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New Version 0.6K - Rockingham
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Physics update rate is always 100 Hz.
Ah, cool. Thanks Smile
Scawen, will you multithread the new tyre physics ? And at which refresh rate does it runs ? I really hope it's at least 200Hz.
Already having issues with S3 - and I haven't even got it yet! First I go and it keeps telling crap about having the wrong number or something. Then it boots me. So I start over. I clicked the wrong CC option. Right number, wrong card. So i get that straightened up. hit the TAB key one too many times and have to start over. Finally.... Finally get the info, the card and the TAB key straightened up and the bank declines it. I can't complain they've stopped me from being an ID theft victim twice.
Screw it, I'll go through pay pal later......
£12 is waaaay too expansive for a single track
Quote from saitch76 :£12 is waaaay too expansive for a single track

Scawen has addressed this multiple times..

Quote from Scawen : Although S3 content is already being developed, we cannot provide a guarantee that it will be released. Please only buy an S3 license upgrade if you feel it's worth it to use Rockingham right now. We will be continuing to work on S3 after Christmas!

Quote from Scawen :I understand what you are saying, but the alternative is to wait and not release it until something else is ready. We think most people would rather have the option.

From now on, we can work on S3 content and release it immediately.

We do intend to add more to the S3 license, though we cannot guarantee it. If anyone prefers to wait for our content updates before they buy a license upgrade, that is a reasonable decision.

Quote from T3charmy :Scawen has addressed this multiple times..

... I suck at dealing with forums....Scawens quote's are supposed been there... Screw it.
S3.... If you're just playing the demo and getting hooked? Nah. Start with S1, then get S2 if you're still into it. It's cheaper than most other video games that way. All S3 is is really one more series of track configurations. For a die hard fan, it makes perfect sense to do so. It's really cheap for us. And it comes with the guarantee that if they ever do do anything else, they'll throw it in as well. THat beats having to go to the store, or even download from STEAM as it just appears.
Some people have stated this is some sort of take the money and run trick. Really? Why would they still be active on the forums if that was the case? Why the transparency in development? No. I imagine there's going to be a few more things before the game is over.
As far as Rockingham goes.... I appreciate the work put into making this track. I imagine there was a whole lot of headache involved. Do they really use all those layouts? Or did y'all just throw them in after you got the place all mapped out? Funny thing is though, It proves that y'all don't have to make real licensed tracks to make great tracks.
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New Version 0.6K - Rockingham
(558 posts, closed, started )