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MTDZX- Flat Out! Series! Season 2 ( CANCELLED! )
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I think it´s not bug at all. In replay it could see to happen like that but in real race suspension (and car´s behaviour) can´t become better without repairing it.
That has something to do with network lag/delay/ping/whatever - your client receives slightly different car data (position,heading,speed etc) from the one that actually are. This causes that in your client the impact on some bump is slightly harder,hard enough to break damper,that's why it's shown on your client,that damper on other car is broken. Seems like the data like suspension status and tyre temperature are updated not so often as position data,that's why the delayed correction. Same situation can be other way round - on your client seems like the impact hasn't been that hard and damper is still in tact,while you see car having weird laggy movement - that's because your client still draws physics of the car with damper in tact,while has position updates from car with broken damper.
And in exactly same way it's recorded in mpr file - if you would get mpr from the driver with suspension damage,you'll see his car act rather normally,as the update to suspension status has been made without any lag.

I hope you got the idea - it's late,I should go to sleep... Big grin
Such a disappointment, crashed because I forget about tight section while looking for slipstream, and fell off with driver ahead of me on lap 1. On a race that supposed to be mine :<



It was stated before the Q that this round will be dramatic! Atmosphere were already excited and climax did hit on every lap! It was Rony from Race Green Autosports, who managed to take the top! First win and four laps led with fastest lap will give 11 more series points! Congratulations!

And we have a new name for Arska! Despite his number on MTDZX- as #1, it should be changed as 2, as he was once again 2nd. Still no victories, but steady podium will receive 8 points! Good job Mr. Two!

Last podium place takes Sobis from Last Lap Motorsports. Had a crash in lap 1, was the only one who made a pitstop, which was not mandatory, but managed to finish 3rd!

And 4th place we have Mr. Flat Out! (Will.I.Am) and 5th place we have Mr. Steady (teppari) ( Big grinBig grinBig grin)

1st. Mr. Green | 2nd. Mr. Two | 3rd. Mr. Grand Slam | 4th. Mr. Flat Out! | 5th. Mr. Steady

Now you think where is the Mr. Butthole? Well, he had problem with suspension on last lap and grass stuck his car completely. TIME FOR HIGHLIGHTS!!!

Here is start grid!

After T3 the situation did look like this... but what comes next...?

...OH NO! Fordern followed k_badam's path which causes both going to drop to the oblivion and no finish line is never seen for them! Adam went so much oblivion that it was almost instant "Rage Quit". No single speed is given!

AdiX, the first timer, did impress us big time on qualify, but a bit too greedy attempt and no downforce due being behind of Rony, forces him to DNF!

If two wheeling does not impress you, then let's do it on while on air...

Rik went a bit too fast, tapping Derokh's FO8 a bit ---> forces him to visit on grass. ( Arska is on sliding to corner )

The moment when Sobis breaks his car, forcing him to do a pitstop

Formula twin drift... almost!

Many racers attempted to drift in some point. Derohk was the unlucky. This drift ends off the track. DNF.

Lap 4. T. Soini Mimics tree! ( He is the newest member of treehugger's club, Rony!)

Lap 5, T1. No idea what happened, but Rik flies off the track, ultimately gets stuck on grass! DNF.

UM21's turn. Suspension could not last longer. Goes on drift, flips the car, gets stuck on the grass... the end!

Experimental data from Lap 1, how few racers did took the hump after dropper. ( Pic is hard to read... )


Laps led: Rony: 4, UM21 1
Most qualifiers so far: 10
Most startes so far: 11
6 racers retired, 2 of them flipped with !flip command.
T. Soini was the only finisher who had to !flip after a tree mimic.
There were some clear differences on setups.
There was chance to have start grid twice a bigger! Obviously they saw this combo was too hard for them. And why not, only under 50% of start grid finished.
Track is not really hard, it is "illuminati" due the FO8.

Points and stats are updated!!!

