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#151 - CSF
I love the way the last e-mail was followed by another one!
Quote from boothy :If you haven't read the rules you shouldn't be racing. Why would there need to be a SC in the race?

I have read the rules, but missed that part, sorry, but good race to everyone
Admin on server ASAP pl0x.
#154 - Aid
what are the names of servers?
(arco) DELETED by arco
Sry i can't find the teamspeak server for the race. Am i blind or did they forget to post it?

The Servernames are here
Teamspeak: pw: pm me
nice, according to the tracker, server 3 guys got a nice headstart.
#158 - CSF
16 hour races are no place for 11 year old kids. (cough Clockwork) How do we make a protest again?

Edit: CoRe should protest that stupid kid too for what he just did to them. Utterly pathetic.
Thanks a bunch for the damage Wilko. Nice job twatting up the arse as usual.
this clockwork should just gtfo the server.. twats
Really really poor driving standards from GT2s in server2

You are not fighting for position with GT1s! For your own sake, make way!
#163 - CSF
tracker is still on lap 35, dead?
we have got small problems, we are working on it
Seems like it's working well now
is running again.
It's not working very well for us... our car (#128) is now being showed as -16 laps when we were just -2 laps off pace...
1- Where appears the post to do the protests?
2- My team appears with 5 laps when I was the first one and did 28 laps.

we are working on the tracker, so that it shows the correct results
is there an offical irc channel?
no this year we don't have an irc channel
Will shift-s/p penalties be applied after the race or during?
Has S. "I need a poo" Williams fix his rather bad connection.. yet!

Its very hard to make a pass on him in that first 3 stints I had.