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there won't be a layout for the race, just for the qualification. I thank you for reminding me
One question.
In each server what about # of GT1 GT2 and NGT there will be ?
about 10 cars per class what about the one more server you had mention? Will you open it or no?
we will have as many servers as we need, so that all registered teams can participate.
Now this is good news
95 cars atm ! YEAH !
Yea,so i'v got e-mail,and i would like to ask how to give team manager's status to other person. Basicly how to give team to another person to manage? Thanks.
Has anyone done some laps yet? What times for the different classes are expected?
i think for the GT1 FXR is like 2:20.xx or something
I think if you drive a 2:20.xx with a GT1 car than you are damned slow.
A 2:17:6 is FXR WR so you could calculate +1-1,5 sec in race spees for top positions.
It`s only what i think,but what is a good GT2 time it`s much more intresting for me.
you're wrong. go 1.5 seconds slower than the WR on a track that takes no more than 1 minute 30 seconds, if
normal, now on this track more than two minutes the difference extends to at least four seconds, that I think
Quote from socmaster88 :as via mail

The most important thing. We changed a rule. You won't get a penalty for a disconnect. If you see someone you uses this as an advantage write a protest against that team.

Hi Admins,

Is this still true for the 2010 running?

Thanks very much!
For clear, so i can manage a team with at maximum 6 drivers, but ONLY 4 can drive the car ?
Other question, if i've 5 driver in my team and the qualification will be done from the one driver that WILL NOT DO the race, it could be a problem ?
I guess the answers to those are yes and yes.
It says only 4 may drive the car, should be clarified whether it is in the race or the entire event including qualifying.

Also I disagree with your policy of adding 15s to the finishing time of a team for chat - a DT penalty (or even SG with the short pitlane) is fairer, as it affects the team in the race. You could have a situation where a team finishes just ahead of someone else on track, but the car behind has been lapped and thus 15s does not affect the car ahead. The tracker records all chat so it's easy to know who to give penalties to
Is there a way to change driver lineup after Friday, 8th October 22:00:00 UTC ???
@ Nightmare: no, if you are unsure which 4 drivers can drive, you can announce more drivers for your team

@michele0676: yes it will be a problem. 4 drivers are allowed to drive, that is for the entire event.
There is a skin base file fot GT2 ?
in the templatepack are templates for GT1 and GT2
Why in Team List the lastest are of a different color ?

All the signup are confirmed ?
the latest teams are in another color, because we only opened 2 servers at first. But in fact we will have enough servers for all participating teams