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Followed the link to the photo stream.... Since it's been trickling out slowly and steadily I've forgotten all the great shit they've been making!

Geez man... when the Rift comes out to retail, and I have AC safely on my hard drive, sounds like I should book a week off of work because I suspect many late nights will be occurring!

I wonder how long until some Lambo's show up? And a year from now there will likely be some great mods out Good times.
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Does anyone know of any information on turbocharger modelling in AC?
Welcome to EUSSR.
A valid reason, just sucks.
Italian burocracy, tell me about it...
Better to delay the pre-order than the release, although this could be a way of buying more time for the release. Pressure builds once people start pre-ordering, although pre-ordering based on no release date and then complaining about delays is a bit dumb.
Quote from Nadeo4441 :I don't know how the car handles in real life, but that seemed a little off..

hmm it seems like netKar PRO. it's hard to put succinctly but over the limit it's like the sim forgets what happened 0.2s ago and just resets all values in the calculation going forward.

i mean the inertia of the chassis and wheels seems to be missing when things get hectic. so instead of getting an oversteer or understeer moment you would expect, it just seems to reset itself to going straight at odd moments.
Quote from NitroNitrous :Italian burocracy, tell me about it...

Till now I thought Italians don't give a shit about single thing.
Quote from Mysho :Till now I thought Italians don't give a shit about single thing.

You mixed up Italy and Russia.
I checked out the TechPreview of AC and I like it very much - even I cannot faster than a 1:29 at the first 20 laps I tried it...

It will be without any doubt one of the most important racing-sims of these days.

But what made lfs for me by far the best online-racer, are some points, I will really miss, because I doubt, that AC will work this way (maybe it will be close to netcar Pro, but I don't know this):

- User Skins for cars in online-races. I like this very much. A lot of nice artwork is seen in lfs and every driver has it's own appearance/personality.

- The massive online-stats including their api to use data in Your own website.

- The way/menus to connect to a online-game. It's simple and fast. No other racing sim let's You join a race that quick (even into a ongoing race). After a race is finnished, the next race is coming quickly. No boring hanging around in boring menus/online-"launches". No slow loading menus (thinking of the super-boring loading times in codemaster-games...)

- And in the end the whole buy/download/install procedure. It's cheap, a small download and Lfs even needs no installation. Just unpacking.

All of these features I love. Hoping AC will have some of this efficient simplicity. AC's menus so far are simple. Good in this point. Hope joining a race is quick enough - as the for me the most concerning fear.

So, in the worst case, waiting for S3 is still an option.
Quote from Der Abt :
- And in the end the whole buy/download/install procedure. It's cheap, a small download and Lfs even needs no installation. Just unpacking.

Since it will be available on Steam you just press the install button, wait, then hit play and there it goes.
I tried the demo last night. I enjoyed it but I think it'd want to try another vehicle to determine how I feel about the physics a little more. Has a rfactor/GTR feel to it. Still no LFS, but lots of eye candy and detailed tracks to choose from. I'm sure it'll be the next modern bandwagon!
I played NetKar Pro today.. I really liked the little test I've done so far.. It reminds me of RBR and GTR mixed. Also it had a more true FWD physics, I always thought LFS lacked with the FWD cars.
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Quote from kars19 :This, with proper physics = win

imagine this car + ring + this corner >

No, I can't

And I'm out of money.
Let's do this!

Kunos Simulazioni - Assetto Corsa
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