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MTDZX- Flat Out! Series! Season 2 ( CANCELLED! )
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Cars and track are now locked on server. See you on midnight!

EDIT: It has turn out, that all 4 cars are matched equally each other, which is very nice to see! 1LX being slightly faster compared to other cars. ( 0,4 seconds faster per lap time, making 2:43.1x while others 2:43.5x - 2:43.7x. However, 1LX seems to be hardest car here to nail the lap time )
2 hours and 28 minutes to go, 1LX has record by sub 2:42, but other cars are not that far away! see you soon!


Round 34, Midnight racing in Europe with four racers and three different cars. LLM.Sobis ( LFSW: Sobis ) Hits the finish line first and takes 6th win on his Flat Out! Series! career. He led all thirteen laps and was the only one who did not repair his car. That risk did pay him well and was clearly on top alone.

2nd place is taken by fastest racer in Round 34. UM21 did select 1XF and proved that car indeed can challenge 1LX. However, forced repair on mandatory pitstop did cost somewhat 25 seconds and was stuck on behind other 1LX racer for several laps. Clear 2nd place for him though.

3rd place is taken by first timer, Jam 616 ( LFSW: Racon )! He did select same car as winner, but pace was simply not enough and ultimately he broke his car on 8th lap, as suspension "scattered to red". Forced repair, but still on podium. Well Done!

4th place is taken by PopnLoch ( LFSW: PopnLochNessMonster ). 3rd attempt did give a result and receives points, with double! His 1XR was clearly most fastest car in top speed, but overall pace was not enough. Also repairing the car in mandatory pitstop did cost him a podium. 1XR could easily survive all 13 laps.

That's all! 4/4 finishers, as expected! Now highlights!

The start grid. No one was even close to UM21's pole position time, and starts from 1st place. That will change pretty soon as green comes out. 1LX is far superior on acceleration!

After Turn 1.

On first laps, racing was real! Battle between 2nd-4th. Sobis escaped already!

Video about it!

UM21 finally escapes from Jam 616's 1LX. Ironically, Jam was really a jam! Congratulations! You are now known simply as Mr.Jam!

And so he goes straight to pitlane as well. UM21 is first guy to make mandatory stop.

PopnLoch manages to overtake Jam. Suspension is dead.

At same time Leader is doing also pitstop, Jam is going to make pitstop as well at same lap.

Almost PopnLoch managed to lead one lap, close call.

Due the night @ Europe, pretty sure he is partially right. ( EUROBEAT INFESTATION! )


2 new guys managed to receive first points: Mr.Jam and PopnLoch.
Only four racers did involve to Round 34
Despite big gaps, all four cars were very equal to each other, at least on short races!
UM21 did hit pole and fastest lap, Sobis won the race and led every lap.
No !flip commands used.

Stats and points will be updated later ( When I am typing this, all of sudden I got task to do and I have to go off )

Thank you for participating this round! Next round will be on this week's Thursday @ 19:30 UTC. Cars and track absolutely random, selected number is 84, what it is? Stay tuned!
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MTDZXFOS R34 Q1.mpr - 655.1 KB - 153 views
While cars are only slightly faster, mastering the track might be more difficult!

EDIT: You might think how it would be more difficult? If you think it is easy, come and join to Round 35 and prove this argument as wrong!

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Kerkeen osallistua vain jos startti olis joskus 23:20-23:30 aikoihin Smile muute ei ehi
Quote from jh89 :Kerkeen osallistua vain jos startti olis joskus 23:20-23:30 aikoihin Smile muute ei ehi

too bad, cant make schedule to fit everyone. Simply impossible

EDIT: Oh yeah, forgot to mention that track and layout is now locked on the server. UFB is slightly faster, but can it keep all 17 laps?
Quote from UnknownMaster21 :too bad, cant make schedule to fit everyone. Simply impossible

EDIT: Oh yeah, forgot to mention that track and layout is now locked on the server. UFB is slightly faster, but can it keep all 17 laps?

I know i know, i wasn't asking to fit Smile but sometimes delays happens for various reasons and that's my only chance Big grin
1 minute before Q starts! join join join! ez pts!


