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MTDZX- Flat Out! Series! Season 2 ( CANCELLED! )
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Just noticed it's 1h later, in my dinner time, not a lot of chance to be here infortunately.
I have pc problems so not able to compete... Frown
Quote from Kova. :Just noticed it's 1h later, in my dinner time, not a lot of chance to be here infortunately.

oh snap... and I have to make next round at same time, while last round will be pretty late at evening.
Awwww sad face :-(


"Fastest car is not always fastest here."

Indeed, except this time the phrase would be similar but "car" changed to "driver". That means in Round 49, Winner is 18th time, Will.I.Am! Slowest driver in track, but even more steady than Mr. Steady a.k.a. T. Soini. No more words needed, just look at it! Excellent driving... unsurprising even.

2nd place goes to T. Soini, who was left 1 lap behind but no real threat received for him, as rest of the drivers failed more or less, all requirements to just finish were met and so T. Soini finished as 2nd. 3rd place goes to LLM.Sobis who had somewhat long break of joining to round for finishing it since Round 40.

4th place goes to fastest guy at track with most miserable fails as well, UM21.

Highlights are here:

Start grid and start.

Turn 2.

First time hill is completed, Willi going at 2wheels in short moment.

Okay, have you ever seen anything like this? Check this out! The best highlight ever!!!!

UM21 is the first guy to perform pitstop.

After a while, Jay from Finland ( LFSW: jh89 ) goes too fast at Turn 2, flies away from corner and takes the wrong route, which is DNF... pity.

Hills section really made some difficulties. Here is UM21 version of it.

Willi is at this point already one lap ahead of UM21, which would automatically mean he is a lot faster than him. However, things are quite opposite and he ultimately gives some room to UM21, while keeping his own race pace.

Because several times Sobis and UM21 failed, they managed to gather racing together and Battle of 3rd position have started. Here is Sobis's version of 2 wheeling.

Ultimately all four remaining racers were gathered together. We will have again "deja vu!" by shouting the term as "four horsemen battle"!

Then, disaster happens! UM21 receives 30 second penalty.


Usually fastest guy in track finishes first and slowest last. This time the result is perfectly and amusingly opposite!
Willi led 36 laps, While UM21 and T.Soini led other 7 laps.
2nd time happened the gap between winner and second place is 1 lap.

Stats and points are updated.

While 2 rounds remaining, Willi is leading individual standings with 407 points, 22 points ahead of UM21. Those two guys will battle the Season 1 championships, although UM21 might take it up by having bonus points from after last round is set, such as most grand slams and pole position. However, most !flip commands used will also decrease some points, so the gap is not that big as would thought. 2 remaining rounds can change everything! T. Soini is at 3rd position and is pretty safe on that position as well with 299 points. Sobis is on 4th position with 216 points but too far away to reach podium, only two full grand slams would make a chance.

On teams section, French Street Racers have shortened the gap and are only 72 points away from Master Team Drivers Zero X-treme. Leader team has 497 points against FSR having 425 points. Sport Racing Team Finland is set at 3rd position with 301 points, 97 points ahead of Last Lap Motorsports.

Rest of remaining teams might or might not go furious battle of 5th position, as the gap between 5th position to 9th position is "only" 49 points.

Stay tuned, when we go back to Fastoric track, with road car selected randomly. Mr. Flat Out! wants to see one more time Round 1 track at Season 1, when we head to Round 50 on 13.10.2017 12.10.2017, at 17.00 UTC. Who will be victorious on last two remaining rounds, when final round will be an ultimate host's select of 1 hour race?
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Oops, today is indeed Friday and not Thrusday, os next round will be of course 12.10.2017, my bad.
"Best highlight ever".. so many people joined the 360-club Wink Big grin
Today is the day... Round 50! Only 17 hours and 39 minutes to go.

Combo is locked at server ( soon! )


"What an epic race!"

Indeed! Round 50, Winner's choice of track, random car, 10 laps with mandatory pitstop. Mr. Flat Out! made it again and took 19th time of Round victory! Won by 0,35 seconds, he did pitstop without fixing his car and managed to take all 10 laps without any fatal errors and forced UM21 to stay behind on last hairpin. Staggering performance. Well done!

