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Guide: Running an LFS Server
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You need to use the mono version of LFSLapper. This will natively run under Linux (provided that mono is installed). Do not try to run the windows version of LFSLapper under Wine.

May I suggest that you take it up further with the LFSLapper thread. I'm afraid that I personally dont use it and they have beable to provide more help.
hi...i have the lfs dedicated server..but i don't know how to add the setup.cfg admin pass i have /admin=pass...but in game when i try to kick anywone it says that i don't have admin rights...what sould i do to be admin on my dedicated server ??? sry for my bad english, i'm from romania....i will be thankfull if you will help me
When you connect into your server, there is a screen where you can put in a password. Put the administrator password in there. You then have administrative rights.
Need Help
TCP socket : bind failed , in LFS, what does that mean cause i can't join my server in start new game screen, any help would be muchly appreciated
Thanks mate, that fixed it...........
no sorry actually it didn't, changed ip to // then setup port 63393 ip ect on router port forwarding but still no go
Quote from bundyroy :no sorry actually it didn't, changed ip to // then setup port 63393 ip ect on router port forwarding but still no go

Do you mean that you're still getting bind errors, or simply that no one can join? Or that you are unable to see it within the server list?
hello i just maked a new server called [DTR] team server
and only i can connect whit the server and play other peopl cant
i have all my virus scanners firewalls enz off i have wireless internet but it dosent have anny password or or ip to go on it everbodey can go on it,i dont know wat to do next my friends cant connect to it here is a pic off didi and that the serv is on! (sorry for large pic)

please people can u help me i need it for my team.

!the server is of now i need to get some sleep!

greets spike
Where it says "Use Master" you have "hidden" selected. That means that it won't show up in the server list.
Set it to "Yes".
Quote from Callous Hooper :Where it says "Use Master" you have "hidden" selected. That means that it won't show up in the server list.
Set it to "Yes".

ik know but becouse i couldent find it i had it on hidden so i could find it. but thats not the problem my friends cant join :S

and if sombodey wants to make a server for me and my friends that would be nice max player need to be 5-7 and i must be called [DTR] team server please sombodey i begg u XD

greets spike
(english is not my langue so il make some faults)
Quote from spikeguns : have wireless internet

You need to forward the ports from your wireless router to the PC running the game.

I will not repeat myself again. Instructions can be found in the first post.
is that the run 'cmd'thing and then 'ipconfig'becouse it not works on my computer
Quote from spikeguns :is that the run 'cmd'thing and then 'ipconfig'becouse it not works on my computer

Only if you're running XP (or NT, 2000, 2003, etc., Vista), and only if you're running DD-WRT. Those are an example for my specific setup. You will see what there is a link at the bottom for looking up your combination of OS and your router.

Here it is again:
i think i got it now but wich ip i need to pick 1 the 2 or third i got the first now im trying to connect
Is there any way to run a server and lapper as services on windows server 2003, without any 3rd app software? well... i have Windows Resource Kit, but i can't get the config file to load up, it runs only the LFS.exe when i run the service.
No, the program needs to be changed to run it as a service.

The alternatives are to run it under a wrapper, like firedaemon, or do some crazy scheduled task and batch file fu.
Guys i want to setup a server with cops & robbers in it like the [TC] City Driving server (if aloud to be) for us here in Australia cause most of the servers are over sea's and we getting high ping and getting booted alot

i dont know what u call these (i think something to do with insim ???) but this is what i want in my server

: the cops siren & caution signals
: the money thing that when u drive at 60mph u get +5 money
: when u speed in pit lane u get fined
: get fined when u press esc to get back to the pits without driving back to the pits
: have to pay when getting fixed or refueled at the pits
:and the licence thing where u have to buy a licence to get a car
: the rent thing where u can rent the good fast cars
: the police speedtrap thing

i think theres more i want but carnt remember what thay were

also i dont know if im aloud to use these cause ive only seen them on 1 server but have seen other like them on other servers

so a little help on getting the insim programing would be much appreseated

ok guys hope u all understand what i mean & sry for been such a noob at this

Cheers... MCR_Acer.....
You need a custom written InSim addon to do the things you've described. I've no idea if there are any capable of doing what you want already out of the box, however.

I recommend that you talk directly to the [TC] guys, since you're on about making a new branch of their franchise, and they clearly already have acheived what you want.
thanks for that info

Cheers... MCR_Acer...
need help i wana host my server bu when i click lunch give me error
could not connect on master server i dont have ruter i dont have firewall what is wrong if i do master server no my server is start
Check out this thread to start with; Also make sure that you are using an up to date version of LFS (0.5X10 is the correct version to be using). If you are unsure, redownload the server software.
ok it is working i havent got update 0.5X10 ty for help
btw hov can i make colored name of server ?
H E L P :- i have my LFS DEDI server up and running,wireless router port forwading ect right. when i try to connect in lfs in start own game, TCP:bind failed appears but i can join my server via join specific game as admin and play so has got me furked,mind you i'm amazed i got this far

Guide: Running an LFS Server
(707 posts, started )