\forum is looking sexy as ****
The new site look nice and modern, but nowadays a website should be responsive in my opinion, so that it also works on mobile devices.
Click on lfsforum in favourites -> See new design ->

#20 - pipa
New site looks good, but i am personally not a fan of the integrated forums. It looks cramped and lacks the space the old one offered.
How is that for a change

Seems that my avatar is broken?
Quote from CrAZySkyPimp :Click on lfsforum in favourites -> See new design ->


Can't see smileys choice when writing posts though?
"Go to first unread post" should be back on the main page, in my opinion. Saves time a bit.
Quote from three_jump :
Seems that my avatar is broken?

It looks weird indeed. They're now limited to 96*96 instead of 114*114, maybe something went wrong with yours. Try to upload it again
WOW, awesome, thank you, as someone who posts from a pad frequently this is a great step forward.

I don't need to re-logon every time, it looks great, seems to work ok from my point of view. I'll happily update with issues but it's already a major step forward. Thank you.

And yes, no emoticons that I can see, but yet to test it on a PC.
Quote from bogdani.cojocaru :Maybe you guys didn't remember your password very well? Nevertheless, new website\forum is looking sexy as ****

Considering I had to re-login 3 weeks ago when my ban expired... unlikely

A New Site
(471 posts, started )