Round 35 was the battle between UF-BR and TinyFBM. UF-BR won, but was not the fastest car on the track! Sobis once again hits the finish line first just before Rony. Started from pole and led every lap, it was piece of cake for him. Thanks to great bumpdrafting by Rony ( LFSW: Eclipsed ), the gap between 1st and 3rd position was more than 11 seconds, but due two TFB bumpdrafting, Sobis' UFB was not enough fast to gain fastest lap. Victory for him anyway, congratulations!

2nd place goes to Rony. His "moped" was placed perfectly behind UFB and the plan to overtake in last lap was alive! But no success there as plan was taken in action too late and Sobis has enough speed to take control and prevent overtaking. Who knows what could have been happen if decided to join to "TFB pack"!

3rd place goes to UM21. He took the bronze in last corner, just before PopnLochNessMonster and both drivers did hit fastest lap, which means one extra point. There is no way to tell however which car is faster if putting them on bumpdrafting, 2x UFB or 2x TFB, unless this track and cars comes again.

PopnLoch ( LFSW: PopnLochNessMonster ) didn't do any qualify but was "dragged" to the server by UM21 and finished 4th place. Betrayal is real mate.

And finally, the last TOP5 position goes to T. Soini. He got dropped off from every draft and all he could do is just finish the race. So he did but very far away from the lead.

6 drivers, 5 finishers. Let's see some highlights, in short fashion.

Start Grid, UFB was faster and overall faster car when driving solo. Drafting was allowed, but no one really abused this advantage.

Entering to Turn 2. ( Startgrid is on Turn 1. This layout is rare where Turn 1 is before the finish lane! )

First DNF happens by losing connection. Redbot ( LFSW: redbot_ ) still could not receive any points. Similar starting career like Jay had.

In this point, it was already clear lead will escape. UM21 has a plan which he believes.

Yes! Two TFB's are faster in bumpdrafting than UFB-TFB. But too slightly, difference is absolutely too big and the start of drafting had too big delay.

And here how's it done Rony, the overtake!


Strangely, there was some weird effect, where finish straight was slower than back straight. There was no wind active. There is absolutely no idea why this happens. Seems to happen in only this kind of layout in autocross environment.
It is possible to overtake UFB car and hit the finish line first with TFB or MRT, but cornering must be exact and UFB must not be in draft immediately.
The racetime was optimal.
No one did select MRT5 car, despite it's great acceleration and being faster in straights than TinyFBM.
PopnLoch hits first time fastest lap.

Stats and points being updated.

Thank you for participating this round!

NOW NOTICE: Due flat out! host being busy, starting in next week, round times will be on 15.00-16.00 UTC as on Tuesday and around 16.00 UTC as on Thursday. School in real life occurs, but there is STILL chance some of the race times will be later... or earlier! Who knows. Stay tuned!

Next round in next week's Tuesday!
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MTDZXFOS R35 Q1.mpr - 910.5 KB - 156 views
Because couple of requests received about track and cars, those are now loaded and locked on server.


Oh wow.... WHOAH!

We have seen this miracle before! First and only time it happened was in Round 4...


Gevin ( LFSW: Sandisck ) Started from pole, made fastest lap and won the race easily in Round 36. The closest threat for him was Sobis, who sadly had to DNF due internet connection lost, left to drive most likely alone. All he had to do, was to finish and win and that did happen! Great performance, earned victory! Well done!

2nd place goes to Jay from Finland ( LFSW: jh89 ). Selected same car as winner, ( FXO GTR ) and proved how fast this car can be, despite being slowest car from GTR class. Had a collision with Willi and even flipped the car on sideways, but no penalties or damages received.

Bronze takes Willi ( LFSW: Will.I.Am ). Selected XR GTR and had good potential to finish on podium. That did happen due Sobis' drop-off from the server and UM21's DNF.

4th and 5th position goes to [GRT]AkuLambat ( LFSW: akubosaan ) and T. Soini ( LFSW: teppari ) and 6th position goes to RedBot ( LFSW: redbot_ ), who finally managed to finish the race and showed what means when you do not give up... Well, you'll see the finish line of course! Although lost control on lap 1, which was most likely game over already, only 8 drivers did start, so finishing the race gives points no matter what!

