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Quote from dekojester :NDR will host an S3 voucher event, provisionally scheduled for January 2nd, 2016.

In calendar it shows on Sunday, 3rd.. On that sunday is already two events, so saturday would work much better. Smile
in my opinion is very bad and good s3 come out just with one track.
-the good way is we (LFS USERS) know what happen here around free updates etc... and we want buy it to see more S3 content in future.
-the bad way is this update in eyes from people driving first time LFS , i dont think new drivers pay 17euros just for one track ,especially in LFS.

i go buy it in 2 or 3 days anyway
i love LFS , thank you for new track.
Quote from Gutholz :In calendar it shows on Sunday, 3rd.. On that sunday is already two events, so saturday would work much better. Smile

According to calendar,it even starts midnight CET. I guess,Deko just made one of his usual mistakes... Big grin
Oh, come on. We live in the world where pre-ordering games become a trivial thing. You pay a lot of money and get nothing until whole product will come out.
In case of LFS S3 you already get content that already done, and there will more things later. I think it's a better deal than most publishers and companies offers these days.
use the road going off the track
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For those complaining about the cost to content ratio. Ive compiled a list of HALF of what we had FREE after paying £12 at the release of S2. I may break the forum, or it may not fit the post so bare with me..... (broke it, 20,000 characters the limit, time for 2 posts!

30.04.2005: 0.5L - Updated demo with the addition of clutch pack differentials and improved tyre heating

17.06.2005: 0.5N - Updated CMX viewer released only

25.06.2005: 0.5P - First official release with full S2 content, up to 20 cars per server

27.11.2005: 0.5Q - Improved international support

18.04.2006: 0.5S - Updated CMX viewer released only

21.04.2006: 0.5T - Improved tyre & aero physics, a new car (BMW Sauber F1.06), two new configurations for Aston and much more

29.04.2006: 0.5U - Adds Outguage system, server welcome messages, also fixes many small bugs

New language included : Galician (Galego)
Language support : wider buttons at bottom left in some cases
Outside car custom view detection for sound (out of car rectangle)
Much easier to get to desired FOV using 5 and 6 zoom keys
Can't join race / leave pits for 12 seconds after green light (stops cheating)
Other cars sound volume increased by 10% - more immersive
V and flat engined cars exhaust pipe separation (stereo effect)
BF1 wind noise decreased / other minor adjustments
UFR sound improved : more race like
Small updates to all car sounds

Changes in TEST PATCH U34 :
Discount immediate pit stops from the "must pit" rule (cheating)
All cars resaved, with minor changes to sound (e.g. less gear whine)
Slightly more sound changes on large GTR cars and LX6
More updated translations
FIX : Entering SHIFT+U from following view played loud car sound
FIX : Move speed slider didn't work in high view if following car
FIX : A few vertices out of place on driver necks and marshall helmet

Higher Wind and Skid boost volumes (default and maximum)
Small changes to system improving all car engines just a little
An updated BF1 engine sound file (not finished but better)
FIX : Autocross editor did not show "Set as default" button
FIX : Repeated clicking sound while loading cars in garage
FIX : Channel screen brought up a background while in game

