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MTDZX- Flat Out! Series! Season 2 ( CANCELLED! )
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I have got two suggestions about having double points on this round...

...sorry to say, but denied.

Despite having XFR on layout which contains grass, it does not make combo enough hard to receive double points due the layout is 99,2% inside safety walls.

It is illusion driving XFR on grass, only braking points and racing line differs.

If track is completely on rally, having FOX or higher slick car, excluding FXO GTR, will receive double points.

Combo is now locked! tonight is the race of Round 10! ( and Qualify too! )
4 minutes before Q starts! not many people here! get some positions!


There is no excuses! Round 10, 2nd time in D´er II and we have same winner! The ultimate! The undoubted flat outter and now as grand slammer as well...


... FLAT OUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT Have done history in Flat Out! Series! 5th win in career! now also as grand slam - titled, he took the victory by biggest margin so far: 29,45 second gap finish! The race itself was difficult, even Willi, who was very overwhelming on track, had some issues to keep his XFR on track, but no one was match for his speed. Excellent performance! Congratulations! 15 points, have fun Smile

As mentioned, 29,45 seconds behind was Arska, who is once again placed 2nd in finish. Nicely driven and very lucky moments as well.

3rd place is taken by UM21 and 4th place, once again, is taken by T.Soini!

We have this time 5th place finisher, Sobis, but because InSim got trolling once again, it decided to spectate Sobis on last lap due idling, even he was not idling. He can keep 5th position as counted as finish as he was actually driving to the finish line.

Well, there is one warning received! This warning is given to Willi, by changing his car's texture ( skin ) during round, he had different skin on qualify than on race. But because this was not officially pointed out, he can keep his victory.

Remember, always keep same car and skin unless told otherwise!

Time for highlights!

Start grid

After T1

Race was tight in first laps, but Willi could lead every lap, barely though. UM21 was giving big pressure. See the data on minimap on lap 5

This is the conclusion where Willi escapes to the beyond! UM21 hits the wall due the suspension malfunction. Setup was too sensitive.

Arska have found secret passage!

MTDZX- has style for doing an odd pitstop, except Arska missed the pitbox in first place. Slippery grass is slippery.

Sobis had few moments to flip his car, this is the very first one. But landed on wheels.

Arska had same thing on different spot.

Even the overwhelming Willi, had a visit to the forest!

Now you see Sobis...

...and now, you do not! InSim failure. Sorry mate! Frown


Willi is the first guy having victory twice in same track
T. Soini was the only guy who did not perform the pitstop, simply by not need.
UM21 had to pit twice, maybe one was for T. Soini
Only once !flip command used: Sobis had to do it
It was 22,28 seconds longer in total time than earlier round in D´er II
Willi has won 50% of the rounds
Arska has 50% 2nd POS finishes of the rounds
T. Soini has 50% 4th POS finishes of the rounds
14 racers have gained points so far, 27 racers have participated officially at least once. 51,9% of the racers have gained points.
Only 5 racers joined, all of them finished, technically.

More info on LFS News!

Thanks for Top 5 who participated on Round 10! Stay tuned for Round 11, which might be extraordinary as well. Stats and replays are loaded and updated!
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Car and track is now locked in server
It has turn out that today's combo will be absolutely interesting due the able to draft on walls side-by-side and very, very hard entry and exit variations of little circle, not mentioning about the mandatory pitstop too!
EDIT: yes, you can stick up with wall on certain specific setup!

EDIT: Sorry for having black background, I forgot there was one racer using black color on nick name! my bad!




Of course! Round after round, it did turn as well as same! Round 11 did offer absolutely dramatic moments on this mayhem! Even though Arska managed to cross the finish line as first, 10 second penalty due the causing a collision against Willi causes him to lose the victory to "Mr. Flat Out!", who is absolutely devastating, blazing soul roaming on fast circuits, he hungers for wins, he fights for wins! Although there was chance for the guys from Far East to challenge Willi, with assist of UM21, but no, they all went to the oblivion! DNF for them... well, respect for MicroSpecV ( in-game name as AOR Nova ) to get back on track and actually finishing the race, though race for the victory ended.