Thank you for all participants! Race was tough, but you did well! Racing in overall was "green"! Stay tuned for Round 7, which will be on next thursday on 19.00 UTC. Track is already decided, cars, are completely random! Check on this thread occassionally, you'll find it out!
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MTDZXFOS R6 Q1.mpr - 2.7 MB - 269 views
Wasn't online but the race report was quite fun to read Big grin
Yeah, the reports are great. Big grin
I am pleased you find reports to be interesting reads... here is my answer!

Psst... Rony, no mocks about flat out! Instead of insults, please go for another win!!!

EDIT: Please, read carefully the information, format is changed a bit, so you do not get any misses to understand Smile
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AS2Y_MTDZX_k_badam's Pass.lyt - 16.3 KB - 467 views
Two suggestions about having the actual combination already locked for upcoming event...

...if server is not busy, I will lock the combo on tuesday in some point
I have a track named after me? oh god...
Quote from k_badam :I have a track named after me? oh god...

Usually people gets one for specific reasons, and there is more incoming...

But being honest, all you do on our server is:

1. Start nagging about how boring is to drive in slow cars.
2. When fast cars are on, you never show up.
3. If it happens to have a situation, where you appear to server while fast cars, you pick up theoretically the fastest one.
4. When you enter possibly very high-level class car, which top speed is 300km/h or more, you most likely crash and drop to the void on T1.
- What happens next? You Leave... like RQ
5. You have some kind of issues against me on lately. Complains are noticed by people.
6. This layout is specifically made for you. It contains braking zones, and non-flat section, and yet it is still very fast. If you still happen to shout out everytime about how boring this is. I might consider having a block on this one due the having issues against this, having bad driving on this ( thats why we people are here, we train and practice ) and... yeah... I think you might get it.

So the problem is not me, but you

EDIT: psst... the layout has been there from last year... not my fault if you have never recognized it Tongue


If Round 6 did offer some dramatic moments, Round 7 was clearly similar! Qualify made it clearly the odds of favorite winner. UM21 versus Willi was the battle of the victory, while the last podium was indirectly set for anyone else.

... But of course! It was Willi ( Will.I.Am ) once again who took the 1st place in Round 7! His selection from the available cars was FZ50 X, which did proof it is the one good car to challenge the TBO class in any high-speed track! Started from position two, had some few interesting times during race against MTDZX- guys, but no one... No one could stop him for going another victory. Steady and good race. Congratulations!

2nd place finished was the fastest man in a track. UM21's selection was RaceAbout X, which indeed was not bad car either in k_badam's Pass. But because few mistakes and one "roll time" were a true fact of happening, no better place as 2nd. Howver, Pole Position and Fastest lap, three extra points for there!

And the bronze is taken by Sobis! Had "an angelic" movement on lap 1, went too fast on sharp hump and suspension were malfunctioning for real. Reason for calling this movement as somewhat holy is simply he would had otherwise forgot to make a mandatory pitstop. Despite having a mandatory pitstop as onöy required for most racers, Sobis had a very good reason to have a one, to fix his car to get back in business! Fastest XR GT Turbo finished 3rd!

4th place is taken Eclipsed. He was also the only LX4 driver on race. And 5th place is taken by Arska with his XRT. Both drivers had some moments getting flipped or crashed. Still in Top5!

Race was in overall interesting. So are highlights as well! Here is some highlights!!!

The start grid did look like this!

Lap 1, after Turns and 1 and 2 ( The S-turn )

We did survive to turn 4 perfectly, excluding minor wall touches... Then it starts to happen! Here is the moment how Sobis indirectly saved himself from getting DQ! Look that amazing air he achieved!

Same moment but before "An angelic hump". Jay underestimated the power of forces in terms of physics!

Lap 2, the final hump section:

The gap between two drivers was big enough, but not much at this time.

EmKa #13, the first timer, involved 2 bad indicents... These two crashes gives 45 second penalty. It was close call he did not get an actual DQ, After spin-ups and crashes, tried to turn his car to right direction... results however was unacceptable in terms of clean racing. Better not to get involved next time, an unofficial warning is received.