Changes in TEST PATCH U32 :
Misc :
Improved car engine and other sounds, added gear whine etc.
Automatic update system gives info, downloads, installs patch
New general purpose save and load dialogs with rename / delete
FF Steps now defaults to 256 (this gives higher resolution FF)
Layouts do not set the number of laps unless a start pos exists
One extra car sound is now played (now 5 including your own car)
One extra car in high resolution physics (car in front at start)
Clicking the selected replay now plays the replay (did deselect)
Centre view and eye position buttons now reset pitch and rotate
Virtual start lights are now displayed on the right by default
Small map is now never shown on the left if right is selected
Option to switch off acceleration view shifts in custom views
Mirror mode for driver and custom views (now in view options)
Added "all" to clocks mode options (off, real, virtual, all)
Some more small improvements to graphics options and layout
Button control rate option now visible in wheel/js mode
Text entry box is smaller and blocks driving view less
Improved multiplayer synchronisation checking (OOS)
Fixes :
FIX : Nasty sound clicks when cars got nearer and further away
FIX : MP slowdown when playing sounds of cars in simple physics
FIX : Force now turns off instantly instead of waiting a second
FIX : Arrow keys work in wheel mode even if assigned to KB steer
FIX : Removed the unecessary FF error message DIERR_HANDLEEXISTS
FIX : Messages were unblocked by sending any command to the host
FIX : Alt+F4 and programmable keys did not work in list of games
FIX : Qualifying countdown was too short if less than 4 in race
FIX : BF1 / FO8 virtual dashboard appeared in player options
FIX : Pressing SHIFT+G during instant replay made it go OOS
FIX : Unlock was lost after hibernation on some computers
FIX : SHIFT+U camera roll function now works as expected
FIX : Button opacity option affected the colour sliders
FIX : Text appearing in middle of screen after a lesson
FIX : Excessive acceleration view shift in fast cars
NOTE - Translatable text updated