3rd place is taken by T. Soini, with his original but effective race pace technically. 4th place is taken by AOR Nova. 5th place is taken by no-one!

Time for highlights, in compact mode!

The start grid did look like this!

It was hectic driving for first 2 laps!

Rik97 "decides" to drive here!

UM21, who actually had theoretical chance to challenge Willi as well, setup did work "too good" and insane sudden oversteer causes to DNF, taking himself and akubosaan. Bad luck!

AOR Nova had issue to almost DNF as his mouse malfunctioned for a second, luckily he ended to get under the track and getting back with !flip command. Luckily "pitlane" is close!

The moment where Arska gains 10 second penalty, judge says he could have seen it easily! He forces Willi to drive additional mini-loop.

Willi had one more issue after collision with Arska. This time he collides to armco, by himself!

Moment, when Speed Senna's race is over. There was not many laps to go. DNF.


Closest race in this round for optimal 30 minutes: 30 minutes and 17,87 seconds as total time.
Speed Senna led first laps ever.
Racers had some troubles to repair damages on pitlane. Next time check you have "Repair Damages: YES"
While going faster as enclosing to finish line, suspensions took bigger damages due the harsh entry and exit from mini-loop.
First time there was only 10 minute qualifying.
It is recommended to check replay both qualify and race. MicroSpecV almost managed to make pole position by dramatic join!

As 11 rounds are completed, Willi leads the series by 96 points. 2nd place is now Arska by 79 points, 6 ahead from UM21. T. Soini is escaping from Rony and Sobis and Microspec V is tied with fordern on 7th position, both having 9 points!

on teams sections, gaps are increasing further!

Thank you for all participants! Next combo will be random, but will have Double race! More info as soon as possible. Also rulebook and other requirements and other things will be updated, as well as topic will get updated! Stay tuned!
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MTDZXFOS R11 Q1.mpr - 965.9 KB - 178 views
Barely saved it! Rofl
@um still have no idea how I nailed the start Tongue
I noticed nothing hehe
I did ask a random number, akubosaan did select 22. 22 is this one!

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Specific car and layout is now locked on server. Welcome to practice!, though ironically you would do 50% of the race already by joining to practice races lol
UF1 and a 16km per lap track..
Not being questionable here but wouldn't at least a UFR be more... realistic? Tongue
Would be a bore if we have a small start grid and a spread out field - I'd crash my UF1 off just to end it
Quote from MicroSpecV :UF1 and a 16km per lap track..
Not being questionable here but wouldn't at least a UFR be more... realistic? Tongue
Would be a bore if we have a small start grid and a spread out field - I'd crash my UF1 off just to end it

Well, people have asked me indeed that isn't UF1 is too slow on here?

Sure it is, I commonly select next combo randomly, with having one specific, fixed selection. However, despite track is very long, it is actually not THAT boring what people would think. In earlier racing activity, when there were not even InSim, not even the whole series or whole server ( server had different name ), we had some UFR with 45% air-intake restriction. That would have suited perfectly, because several tight spots on cornering, many U-turns. But every time gaps were small. I think we are going to get close racing once again!

It will also get very interesting, if setups varies drastically, especially if some sets are built for cornering and some sets are built for pure top speed. We'll see!

But, if we just get 10 or more people to this round and no accidents happen, we will do fine! It is always good to suggest and ask anything what comes up in your mind, after all, this is supposed to be fun-based but speed-themed racing, with extreme spices and full throttle sections as salt!
25 minutes to go! Join for the "adventure!"

Race 1

Race 2

Total, final results

Despite this round did only offer 7 different racers as total and gaps did increase between racers progressively, which means there was not that much close racing, excluding first laps, it was overall kinda fun to drive. This fact did prove on qualify, where T. Soini and akubosaan drove 4 complete laps, same amount as what in race had! Overall, not bad!

