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Guide: Running an LFS Server
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You don't need to connect using IP and port. Use lobby instead.
Um.. im not good at eng.. wut is that LOBBY? And why my freidns cant connect to my server then?
I somewhat assume that you are running a dedicated server and trying to connect to it. First, as Shadowww pointed out, there is no need to specify your IP in the server setup. Leave it to "auto".

When you are trying to connect to a server that is running on your own PC, you can try putting "" into the address bar in the connect screen. Can you run Start>run>cmd>ipconfig /all for us and post the output?

BTW, is there any real reason why you have to use the IP to get on the server? Unless you make the server hidden if will be listed in the lobby. You can protect it by a password if you want to have a private racing session.
well um.. i didnt knewed about the "AUTO" cuz im new here.. ther wuz typed.. IP.. so i typed my ip.
And when i run and enter ipconfig shows up the dialog and then dissaperes... il try whit the auto.
whit auto didnt work
so heres whats in dialog box:

Windows IP Configuration:

Ethernet adapter Hamachi:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix:
Ip adress:
subnet mask:
Default Gateway:

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix:
IP adress:
subnet mask:
default Gateway:
Just connect using server name (Join specific game > Server Name > Join)
ok.. i will try
How other ppls can connect by not using Server name? Cuz i know can connect using IP and on my old pc i did use the IP to connect to own server not the name..
You are not trying to reach your server using your Hamachi IP, are you?

Have you tried to connect to your server from the PC where the server is running using as the IP in the connect screen?
yes i have tryed.. but im not using hamachi.. hamachi im uzing for NHL cuz some of NHL players got routers
Quote from krisis32 :How other ppls can connect by not using Server name?

They can't, unless they have cracked the game, which is completely illegal.
Quote from krisis32 :How other ppls can connect by not using Server name?

This has some sense if you are running a LAN server, because LFS does not have a "Local game searcher" so the only way how to connect to a LAN server is entering its IP directly. Connecting to Internet servers can be done only when you know the servers name.
oky.. but it dosnt fix my problem..
Does it work when you set up non-dedicated server?
if i run a server from game it works.. if i run a dedi.. it wont work..
Hamachi dont work with LFS and Internet IP ranges won't work in LAN mode.
i know hamachi dont work but local internet?
Local internet = 192.168.*.*.
Quote from krisis32 :if i run a server from game it works.. if i run a dedi.. it wont work..

Can you post you dedi server config so we can check what is wrong with it?
Thanks i dont need no more help.. i fixed all!
Hello. I have a question. How can I make two servers running on one PC with the dedicadet host. A have drift server for demo and i want to make another one but dont have a clue how. Please if anyone know share it with me.
Start it twice, different port, forward them both on your router.

LFS.exe /cfg=setupserver1.cfg
LFS.exe /cfg=setupserver2.cfg
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Can you play from the same computer that you create a dedicated server on? Just curious. Thanks.

Guide: Running an LFS Server
(707 posts, started )