Changes from U to U30 :
Sound :Improved wind volume at low and high speeds
Reduced crackling of sounds related to echoes
Engine can now be heard from a greater distance
Now generated at 100 Hz resolution - same as physics
Engine sound off throttle is slightly louder than it was
Wind sound volume is now linear (avoids excessive noise)
Skid / scrape sounds are now bounded to reasonable level
Sound now plays at low speed, if replay at 0.5 or 0.25 speed
FIX : Corrected volume of interface sounds
FIX : Small clicks audible a few times per lap
FIX : Bug in camera position height part of sound calculation
FIX : No music when watching MP Replay with music in replays ON
FIX : Looping music buffer while selecting a track - now silent
FIX : System messages still audible with messages blocked
Multiplayer :
SHIFT+S when spectating now goes directly to garage
Garage when not in race now shows spectate and join buttons
Clicking join with no car selected goes to select car screen
FIX : Rare crash in blue flags calculation
FIX : LFS online hosts would hang if run for 50 days
FIX : Stuck in entry screen if host has run for 25 days
FIX : Rare problem causing your car to vanish on other computers
FIX : Spectate after autocross run caused "Unknown finisher" message
FIX : A player in pits could be forced to spectate at end of race
FIX : Mandatory pit stop is now not allowed to be on final lap
FIX : RCM now has priority over race finished messages
2D Display :
Misc Option : Show time instead of FPS in-game
Hold CTRL+SHIFT to show time instead of frame rate
Realistic speedometer based on drive shaft speed
New path draw for game setup screen and in-game
User messages no longer obscure the frame rate display
Not recording message is now only displayed for 8 seconds
Messages now visible but dimmed in ESCAPE and OPTIONS screens
FOV adjust keys (5/6) now show the FOV in a temporary message
Message history (H) is now hidden at race restart or SHIFT+F
Removed text "LEFT pit lane" and "ENTERED pit lane"
Option to show small map on left or right of screen
Central text now visible in SHIFT+F mode (option)
Temporary messages now visible even if fps is off
Real mirrors are now invisible if set to virtual
Added UP and DOWN buttons to options screen
Messages are now hidden in the ESCAPE menu
Interface :
Improved instant gear shift mode selection function SHIFT+G
List of games screen allows sorting hosts by clicking column title
Improved replay selection screen, added delete, rename and info
Keys Y/N (yes/no) now work on the replay skins download screen
New track selection screen allows track browsing before load
Graphics options changed around to be intuitive / consistent
New graphics option : Draw sky (replaces screen clear type)
Controls screen now shows the function assigned to a button
Scroll bar added if more than 7 players in list of players
Skip intro option is now very fast (avoids loading track)
Skip intro option renamed to : Load track when starting
Start New Game / Join Specific Game : Added ENTER key
Game setup screen : ENTER key - joins race / sets ready
Game setup screen : now shows local and UTC (GMT) time
Misc Option : 12 hour or 24 hour format selectable
Car picture can now select the car (not just text)
Cleaner replay start - avoiding flashing entry screen
Can now use /spec(tate) X command in game setup screen
Close window button (X) does a quick clean exit
New /exit command also does a quick clean exit
Added ALT+F1 to F12 as programmable text keys
Key ALT+F4 is programmed to /exit by default
Added rename function for car setups
FIX : LOD values were rounding to one decimal place
FIX : Clutch pedal was not shown in controls setup screen
FIX : Mip bias setting was wrongly affecting in-game text
FIX : Clickable buttons in connection list at start of race
FIX : Changes were lost when selecting in car / custom views
FIX : Could not view user names in replay if MP mode was Demo
FIX : Black screen bug changing between full screen and windowed
Views :
Improved position of road car internal mirrors
Separate mirror offset for custom and internal views
Internal mirror offset limit increased to 400 mm
Draw driver / wheel option added to custom views
Roll function added to SHIFT+U free camera mode
TV camera, CTRL + arrow keys change zoom and roll
Maximum value reached marker added to virtual pedals
Single seater car shadows now visible in custom views
Custom view mode selection now separate for main and look
Buttons in view options to set custom view to eye or centre
BF1 / FO8 show virtual clocks if wheel draw is switched off
Custom view settings are now separate for all cars
Custom views are now stored in data\views folder
Controllers :
Axis, button and key assignments stored in .con files
Sequential shift automatically used for single seaters
Separate shift help settings for sequential and shifter
All steering wheels default to separate throttle / brake
Non-wheel game controllers default to combined thr / brk
Controls setup screen now shows the currently pressed buttons
Wheel turn minimum reduced to 90 degrees (for sticks / pads)
CTRL+F1 to F12 text keys are all now assignable to buttons
Car's steering wheel turns now shown in steering settings
Windows Vista Support :
FIX : Sound now works correctly in Windows Vista
FIX : Unlocking is now possible in Windows Vista
New LFS script system :
- Place text file of commands xxx.lfs in script folder
- Then script xxx.lfs can be run by typing /run xxx
- Note : CAR.lfs is run when you select CAR e.g. XFG, BF1
- Note : autoexec.lfs is run when LFS reaches entry screen
New text commands added (see Commands.txt in docs folder) :
New file associations system :
SPR / MPR / SET / LYT files can now be opened directly
In Windows, right click and set them to open with LFS
Double clicking a SET or LYT file copies it to its folder
Double clicking a SPR or MPR file copies and runs the replay
Misc :Added file docs\Commands.txt - listing ALL commands
Updated... docs\Autocross.txt - for new functions
Option : minimum time between gearshifts (debounce)
S1 users can now use the automatic skin download system
S2 users can see and join S1 hosts in List of Games screen
When first run, LFS defaults to desktop screen resolution
Restricted areas and route checkers added to autocross
Welcome / Tracks filename length increased to 31 chars
New car data output files (press letter O in garage)
Gearshift debounced (can't shift twice within 50 ms)
InSim : MCI packets are now available in arenas
InSim : IS_RES qualify packets sent even if not in table
FIX : Outguage reported remote cars fuel load
FIX : Driver's body optimisation was too sensitive
FIX : Selecting drag strip often resulted in 3 lap race
FIX : OutGauge now works on remote cars / MPR / external
FIX : Formula dash live settings now work in custom view
FIX : Reverse driving in hotlapping mode now invalidates HLVC
FIX : Starting LFS with /join command, needlessly loaded last track
FIX : Corrected positions of translator names on credits screen
FIX : Mirrors and clocks sometimes corrupted after minimising
FIX : Mirror option ALL did not show a mirror in wheels view
FIX : Small map sometimes went off screen or overlapped text
FIX : CTRL+F keys did not work during replays