This was first time round did held double race. Winner of Round 12 and 25 more points is given to Willi! Although not fastest man in the track, luck was on his side this time as rivals either failed, or simply could not catch him or being faster when looking on final results! Congratulations!

2nd place is taken by UM21, as rules in double race says that winner of any race from two has an option to get at least 2nd place in results. That really paid off on Race 1. Could have been winner of Race 2, but controller issues took the win away, and also having serious threat to prevent to join next rounds till new controller is obtained.

3rd place is taken by Mr. Steady! T. Soini, which holds similar fortune compared to Willi, have once again finished round for getting official result in standings! Finishing 2 of 2 races, 3rd place is yours Soini!

We have also results for 4th and 5th places! Both had only 1 race, but that is enough for these positions! Lambat ( akubosaan ) had very safe gap to eZa in overall standings, so he takes the 4th position and 5th is taken by eZa!

Here is some highlights, this time not so many, as race was in overall not that exciting. The excitement lies on the driving itself of this combo!

Start grid of Race 1

Situation after first hard corner

First DNF is given to Rzonda, simply driving too close of the edge, and no !flip command helps to get back in track!

akubosaan was this close to catch Willi, one more lap and positions could have switched!

Now to race 2. Here is standing grid!

First hard corner is taken!

2nd "DNF guy" is EMILS{LV}. Exactly same issue as Rzonda had on race 1. Only difference is that this happened on corner!

Moment where UM21 loses the victory. Controller issues with bizarre throttling ( and also braking afterward watched on replay, but never noticed due the extreme setup and concrete, which simply offers less grip. ) At least 2nd POS is already ensured!


UM21 used !flip command 8 times, Rzonda used twice. Ironically, UM21 survived and managed to finish 2nd race.
First double race ever held
First race was 5,8 seconds faster compared to 2nd race.
Despite 2nd race was slower, some racers had actually faster pace than 1st one. This is simply because there were time to edit and update the setup to get faster.
Although not much racers participated, combo was surprisingly fun. Maybe because not 100% full throttle map and driving was more like relaxing mode, yet there were serious battling on first laps.
Race could have been boring to watch, but fun to race!

Statistics and points are updated!

Thank you for all racers who participated! Despite DNF or not, at least you joined! Next round will be on next thursday, this time, fast car, or fast cars are granted! Track will be also full throttle! But what it is? Stay tuned!

EDIT: Total race has little error, but results are correct!
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MTDZXFOS R12 Q1.mpr - 899.1 KB - 174 views
Race reports get better and better. Really enjoyed to read and laugh for round #11 report and pics.
This round will use rolling start, please read on sheet how rolling start works!

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AS5Y_MTDZX_Circle O Death.lyt - 6.3 KB - 159 views
I'm already looking forward to the report for that race and predict less than 3 finishers. Big grin
Quote from zeugnimod :I'm already looking forward to the report for that race and predict less than 3 finishers. Big grin

What are requirements to get you to participate on this series?
I'm afraid it's just not my kind of racing, sorry. I prefer braking from time to time. Big grin And I hate bumpdrafting since I use chase view and it distracts me. And bumpdrafting is probably used a lot here.

I'm not saying I will never participate, though. Tongue
Quote from zeugnimod :I'm afraid it's just not my kind of racing, sorry. I prefer braking from time to time. Big grin And I hate bumpdrafting since I use chase view and it distracts me. And bumpdrafting is probably used a lot here.

I'm not saying I will never participate, though. Tongue

Then you have missed completely two rounds if looking kind of that ( but still very fast rounds ) Big grin

There is alternative way to gain draft than bumping though, hmmmm.... hmmmmmmmmm... there isn't layout at all to suit your taste... perfectly I mean... hm, dead end.
Persuading fail. Tongue

But as I said, I'm not ruling out participating completely. Big grin
Of course not, you still probably read race reports! hah! 20 hours and 6 minutes to go before Round 13 starts! The combination is locked on the server ( well, immediately going to be put on once I have posted this reply! )
Quote from zeugnimod :I'm already looking forward to the report for that race and predict less than 3 finishers. Big grin

Failed look is failed my friend!



