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I would like to drive their McLaren and compare it to iracing's. I think that is one car iRacing did a pretty decent job on.
I'm under the impression that the Pace Car is the only car that iRacing has correct.
Quote from dawesdust_12 :I'm under the impression that the Pace Car is the only car that iRacing has correct.

You mean the one that's not physical? And has super griph4x when entering and exiting pit lane?
Quote from Bose321 :It's on an Italian website. The devs are Italian. What did you expect?

i dunno maybe for kunos to have learned fromt he communications fiasco that was nkp?
Quote from Shotglass :i dunno maybe for kunos to have learned fromt he communications fiasco that was nkp?

The developers over there are as ignorant as possible and don't care about making customers or people from the media happy.
Not sure if you realized it's not the official AC site... Only some italian gaming blog. How on earth can you blame the devs for that...
As NKPro is on offer, is the AC Tech demo worth the purchase?
Its four €, the equivalent of two beer at a bar over here. Its worth it, and if it just brings the full version a little bit nearer.
Even without access to the AC Tech Preview nkPro is definitely worth a few quid.
Yeah if you fancy the idea of doing some solo sim driving then get it.
Formula Ford 1800 is truly brilliant.
Quote from Boris Lozac :Don't know who he is but

He is

And an English translation of his review is...

"Today, thanks to the staff of Assetto Corsa and Luca Casarotto, I had the opportunity to test their simulator.
I'd like to state that I'm not paid by Kunos Simulazione, except for the coffee, and indeed I'd like to thank them for their commitment and dedication. I'm looking forward to buy a copy immediately.

The impression, never had with other simulators, is the feeling of the car, the feel of the tyres / adhesion and especially not having to do "forced" trajectories where the grip is higher. I started at Imola, professional bias, with the 458 gt2, the car with which I won the 6h Vallelunga in real life.
In terms of graphics the combination of track/car give a staggering result, but I do not give that much importance to the beauty. I go out of the pits on cold tires and forcing immediately I can feel that the car is not ready .. taking it easy for 2-3 laps and apart than overshooting the braking point a couple of times, I never go in spin. It's not me that is good but the fact that I finally feel so gradually the loss of grip on the gas. Counter steering gives an obvious waste of laptime, but also big satisfaction for having controlled oversteer in third and fourth gear.
I could never drive like this right out of the box with any simulator, 5-6 consecutive laps without crashing heavily somewhere. Sorry in advance for the long post, I will add details if anyone is interested.

Trying the 599xxEvo, that I've really driven, the admiration for Assetto Corsa increases. From the sound to the violence of the acceleration, to the active rear wing, stunning in the replays... and then a bit of vintage Lotus Senna (98T) where you are brainwashed... manual gearbox, locking the wheels, turbo lag... thank god for modern electronics! Beautiful and cursed at the same time.

Changing to the road car BMW M3 where Aris gave me a little lesson on drifting... you can appreciate the drive-ability and the sincerity of the steering wheel even more.. Watching the replay at Magione of car drifting, let you speechless, but not with me driving eh!!

I have one word to describe Assetto Corsa. SENSATIONAL CORSA! I'd like to thank all the guys at Assetto Corsa for the opportunity. Last thing, I wanted to write what I really think based on my real life experience, so it should be taken as a free personal thinking that you might agree or not! Ciao!!"
Wow. That is definitely written with passion. Unlike the iRacing endorsements where they only bang on about the tracks and nothing else.
But isn't that par for the course with Italians? Wouldn't they write passionately about otherwise awful topics, like diarrhea?
Sounds good. My body is ready.
Aaawww! If its to any comfort I can tell you that this vecation to Romania (long story, staying here to sunday) only have resulted in me getting "blue balls", beeing scammed by a taxi and my friend buying a hooker when he belived he had gotten himself a big fish in the bar!
bad luck, at least your still alive/in a condition post here

still can't get my shifter tow ork in the demo, but some Dev answered me that he's on it
Tor, were they too skinny for you to pay? Needed more chub?
Quote from dawesdust_12 :Tor, were they too skinny for you to pay? Needed more chub?

To be honsest they are god damn hotties, most of them! Way out of my league! So tonight I aim for the bottom feeders at the bar and give them only Fernet and Tequila Lets see if I survive!
Well, I'm trying out the "Technology Preview" whenever the download finishes . Hopefully it's as good as you guys have made it out to be
It seems pretty good, but it's hard to tell at like 2 fps

I'm guessing you'll probably need a supercomputer to run AC when it comes out
Hardly. My 2 year old Macbook Pro runs it perfectly fine.

Kunos Simulazioni - Assetto Corsa
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