2nd place taker was fastest guy at track in both sessions, but could not find a way to pass and so on he was left on silver. Fast racing pace was shown again, previously Rounds 1 and 41 he was also fastest guy, but only managed to win once at Round 41.

3rd place goes to RedBot ( LFSW: redbot_ ). This Indian flat outer had some good battling against Willi on midway session at race, but was slightly left by UM21 and Mr. Flat Out due tyre overheating and so having then less grip for cornering. 4th time on podium on career, not bad at all if looking from where he started and how first races have gone. Improvement has been drastically big one!

4th place goes to R. Kardol. Spun before last corner at middle of the race ruined his chance to win this round and was simply left out of the podium. However, he showed how racing goes with road car and was keeping UM21 behind several times. Who knows what it could have been if no spun would have happen?

5th place goes to T. Soini, 6th goes to Jay from Finland and 7th position goes to Sobis, who was cursed one at this round. 8 times !flip command used tells a bit up story for us: Bankings were not his side this time. Still finishing the race and it was first time he finished race at Top 10.

We had also 8th starter, but... well, 9397 ( LFSW: Lucaf ) failed on banked hairpin as well and it did seem to like he will enter back to the track, but in spectator view, he gave up, only not much to go. In other words: DNF with giving up.

We could have got 9th starter as well, but still Aab decided to not to race.

Highlights are coming in following order:

This is the finish picture. ( YEAAA ALRIGH'! )

This is a digital picture. ( Probably after Turn 1... Of course it is after Turn 1! )

We have first crasher in lap 1. It looks like this, race didn't end... yet!

Things did look like this after lap 1.

Here is some videos! Sobis lost control due watching other racer's tire condition, ultimately goes straight to pitlane.

Then, Rik versus UM21 battle begins. ( or, continues, depends your view. )

Here is the plausible moment where Rik ruins his chance for win.

After that incident, Rik, UM21 and RedBot, who had some battle against Willi, all three goes to pitstop at same lap!

RedBot didn't require repair his FZ50 X car, so he goes already with 1 second pitstop.

After those pitstops, meanwhile Sobis have done pitstop already and goes off at turn 1.

Look, same guy again! This time on Lap 8/10 and at other section.

What if Willi would have failed in that section? Would you imagine the result then?

As all racers excluding Willi have done pitstop, at lap 9, UM21 overtakes RedBot and is going to hunt Willi.

Situation at last lap turn 1. All racers have done mandatory stop.

Guess how he exactly end down there? DNF from here.

And the final moment where winner is settled!


3rd time Fastoric layout is used in these Series! Willi have won 2/3 and UM21 one.
Willi and Rik led the laps: 6-4.
This round was 2,49 seconds slower than Round 1.
Best race so far in overall!

Stats and points are updated. Also more things are updated.

Thank you for participating this round! Next and FINAL ROUND, the grand finale! Will happen on next week Thursday at somewhere 20:30 UTC and will contain double points, 1 hour race and UM21 SELECT!

UM21 SELECT! next week! More detailed info will be shown at News section! Stay tuned racers!
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Here it is! Qualification might clip slightly on GTi Thursday race, but Q is 30 minutes so it SHOULD NOT cause any troubles!

Thanks to Flame CZE for this amazing layout!

News Section
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Should I point about about 2 FZ3s in the poster? Uhmm
Little typo on fxo gt3 -> fz3 Wink
Quote from jh89 :Little typo on fxo gt3 -> fz3 Wink

Quote from Eclipsed :Should I point about about 2 FZ3s in the poster? Uhmm

Secret found! Eclipsed will receive small prize in some point. ( Because he was just 1 minute faster than Jay, sorry Jay Big grin )
Interesting finale, 99% sure to be here Tongue
Insim död or something on server?? Smile
Quote from jh89 :Insim död or something on server?? Smile

huh? hmmm...? I did not notice anything?
Short clip of last race start (apologies for poor cameraman). I never really had time to practice the layout, and in the race I tried to research new racing lines wich leaded to fatal crash. (Even my strategy was to race safe and gain some positions with mistake free race Big grin)
Today is the day my friends!!!

Track and cars are now locked at server.
20:15 UTC Big grin? So its 23:15 here in Estonia, but i`ll try to make it to last round Smile
I feel this round will be tense and exciting! Let's see if RAC can do all 90 laps! ( DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT ... )
Lovely time out Frown
Anyway was a boring race for me... All in the wrong direction :/

PS : The weirdest is to have the 2nd LFS still connected in RC server, meh.