Sound :Included new default car sounds created by DaveWS
Engine sounds automatically switch to new defaults
No need to type edit_eng before using sound editor
Distortion is constant regardless of volume setting
New PACK button in sound editor to load a sound pack
TV camera and SHIFT+U avoid skid / wind volume boost
SKid and wind volumes are 33% louder for all settings

2D Display :Improved small map car pointers
Improved needles and markers on clocks
Slightly more efficient 2d graphics drawing
Driver names appeared too late when using wide FOV
User LOD defaults to 0.8 (higher than old versions)
Reduced width of lag meter (see more with ctrl+shift)
Cars one lap behind are now shown in grey on small map
FIX : Wide screen autocross object selection buttons
FIX : Invisible warning when wrong way reversing

Graphics :Higher resolution image in mirrors
Higher level of detail available in main view
LOD is no longer reduced with fov over 90 degrees
Removed unecessary LOD checks on most scenery
Removed option "Wider screen increases LOD"
Removed option "All scenery at maximum LOD"

Interface :Selected setup is displayed in F12 menu
Another small reduction in pit-out glitch
ESC now closes live suspension view and sound editor
HOME key now works correctly in single player replays
ESC in game setup screen now exits to entry screen
SHIFT+O in main entry screen now goes to options
CTRL+S saves a screen shot to the shots folder
Setups can be sorted by name as well as date
Any resolution as wide as 3:1 is considered 3 screen
FIX : Default sound selected when deleting a colour
FIX : Mouse cursor is now visible on window border
FIX : Small renaming bug when saving replays

Multiplayer :Some improvements to the ? info system in List of Games
LFS S1 / S2 hosts can now store up to 400 banned users
Admins can now use in-game : /laps /qual /hours /wind
New InSim packets (pit - penalty - take over - flags)
Join specific game - colours are removed from name
New option /adminslots=X reserves slots for admins
FIX : MsgOutPack (MSO) now shows long user messages
FIX : Wrong delay "setup changes" after tyre change

Views :View options now visible before you go on track
Separate FOV stored for each car's custom view
Separate steer look option for each custom view
Improved options for follow view (chase cam)
View screen rearranged to make more sense

Misc :New language included : Slovenian / Slovenski
Game setup screen stats : join - pit - spectate
Unlocks now increased every Friday instead of monthly
Master port is now selectable in cfg.txt (29339 or 8080)
Set log file name / or /log to stop logging
FIX : Unlocking issue with AMD Athlon 64
FIX : Unlocking issue with Cedega
Good news for those who like LFS and want to thanks to devs with a little contribution, hopefully we will see more content and also an update for the old ones.

I will try to get this S3 if I can pick a deal with someone outside of the country, thanks to the gouvernement who closed exchanges with outsides economie because of the oil crisis, it will be very difficult to find a way for purchasing things from now...
Ok, O cant even get X-Z down to less than 20,000 characters. So stop looking at now and think of the future. You get a LOT for your money!
Holy crap! Never thought I'd actually get to use the £12 I prepaid ages ago. Guess I was wrong. Smile

Now while I agree that Rockingham by itself is probably not worth that, it's kind of ridiculous just how much people over-exaggerate the actual value of that amount of money respectively undervalue the worth of software in general. That's like a single restaurant visit. Seriously.
I can perfectly understand people who think these days £12 is way too expensive for single track.

And I think it will be for Scavier easier, if you don't count on future updates, let them surprise you (or not), but take it as it is, S3 is single track (today).

Also I think the S2 for £24 is quite cheap, PC games of this quality used to be more expensive.

Anyway, recently I buy only cheap old games on GOG, so I have little idea how the modern games are sold...

so... wait a second, it says "S3 licensed" under my nick?! Oh well... let's just say I'm willing to support Scawen's family and it's Xmass, blah blah blah. Smile

Anyway, I hope every S3 player will make the people who stay on S2 feel still welcome, I really can understand their decision, especially as the further development of LFS will be never ever as fast, as it was at the beginning. The new tracks require much more effort than S1 tracks, it goes in similar way for cars, and on the code side it's *even worse*, pretty much everything simple and easy was already done, and things will get only more difficult and more complex.