Time for highlights. ( Shortly, this time! )

Start Grid ( And Start itself )

First tight turn.

Redbot drops off on between small bumps, but as you probably would think, it was time to finish no matter what. Respect!

Racing was tough between Willi and UM21...

...and with Jay, which causes collision. No penalties received though.

UM21 have got too much suspension damage, this happens:

Meanwhile, leader of the race have pitted, gap was never closer than this during round ( excluding first laps and Sobis )

UM21 is off...

Jay's close call! Almost ruined his race!


Despite FXR being slowest GTR car, it was fastest car in here!
Sandisck's first win, pole and fastest lap. Also grand slam!
RedBot finally finished!
The gap between 1st and 2nd on finish line was 2nd 3rd highest so far.
Willi hits back to first position on points standings.
RedBot did use 4 times !flip command, survives.
UM21 did use 3 times !flip command, retires.
FZ50 GTR is indeed a car which weakness is clumsy elevations and jumps.

Points and stats updated shortly, link added here now.

Thank you for participating this round! Next round is this week's thursday and will have a track, which have been done before! Car(s) will be random. Stay tuned! ( Number 69 was picked up by Gevin )

Pssst: Combo for next round is always picked up randomly, except winner's choice of track. This time it just happens to have layout which we have done before, but not revealed till tomorrow!
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Tadaa! Another Rolling start!

Layout here!
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Due being busy as school have started, I have could only put this combo on @ server. ( Sorry, see you @ track! )
As seen @ server, this round will definitely be GT4 Fest, sadly, but that is what it is!



Man... Drama never ends... or surprises!

Very first of all, it was first time of neither UM21 or Willi scored any amount of points due internet connection, but from different reasons. UM21 had some device and electricity issues about battery usage of mobile connection, as device's battery being old and refusing to hang online for not recharging enough fast. Ironically, the connection did last for whole race, so that would be an issue about USB connection usage, or other reason. Willi did DNF in last lap by his router "being ready for smashed to the wall."

Another surprise was how FXO GT4 was an OP car compared to two other GT4 cars. Ultimately all three cars were too powerful against UF GT4 and other optional available cars, despite UF4 having great top speed. That fact turned out as we only saw three different cars by 8 different racers.


He survived from first crash and managed to catch Sobis and escape from him! That was only possible for a reason as Gevin ( LFSW: Sandisck ) did drop off from the track in lap 2 and left Sobis alone, being beaten by Jay's ( LFSW: jh89 ) FXO GT4. Jay did start from pole and set fastest lap, but only led 5/7 laps. Sobis was "thief" and "stole" 2 remaining laps. However, great performance. You Won!

2nd place was taken by LLM.Sobis ( LFSW: Sobis ) and selected a car as XR GT4, but was no match alone against FX4. Easy "silver" earned, though.

3rd place goes to R. Kardol ( LFSW: Rik97 ). He did select FZ50 GT4 and saw it was too slow car. But because the first crash and Gevin's and Willi's DNF, it was absolutely great position for him and took 2nd time a podium. "Well met!"

4th place goes to Mr. Steady and 5th place goes to Arsk4, who manages to score points since Round 28. He also gained 10 second penalty, causing a collision. But because RedBot ( LFSW: redbot_ ) was 1 lap behind due dropping off the track and missed the finish line for finishing lap 1, no changes in final results.

Time for highlights:

The moment when GREEN appears ( and starting lap )

Video about the first crash

Gevin falls off and can't move enough. DNF.

Battle between Sobis and Jay starts...

...and ends!

It was very clear who has greatest chance to win and getting 2nd place. However, battle between 3rd and 7th were closing...

...until this happens... sadly.

The gallery was shocked!


First time neither UM21 or Willi received points.
Jay's 2nd win!
Jay did led 5 laps, Sobis 2 laps
Gevin did use 6 times !flip command, but no chance to get back. Car did not move.
RedBot did use twice !flip command and finished 2nd time a race, 6th place, which is best for him so far.
Cars were unbalanced... TOTALLY
First time same layout appears as been held before without any selections by "Winner chooses track from rounds X-X"
First time UM21 did not join to round. This means there is now no racer who could join every round.

