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Quote from tristancliffe :Similar problem happened to me CardsetCrazy. Monza. Lots of cars flying everywhere when on the grid. Most had to start from pitlane once reset. Very odd.

So, who's got a server up? Not possible to search for players/friends yet is it?

Just pop LFS into the search and it comes right up
Quote from troy :I'm running a passworded server for lfs'ers if anybody wants to have a go. No idea how many people I can take

Name: lfs at ac
Pass: lfsatac

^About 8 of us in here so far.
hm im suprised by the quality of the races, well so far i joined 2 races and won 2 :P but why the hell it exits after race?!
Found it. Had the filter for servers in booking mode on. Will wait for the race to start and finish (grrrrrr)
So it doesn't say anywhere how long you have to wait or something like that..
Not exactly. It says the 4 lap race is in progress, but no indication of how much left to run.
Race just finished. Server is restarted, and you must join while it is in booking.
Oh Scawen, you underrated ba*tard
I didn't expect miracles but really this online system is ridiculously off-putting. The UI is quite bad too, imo.
"Booking". No idea who came up with that, but it's a bizarre idea, and if that formal hoop-jumping stuff is the way AC multiplayer is biased, then I won't be a fan.
I hear pickup racing is coming, but I'm not optimistic that we'll ever get anything anywhere near the standard of LFS' multiplayer systems.
Quote from Eclipsed :What a bull$#!t online mode. Done one race (lucky to hit right the time when it was in booking mode),everyone get's thrown out and have to wait some time to join again. And of course when the booking time is over,I click join - "cannot enter server,refresh server list",after some 10-12 tries - it finally launches and I get a message "could not connect to server,aborting" (or something like that),that's it,I have to wait qual+race (so about 15min it this case) to try join server again.
Which freaking idiot created this system? It's ridiculous. If this is the future of sim racing,I have to find a different hobby...

Quote from tristancliffe :Found it. Had the filter for servers in booking mode on. Will wait for the race to start and finish (grrrrrr)


Won my first race didn't enjoy it at all
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At least a spectate option ffs, what is this, 98?

And is 14 a limit for this never ending 4 laps server, so i don't wait an eternity?
I've got two servers up at the moment.

ACSGT BMW trackday and ACSGT Supercars

Password is "the40s"
Screw this.. any server i try that is running PRACTICE, i can't join even there.. Request booking is not clickable, how do you freakin get in the server?
make sure you list servers that are open for booking. I have two open at the moment, both starting with ACSGT in the name, password is "the40s" on both. See if you can get in at all.
Ok I've got in the 'line' for the Trackday one..My god, that countdown.
Quote from kars19 :So, 0.9.x broke the best mod tracks JP, DM and NS
So far only the desert roads works for me

found the fix

Quote :To fix do this:
just out of curiosity, check the AC intallation folder/system/cfg/assetto_corsa.ini for the following line

change the 1 to a zero

But the golden question is - mod tracks work in MP?
Quote from kars19 :
But the golden question is - mod tracks work in MP?

Someone hosted a JP race earlier today, so they do work.
I am not sure whether I am nervous or looking forward to this...But here I come chaps LOL

im waiting for booking on troy server...atm its qualify and after that 4 laps race on silverstone dtm.
Good battle for 2nd coming into the last few corners there, managed to hold it
turned mirrors off by mistake, phil was telling me where u were
Oh great start...Fresh install of Windows and PC and AC, try to click drive in single player and get this.....I didn't before hand...DX is reporting 11

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do you guys have abs on?

Kunos Simulazioni - Assetto Corsa
(8873 posts, started )