Had a moment for acting a turtle in upsidedown

Obviously he could not have taken a victory, so let's try to get some stunt points! No?
Moment when Willi is ensuring his victory. UM21 was actually catching him up technically after this indicent, but suspension damage in last 2 laps caused to lose the fish.

Because no trees were involved, let's have a Rony's Crash Out! instead! Smile

Uh-oh... At least great white wall prevents you dropping out to the void.


Willi has taken four wins in seven races.
This race was the longest one what we had: 34 minutes 45,63 seconds.
!flip command were used twice, both once by Rony ( Eclipsed ) and EmKa #13 ( EMILS{LV} ).
Sobis would have probably gone for DQ if no indicent wouldn't had happen in lap 1.
EmKa #13 is the 2nd driver achieving penalty.
Arska managed to lead 1 lap, while most laps led 14 by UM21 and 7 by Will.I.Am.
Despite 6 cars were available, only 5 cars were officially used. FXO Turbo was not registered as usage.
RB4 GT and XR GT Turbo were the most favorite cars.
MayT ( x-power756 ) were too late to join the race.
Bose321 did appear again!
9/9 racers finished. Most finishers so far!
World Class Lions is the newest team to gain points.

After 7 rounds, Willi is leading in points standings with 60 points. 2nd is Arska, 9 behind of leader, 3rd ones is UM21, 1 behind of Arska, so 10 behind of Willi. 4th place is taken now Sobis, who overtook T. Soini in standings, as standing now on 5th.

On team standings, gaps are interesting in POS 2-5!

Thank you for all participants! Race did hold some bad movements but also good movements... and one angelic movement! However, in overall, race is 9/9! Next race will be random but it will be only one car, which is not used before! Track difficulty will be easy. Stay tuned!!!
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MTDZXFOS R7 Q1.mpr - 2.2 MB - 247 views
When's the next one Big grin
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Thank you for not forcing us to do unnecessary pit stops.
Quote from Sobis :Thank you for not forcing us to do unnecessary pit stops.

every 2nd round has forced pitstop, but that only affects on normal races, at least for now.
Track and car is locked on server, feel free to try it out Smile

EDIT: WOW! there is no layout? oops! sorry guys!

EDIT2: now added
19 min before q starts!!! not all from top 6 is able to join. get some results!



It is always the same thing in this series: DRAMA. That was the thing which did involve everybody in this race, except T. Soini due the being more steady than our moon's place in our universe, because it changes it's position more often, nevertheless he got once again in top5 finish! let the VROOM be with you Mr. Steady! Smile

But because this is flat out, and indeed this was 100% flat out! The biggest chance for going to win Round 8 was involved five racers. Ultimately the winner was Rony from Race Green Autosports! With only 0.06 second margin against Mr. Flat Out! He led 12/16 laps, got an excellent start and had great time to plan possible movements, if any chance he was thinking to use 'em ( with required motorsport code ofc! ) Congratulations!

So, 2nd place took Will.I.Am, and 3rd place is taken by UM21.

4th place is taken T. Soini. His original race pace did bring some points once again! Nice work!
And 5th place is taken by absolutely freaking Mr. Illuminati, because there is no 5th place finisher... why? It is time to find out in our VROOMLIGHTS!

So this is the boring look of start grid

Now the things starts to look more interesting...

...because we have already 1st crasher here!

Another cool scenery

I would like to say, no idea. But instead of "no idea", I select "VROOOOM!" Adam, please next time finish the race man! There was even another fast car for you! Frown

Here is another vroom! valentin ( valiugera ) misreads the track path

While Rony was leading the race, POS 2-5 was tough fight, until amen1 gets dropped from the party

It was Sobis's turn to drop off too!

The situation did look like this after Willi and UM21 managed to catch Rony from lead

Then we have this situation, which causes UM21 to drop himself to the voi... well, he drops nowhere, anything else than from the lead.

On last lap, it was looking sure now POS1-2 will be Rony and Willi or viceversa. Same thing happens on POS3-4 on between these guys... right? no...