Stats and points are updated!

Thank you for participating this round! Next round is next Tuesday, 15:45 UTC and will contain random car and layout. This time only 1 car will be used.

Stay tuned and see, will Willi get back to the victories? Will Sobis be able to catch the lead point standings? What chances other racers will see? Find out on Next Tuesday, when Round 38 will be set on a go!
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It is no more time to play some kiddie games! Show some speed!
( Jay did select number 77, it is this combo this time! )

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BL1Y_MTDZX_Glitched Flight.lyt - 12.3 KB - 143 views
Enjoy you'r nightmare Big grin I selected number and looks like i can't participate Big grin
lol! And on top of that, this layout will get an update due hidden tree found on middle of road. Fixing it and reuploading, so if you see this meesage and have dl'ed a layout before this reply, please download again once you have noticed this reply is edited.

EDIT: Layout is now edited.




Willi the "Mr. Flat Out!" took the victory in Round 38 after a disaster in Round 37 and showed how it is done in one of the most difficult layouts in MTDZX- Flat Out! Series! Despite he was not the fastest guy in track, racing with 1 ( or 2, depending how looking at it ) mistake(s) only to the finish line was sure enough. As only 6 racers did involve on Glitched Flight, half of them DNF and fastest guy ultimately made a critical mistake for losing victory. Double Points involved as well, it must be a pleasure for winner! Well Done!

2nd place goes to fastest guy in track, Sobis started from pole and made fastest lap, and was overall simply fastest, but not flawless, as drop-off in early moment of race took the victory away. Still a clear 2nd position.

AND 3RD POSITION Folks, goes to guy who had first five attempts as DNF and makes his way to the higher and higher. Congratulations to RedBot! Your first podium ever! Being even more steady than Mr. Steady, it was simply worth of it. Great going man!

So, only 3 guys did finish. Here is some highlights, this time no videos.

Start grid:

First jump and first turn one.

Actual racing was possible. Here is battle of the victory.

Then the series of problems starts. Sobis being the first guy.

Then it was UM21's turn. Too high jump and race is over by being stuck at the end. DNF

More trouble incoming. AkuLambat ( LFSW: akubosaan ) lost control and had to use !flip command. He even started to drive wrong way accidentally and was close to getting spectated by driving wrong way.

His race ultimately goes off and drops again. He also sets new record of most !flip commands used in one race: FOURTEEN TIMES! Arska, you are now saved!

Soini hitted pillar and flew away. Ultimately got stuck at awkward situation. Sadly he had to retire from the race.

Due others gone to DNF mode, Sobis eventually encloses Willi, but no chance. No closer than this.


It was 3rd round in row for UM21 for not setting single points.
Willi's 15th victory. Win since Round 30.
RedBot's first podium!
No one managed to make under two minute lap time.
akubosaan's 2nd retirement.
UM21, Willi and Sobis were the guys who had simply best chance to win, while others had only if all three would have gone from the race.
Sobis led 2 laps, UM21 1 lap and Willi rest of the laps.
AkuLambat sets new record of most !flip commands used in one race: 14!
Other guys had to use !flip as well: Sobis once, UM21 5 times and T. Soini three times.

STATS and POINTS will be updated later.

Thank you for participating this round. Next round will actually happen, on this week's thursday ( YAY! ). While car or cars being random, track will be selected which is no longer than 3km. Stay tuned!
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Because creator of the series will be absolutely away whole day in Wednesday ( tomorrow, ) the Round 39 will be announced right now. Here it is folks!

Due strange glitches by driving LX6 here, layout is now received an update. So if you have downloaded .lyt file BEFORE of this edit of post, please download again.

Changes: Although layout is now slightly smoother, the "holes" which did cause some weird movements by tire getting through the "hole" and causing to lose control, is now fixed and happens much, much less frequently. You will still have a chance to lose control due uneven and bumpy layout.
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An update of layout is now online in server.

MTDZX- Flat Out! Series! Season 2 ( CANCELLED! )
(346 posts, started )