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possible LFS forum troll.
Accuses me of being a lfsforums troll.

OT: But I'm not.
Quite a dangerous one, might explode violently.
His last name is spelt in english Moteejeweetees.

OT: I dont explode if i meet any known people, haters gonna be blown to small pieces.
His racername is excellent and dangerous
Sort of praises my racername.

OT: Gonna change it to a shorter one.
His racername did not any satisfaction anymore
forced his signature too much
His sig contains feelings.
Most likely every 2nd word he says is 'kurwa'
is possibly into furry porn.
Just started his own team
Loves Sebastian Vettel.
Is Savagely Wild with Style.
Doesn't like little boys in tight jeans.
Does like boys in his tight jeans.
Does like boys in loose pants.

Quote from nikopdr :Most likely every 2nd word he says is 'kurwa'

everything about him he replies "pls"
Probably has the most posts for this page.

OT: The fact that niko posted wasnt actually true.
Doesn't know how to check how many posts a person has done in a thread :P.

Currently the leader is Rui (Senninha25)
if he was born in murica, his last name would be mountain juice
wouldnt mind being a japanese ninja drifter
Used to be a greek god!
looks like a rockstar
His travelled distance @ now is 87310 Ml
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )