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Guide: Running an LFS Server
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Im pretty sure its the ports... I checked but it gets me more confused!
i have the same problem, i created a server but no one can join.
I´m sure i checked (got a zyxel prestige 660 router with many pc on network) and did all right. i have ZA and configured right too, and even disabled the firewall. I only can join via the same PC (local network using I see in the dedicated server program window that many users try to connect but always get "new guest timed out". If i try to join from another PC i get "client connect: connect failed". How do i know if the port are correctly open? don´t know what else to do....
ok.... now, i did it all again and seem to connect. I ran the dedicated server on a PC and joined from another (not from the same network). Later i tried to join again and while connecting.... i get no response, i mean, it says "connecting to server" and returns to the menu again... what would be the problem?

Thanks for your time...
i hope i can figure this out by tommorow because i have a awsome computer and amazing t1 bandwitch i think i could run a great no lag server for everyone D. i will look at it a bit more tommorow
Quote from RaDuS :i hope i can figure this out by tommorow because i have a awsome computer and amazing t1 bandwitch i think i could run a great no lag server for everyone D. i will look at it a bit more tommorow

Nice! Just be careful with the dedicated server. it make the pc work, wich cause heat wich cause boom!!
well its water cooled and had 4g of ram should be find ive ran cs servers fine but yea something i could keep an eye out for.
Quick question,have a server right,mate off mine set it up for me
I am running a fun event in a few weeks and I want to password the server,can i do it or does my mate have to do it?
Anyone with the admin password can change the user password. Just log on to the server as an admin (enter the admin password in the "host password" input field. Then type /pass mypassword

Now your server is password protected and users can not enter it without knowing the user password. To clear the password simply type /pass

See lfs/docs/commands.txt for more info.
Is this the same for making the server private?
I've got the dedi server up and running on our dedi box. My problem is i can't see it in the serverlist but people can join by typing in the server name manually using the non server list option. How do i get it to show up in the serverlist? Does it just take some time?
nevermind, i had canreset enabled in server but not in my game DOH.
Ok Server fille dup nice and quick. CPU load is 14% so my next question is can i run more than one server off the same box?
Yes... Just make sure they use different ports obviously.
Thanks, doing that now
Quote from the_angry_angel :Yes... Just make sure they use different ports obviously.

That's not working for us. Just one of the servers is tunning although they're using different ports and the are configured that way in the setup.cfg
Firewall issue perhaps?
Worked for me. I changed the two port lines. Not sure if they both needed doing but changed them both anyway.
Quote from the_angry_angel :Firewall issue perhaps?

Doesn't look like a firewall problem. I had open a thread this morning with details about our "problem":

EDIT: I was wrong, it is a firewall issue but we haven't been able to solve it yet, working on it and trying to guess what's wrong right now.
As a temporary fix, change your firewall so that all outgoing traffic is allowed out - does that help?
We already figured it out, it was a stupid mistake opnening the ports. The usual thing that happens when you do it quickly. When we checked the individual setup.cfg files we fixed it easily.

Now we have 6 team servers 5 of them tigh 32 slots yay! And they work just fine Thanks fot your support.
Glad to hear its working well
lfs lapper...

Just when I thought all of the sever issues were taken care of, Patch X came out! I tried downloading the new LFS lapper (for patch x.) Here is the link for the download: .When I click the download, here is what appears: lapper 1.bmp
After I click "ok", a blank firefox screen comes on with no address and no website. Why is this? Should I be opening it through another program?


NOTE: Microsoft framework 2.0 is installed.
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lapper 1.bmp
A rar file is a compressed file format. You need either WinRar, powerarchiver or something similar to open it. Firefox cannot.
I tried running it off powerarchiver. I can't start the serverl, and it is only a 30 day trial. What other programs are there I could use to run the server?


Guide: Running an LFS Server
(707 posts, started )