Maybe you could specify some goal, like "S3 is not guaranteed, but we plan to include 2 tracks + 3 cars under S3, if ever finished."? That may take some of uncertainty from the users. Also I think you can somehow reflect the inflation, and bigger complexity of S3 quality content, so *I* will be not shocked, if S3 upgrade is smaller in numbers than S2. Just state it like that, most of the people here will understand, some other wouldn't understand anything, no matter what would you do.

@Rockingham reverse: most of the RL tracks have banned reverse configurations because of safety measures, all the run-off zones are usually planned only in single direction, and the service roads, railings gaps, emergency scenarios, etc... everything is usually planned and verified only for proper direction. So you can take that reverse omission as "playing it real". It sort of doesn't make sense in computer game, but as LFS is *simulator* in the first place... Just use the layout... Big grin

Oh, and BTW, thanks for another great update! Already looking forward for next one. Smile
@Scawen have no money for christmas so he released S3.

As he wrote.

Quote from Scawen :I understand what you are saying, but the alternative is to wait and not release it until something else is ready. We think most people would rather have the option.

From now on, we can work on S3 content and release it immediately.

We do intend to add more to the S3 license, though we cannot guarantee it. If anyone prefers to wait for our content updates before they buy a license upgrade, that is a reasonable decision.


So Just give me yo money and I going to Hawai before xmas. TY.

You made the biggest lie in LFS. You broke a good company. **** YOU! Thumbs up
Quote from Eclipsed :According to calendar,it even starts midnight CET. I guess,Deko just made one of his usual mistakes... Big grin

Have a look now...I keep forgetting that the new calendar is automatically in local time, and since I set everything in UTC FIRST, then I forget to convert it! Fixed now Smile

I'm glad I checked the forum today. Can't wait to race on RO tonight. Big grin
And I can't believe the amount of whiners. Ridiculous.

Quote from Flame CZE :
To me, that sentence is there just to make sure people won't say that the devs have promised something which didn't come, if something unexpected happens - which is not likely but it can happen.

Yeah, this is so obvious that it hurts that so many people don't get this. Obviously, the devs will think twice about guaranteeing anything after all the drama about "undelivered promises" over the last years.
/ws ro11 bf1 wr - returns RO1 BF1 WR
Quote from baSh0r :The train has left the station a loooooong time ago...

You don't say Big grin

I was like ok I might download this and update the old LFS and test it out. Then, S3, have to buy it... lolol no way Scawen, no way, not for 12GBP, never spent a penny on LFS (won S2), not gonna start now. I get it, you need the cash but the amount of useful updates this game gets is about one in a decade. Laser scanned in 2008 you say... ok 2010 released the latest, but come on, it's almost 2016 and no signs of the xmas Scirocco either that has been announced in 2008.

This sim is dead and most people are loooooong time GONE.

Nice tunnel drive, but I'm afraid that is only possible in LFS's "sim physics" Big grin
I doubt it would go so smooth with a real F1 in that tiny tunnel.
Quote from boothy :So has anything changed with the track/graphics/physics since Rockingham was back first spotted back in 2009?

The kerbs have been updated to match the new sausage kerbs in the real track that were changed a couple of years after the laser scan (you can compare the original/new screenshots)

As Dave said, some of the textures seem to have been improved as well, though I haven't actually done any side-by-side comparisons.


I have found a small InSim bug - IS_VER.Product returns S2 instead of S3, even when Rockingham was loaded from the config file.
Guys, you should also remember when you talk about future addons, that first in queue is VWS which was promised as S1 content.
Holy smokes, S3!

I'll have to do some wrist exercises to be able to drive with my mouse again.

Can you upload the track bitmaps (top down view image) for Rockingham?

Thank you.
Great work!!
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