Round 13. 30 laps of "DIRCLE" did cause some illusions after the race, as like we were gone on trippin'...

...once you see the results, it will be YOU, who will go for that round, as this round's winner was once again, nearly undefeatable, Will.I.Am! 8th win on his series career and also set fastest lap and pole position! First 5 laps however did offer some tactical racing, as Jay (jh89) managed to fight back against Willi, until he dropped his front-left wheel off the track and causes him to lose some speed, Willi, meanwhile driving circles on "relaxed" mode! However, Jay manages to take his 1st podium place, finished on 2nd.

3rd Position is taken by UM21, who was clearly the most one gone for using calculated tactics. Unfortunately, it did not pay off. BF3 was too strong and there was no good assist to make GTR to fight the lead. However, if there had been tripled amount of laps, GTR cars would high-likely taken the victory, due the fuel and tire usage, it differs between formula cars and gtr cars a lot!

4th place is taken by T. Soini with Formula Indy Light car and 5th place is taken by Arska, who was 11 laps behind. Crashed by VepiX and UM21 once. ( UM21 tried to bumpdraft with his teammate to gain the lead, but setup was not working properly anymore, due the tires were hot and steering was unstable, setup itself however, proved it was getting faster and faster, very slowly though. ) He also set record on !flips command. Never used before on round. He now used NINE TIMES during race!


NINE TIMES AT RACE MAN! Dear race report readers! If you want to go trippin', bring Arska with you. I'm sure he seems to be able to do it without any freaking vodka bottles... or any!

Arska, if you next time set new record of most flips used during race, I will call some help to you man, those !flips commands usage is sick. Better to have more time spend with Mr.Steady, although he also have had to use it ( He was also the very first guy to have !flip. )
Feels flipman.

Anyway, time for some highlights, this time not so many, because if you are able to draw circle, you do not need some models to improve your drawing skills, as in these pictures would probably benefit to have so.

Here is the moment, when GREEN appears! Things look so good at this moment, because no one managed to crash before actual race starts!

Here is some trippin' guys!

Nick tried to travel on air, unfortunately, we do not have planes to fly to the offset. Instead of the holy route, he ultimately hits.... WALL!

Nick hits on wall on layout, where there are no walls. ( Please check replay, no joke! )

And finally, this happens on lap 5. Jay drops the wheels and Willi escapes to the victory!

Tripping Trivia Time

Arska is the new !flip record holder: 9
Racepace was somewhat same as Qualify pace
Zeug thought wrong of this race report
Willi is too strong
Jay manages to get his 1st podium!
It was first round, where rolling start was held!
There were great potential to use racing tactics, but due the failures, no one needed to have some, except Arska, but he failed as well! ( Still he managed to finish the actual race! )
Willi led 22 laps, Jay did 8
T. Soini was too far when race started and technically if looking afterwards in overall, he lost chance to win the race on that point, if not counting the moments with other GTR drivers.

Stats are FIXED and updated, as well as standings!

Thank you for participates! Next round will held on Thursday, this time on 19:05 UTC, with ROAD CAR and mandatory pitstop, but this time, track will be preselected or COMPLETELY random. If you want to scramble the deck, the first guy who posts a reply, which contains any number from 1-87 will have power to select random combo ( but no one really knows what it is ), This offer lasts for 2 days, if no one shouts the number from 1-87, then layout and car will be preselected by default plan by UM21, which will be average in overall compared to every track and car, in every statistics, but being as road car, with mandatory pitstop.
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MTDZX- Flat Out! Series! Season 2 ( CANCELLED! )
(346 posts, started )