The Grand Finale! 8 ( 9 ) Racers fighting for the last piece of Round Wins! This time it went to Gevin ( LFSW: Sandisck ), who had amazing setup attached to his XR GT3 and simply forced to escape from the others, leading 76 laps! His rival, Jay from Finland, was left behind when about 1/3 of the race was done. Only finishing the race was the goal for him. Well done! He almost failed his start as he somehow managed to start from behind at grid, having to pass others to get back to the 2nd place as ordered. No penalties received for him however. ( If it was Standing grid... lucky for him there was not! )

2nd place goes indeed to Jay from Finland ( LFSW: jh89 ). 17 second gap is telling how good setup Gevin had.

Now, ladies and gentleman, The 3rd position finisher, The Season 1 champion. A master of going very fast! The German speedster, with incredible 19 Round Victories with 2 Grand Slams...



Willi a.k.a. The champ confirmed his victory of Season 1 by finishing the last round in 3rd position. He was not required to be fastest man at track despite he even set fastest lap at race. All he need to do, was to keep UM21 behind. So he did as UM21's RAC car had unexpected suspension damage, forcing him to pit and was eventually finished on 6th place. That means Willi wins Season 1 by 612 points, 8 more than UM21. More detailed info about it and generally flat out! series! season 1 will be given later at some point!

Well done and nice podium!

Some more fresh things: Arska ( LFSW: Arsk4 ) was finished 4th. Last time he actually finished a race was Round 37, so it was about time! All four mentioned racers selected XR GT3.

5th position goes to RedBot_ ( LFSW: redbot_ ) who took the final chance to get pole position. Had good draft with Gevin in qualify, but FXO GT3, as he selected, was simply not fast enough, leaving him to receive final place in Top 5. Not bad however!

6th place goes to UM21, who selected RaceAbout 06 car had suffered suspension damage. RAC is the one famous car and least wanted generally, but on short races, it's pace speed goes on par with XR GT3. However, there was strategy play going huge, as driving RAC alone in Flame's Banked, it consumes 1,3% fuel per lap, forcing to make refill the tank anyway, unless driven with some draft by other racers. That strategy play was going kinda well, but ended by required pitstop anyway.

7th place goes to [MRc] Michal ( LFSW: michal 1279 ), who had engine problem, which occurred on somewhere first laps, having only top speed 20km/h less than the others. That explains why 3 laps behind finished.

FSR System. ( LFSW: Kova. ) was retired from the race by connection problem and =36= J a t i ( LFSW: Jatimc ) was kicked from the server by his actions.

Here is some highlights, pics only:

Moment when race starts:

Despite being an expert on oval, his skills of reading/listening rules are not on his side. Ultimately kicked from the server.

First laps had some good battling:

Uh oh... Arska is having collision against "FSR boy"...

...he nearly ROLLED the car...!

...but luckily neither of them had to crash or retire at this point!

Situation @ Lap 16. UM21 and Willi have got the lead by bumpdrafting, but suddenly UM21 drops off.

Because fuel consumption, UM21 had to find some buddies to have some draft, so be did back down.

Even Willi was dropped off from the lead pack. These two guys will fight for the win!

Meanwhile, the "back pack" is broken down and Arska with UM21 escapes from the others, attempting to catch Willi.

RAC was slippery and dangerous car to make some bumpdraft due road tyres. Ultimately it was suspension which wont last more than 45 laps.

It was easy overtake. Michal had engine problems as mentioned. Drafting was out of question.


Longest race ever.
FZ50 GT3 and XF GTR were the cars which were not selected.
RedBot's first pole position.
The race was intense at first laps, but quickly went going separated, where everyone was going different speed and pace. This was quite unexpected, as races held in this layout have always been tight and even tigher!

Stats and points are updated!

Thank you for participating this last round. Next roun... oh yeah, there is no more anymore, hehe! I will give some more detailed info about everything included of these series! It will take some time, but as always, stay tuned!
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Great season! Thanks for the races you made um21 Smile Great job! And thanks for the one's who i have raced against Big grin Good races.

MTDZX- Flat Out! Series! Season 2 ( CANCELLED! )
(346 posts, started )