The crash on here is odd, both are off due the getting spectated by IDLING because insim bug or something. But realistically, they were not driving anywhere for while so... SOLD!

Arska did not join due the being busy
Sobis managed barely to join for the q and r because personal problems with his car and batteries.
Speaking of batteries, Jay had to retire due the connection problems of with controller.
Only 4 guys did survive from this easy layout
Second race which had under one second finish between position 1 and 2 ( or more )
3rd fastest race in total racetime this far.
Race held three different lap leaders: Rony 12 | Willi 3 | UM21 1
You have to watch race replay to find out more than reading only trivia.

Stats are updated.

Thank you for all participants. I hope you did enjoy the race, regardless of finished it or not. At least some people managed to have good spectating moments to the very end. Let the vrooom be with you guys!

Next race will hold slow cars, track is random. Next race will be on tuesday 15:45 UTC. See you there then! Smile
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MTDZXFOS R8 Q1.mpr - 1.5 MB - 240 views
Track and cars are now locked in server. 5½ hours to go before Q starts


Round 9 on Right-Left layout did offer several laps with INTENSE battles on positions 1-2 and 3-4. This was ultimately best round for having most overtakes in track, which was not counted. Only four flat outters did finish the race. Dramatic and some familiar moments as well. Replay of the race will give some vibes of how close racing can close racing be!

Anyway, it was finally "Mr. Two's" turn ton take the victory! Arska from Master Team Drivers Zero X-treme, managed to keep his XG car on track all 14 laps, with accepted pitstop and finished the race by 1,04 seconds margin before the first timer, [GRT]AkuLambat ( akubosaan ). This means we had nearly whole podium extraordinary! Bronze takes T. Soini with very, very familiar drivestyle and 4th place is taken by UM21, who had indicent against Arska's racing line. No penalties were given though.

Time for highlights!

Start grid. 7-wide!

After T3

And we have first crasher on 2nd tarmac section, but no DNF. Jay (jh89) slightly hits the grass and control is lost.

ALI_DK is the first guy to take DNF by this drop.

Battling were intense. This is the moment where Willi was still chance to have an attack against MTDZX- guys...

...but drops back to against akubosaan due the keyboard problems ( Will.I.Am drives with keyboard )

T.Soini is the first guy to make mandatory pitstop. Calculated braking zone for sure he managed to pull off.

Willi, the Mr. Flat Out, is off the track! He attempted several times to get back on track, but decided on final -> DNF.

Jay drops off the track due the problems of... Windows...

Only race where UM21 had no incidents were Uiop's Pass. This fact did not change due the Arska's decided race line.


It was a bit over 3,5 seconds longer race than longest one before so far
Arska finally won
Willi had 1st time DNF
UM21 led the most laps: 8
Cars were perfectly balanced.
akubosaan, the first timer, managed to finish the race and take 8 points on invidual series, but not for his team, because his team in lfsworld says n/a. Team points are based on LFSWorld as it says there so. It is not possible to change or join the team when statistics are first time added on board. This is simply due multi-team option is not allowed, preventing to have possible, unsportmanship benefits on team points, as possible rewards to receive.
T. Soini is the only racer, who has finished 9 times in 9 rounds.
Jay ( jh89 ) is the guy for having most retirements so far: 4

On individual series points TOP6:
Will.I.Am = 68
UnknownMaster21 = 65
Arsk4 = 63
teppari = 45
Sobis = 41
Eclipsed = 41

Thank you for all participants! As said, Winner has option to choose the track to next round from rounds 1-9. He did select D´er II, the favorite track for 9397 ( Lucaf ). The car for this track will be...

...revealed tomorrow. Stay tuned! 02.03.2017 - 19.00 UTC ( Thursday, ofc ) will be next race! That race will surely test your skills!
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What a pity I'm at work during that event. Looks like I also missed previous one. Fun race reports, can't wait to see some MTDZX-comics series some day Smile

MTDZX- Flat Out! Series! Season 2 ( CANCELLED! )
(346 posts, started )