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I am also using Vsync, I experimented with bunch of different settings and this is the smoothest way for me Yes there is tiny lag, but I only notice it when the virtual steering wheel is on, not a problem for me because I don't use the virtual wheel, so I don't notice the lag, believe it or not

2 smoothest way is capping the frames at the same refresh rate as your monitor (in my case 60fps) It's the same smoothness as with Vsync, but no lag this time.
Biggest drawback is horrible tearing all actors the monitor just above the middle, may be some are okay with that, but I just can't stand it.
What pisses me off so much is that I have to play in nVidia Inspector to get graphics like I should from lurking the in-game settings menu...
I always used v-sync, but I did have weird 'jitter' problems.
Capping FPS to 55 fixed it for me! It's butter-smooth now!

Note: using 3D Vision @110Hz, so 55Hz is half of that.. or 55fps
How come you run it at 110 instead of 120?
Do you find that fixes the minor ghosting issues? (trees against a bright sky etc)
Quote from DeKo :Been trying Vsync again and actually quite liking it. Before I was running with it locked to 121 or 124fps, but even with graphics on minimum I couldn't hold this even when I was myself on the track, never mind with AI (and this is with a GTX770 & 5760x1080 res). Turned vsync back on, locked the FPS to 60 (to stop it jumping between 59&61) and it seems much smoother than I've ever seen vsync before, definitely smoother than my frames jumping around from 100 to 120, plus it lets me turn the AA&AF back up and actually get a good image quality. Maybe when MP comes I won't be quick enough with the slight graphical lag, but it's basically a new game for me now, I was sick of AC looking like complete shit yet running terribly at the same time.

Nords is brilliant, very bumpy but unreal in the F40.

Did you try with your original settings and a frame limit? Using something like 83 (anything that is not a direct multiple of 30 or 60 should not produce screen tearing). Vsync adds steering lag which is just bad.

Here is a image I drew some time ago:

The red bars represent the additional lag the vsync adds. The vertical black lines show when the monitor updates. The red balls show the moment the gpu starts drawing new image. The dotted red line box shows what kind of image the display draws. In the bottom you have three examples that show the age of the different parts of the frame you are seeing at that fps and with a 60hz monitor. The white lateral line shows where the screen tear appears in these examples. In 60fps/60hz the screen tear can be everywhere. When you look at those numbers it is clear that more frames do help with input lag.

In the bottom I've added another example with 83fps on 60Hz. Now 83/60=1,38 which means the screen tear will be in different place on each frame. This makes it a lot harder to see.

Screen tearing happens when the frame is cut at the same spot on your screen when the monitor refreshes. For example if you have 120hz monitor and your machine outputs 60fps. Now 120/60=2 which means you get essentially a tier in the middle. And a very noticaable one. If you have 60Hz monitor and run at 60fps you may or may not get a tear somewhere. On the other hand if you have 60hz monitor and output 120fps.

Basically 60fps/60hz is just really really bad for screen tearing.

Notice how the screen tear is always in different "height" at the bottom 4 "tear" pics.
MP is out \o/
It's out! It's out! It's out!
4 real?
Rage incoming. "What the... I can't even race, all servers occupied, no free slots available" *rage* *rage* But yeah.. Fun Finally! I laugh at face to those who started hypocrisy about developers' bad communication and their statements which are not honest and accurate.
Next Friday beats early 2009 confirmed
It's a shame the AC MP is a steam piece of shit in terms of user flow. LFS will always succeed there it seems (as developers still don't know how to JUST COPY HOW LFS DOES IT!).
So true.
Oh god, I already hate that booking shit..
I see a lan button in the multi player. Does that mean I can host for my mates using something like Tunngle?
This seems terrible already, there are no servers with less than roughly 150 ping, and no servers which I can actually join (or book or whatever bullshit that is) unless they're empty. Booking seems a mess, 1 minute booking window then a 2 hour practice where no-one else can join? What's wrong with joining in Practice?
Can't join? Host your own server. It's not a big drama if you can't book. All you need is patience and don't sleep when free slot is available. After I installed 0.9, i couldn't book for maybe 10 min or so, but I waited and finally got a chance to book and drive a very nice combo Ferrari 599XX @ Monza.

I have to say MP is amazing. It's so stable. No jerking, lagging cars whatsoever :OO Only lag those cars of those players who lag themselves, but in overall many people have stable ping, so no jerking cars, when you overtake them, nothing unpredictable happens.
FPS is fortunately really good, in 20 server about 55-80 fps.
The booking system is a bit kludgy, but in an actual race, it's pretty nice. But that might just be the contact high of "omg ac + mp".

It's certainly not polished by any stretch of the imagination, but it is nice. We've had a few races form the #lfs channel. E30 @ silverstone, Xbow at Joux Plane, and E30 at Imola
Quote from dawesdust_12 :It's a shame the AC MP is a steam piece of shit in terms of user flow. LFS will always succeed there it seems (as developers still don't know how to JUST COPY HOW LFS DOES IT!).

Nothing makes you happy. Make your own game? Jesus. It's a beta.
Quote from Bmxtwins :Nothing makes you happy. Make your own game? Jesus. It's a beta.

That's not even a complete thought. That's 3 partial thoughts thrown together, and I'm being extremely generous giving you credit for 3 partial thoughts.

Never mind that it's pretty clear, at least at this stage, that Kunos is heading in the wrong direction for MP. The booking system is ****ing retarded.

Again, LFS proves why it's the bar standard for pickup racing, and it's ****ing unbelievable that developers choose to implement their own retarded systems, rather than implement an system that has existed for over 10 years.
Can't believe I'm going to say this, but I agree with Dustin, the booking system is not a well thought out idea. I have still not managed to join a server and I now give up, either the server has a 30 minute booking window, which means i need to sit for a full half an hour before I can join the server, or it has a 2 minute booking window which I miss, then the server either goes for a 2 hour practice session with 1 person in the server which no-one can join, or it fills up in 2 seconds flat.

Apparently it will eventually have a "guest list" thing which will let you join the server at any time, but that's only useful for leagues, doesn't help when you're just trying to jump in a pub server for a race.
I don't really care about this booking system, once you're on the track, it doesn't really matter, I played iRacing so I kind of got used to waiting. Not bad for a first release to be honest, but there's still a lot to do.
I only had issues with the contacts so far. Funky things happen even if you bump the other one slightly.
apart this shit booking system, racing is really smooth for an alpha mp.

it is so hard to make direct joint with spec system ? or scawen is a pure genius to making this alone lol ?

Kunos Simulazioni - Assetto Corsa
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