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if you put it like that, every program running in the background generates a lag in the LFS
Quote from THE WIZARD DK :
Lfs strobe caused some disturbances once too.. thats a script..

Dude, buy a computer, not a sewing machine
I have submited new BUILD 12.

There is now Position List that we talked here (its shown only in race), moveable in Gadgets - Edit mode, it shows realtime difference between cars. In Options menu there are some new settings regarding Position List. (Relative on-track position isn't done)

If you ever tried to copy non-ascii letters from LFS (japanese, ...) results wouldn't be good, therefore you can now copy such text (correctly) by right clicking on line in LFSLazy window.

In Other menu (LFSLazy window) there is new feature called Remote Chat. After starting Remote Chat you will get list of servers connected to LFS Remote, double click on any and LFSLazy will connect to it and start logging chat. How is that different from web based LFS Remote, well in here you can browse through whole history and not just last couple of lines. ( stalkers will like it )

Other changes:
Quote :Chat Input - arrow up/down seek through previous lines
Reverse sorting - click again on already sorted column
F9 (tyres) menu - (back) when no other menu selected automatically select F9 - default off
Support for 0.6F10

Quote from THE WIZARD DK :
this connects to lfsw doesnt it ?

Of course it does, but certainly it does not bomb LFSW with requests.
As most already know LFSLazy download users stats and hosts data (used for buddies online and server list).

Users stats cause so little traffic that is absolutely ridicolous to even speak about it. About 100 bytes for a pretty frequent player. And not to mention that LFSLazy cache all stats in local database, so depending on setting there isn't necessarily need to redownload stats, moreover LFSLazy track actions of other users (driving,...) to determine if updating is needed. For example if user wasn't in race it wont download anything. Also time between updates dinamically changes based on number of connections, and after all user can change stats update settings to reduce or increase time between updates. All that for ~100 bytes per player, not to mention that LFSLazy automatically put stats download to much lower priority when you are in race...

Hosts data is a little larger, at the very moment it's 9 KB (compressed). Yeah I use compressed stats to reduce already low load even more. Users can choose here as well time between updates, as well as it get lower priority while racing. So in the end I'm wondering can 9 KB cause any lag at all.
I've got relatively slow internet connection by today standards, and here actuall download process for host data took less than 20 ms to complete (InternetReadFile calls). Just a reminder LFS's engine runs at 100Hz, which is 10ms cycle. But it doesn't constantly send packets, that varies from server to server...
All good except the green/red splits on position list don't work as they should, the cars in front are always in red and the ones behind are always green, instead of the cars with the faster split being green and the slower red.
Well nowhere it says how it should be

Right now it's showing difference of overall time between cars. What you said would be interesting in case you want to know if you are getting closer/further to other car.
Get a program can't start because MSVCR120.dll is missing since todays new version. Tried a reinstall and still the same. Any ideas?
Hey Daniel, let me start off by saying I love the Lazy addon! I've recommended it to all my LFS buddies and they are all using it. I noticed on an update - not the latest one, but the one that introduced the 'position list' - that there is a bug of some sorts. Basically it is some kind of bug that kills the frame rate for whatever reason. I will explain:

I have LFS locked to 100 fps because my pc is so powerful that it will normally run LFS at 340 fps which is overkill. So anyways - ever since I got this pc LFS is always at 100 fps locked - never had a dip in frame rate. After the update to Lazy that introduced the position list however, LFS is running at 70 fps. And I swear on my life that I have changed nothing - it's the same hardware, the same driver, the same software on my pc, no viruses, nothing running in the background, or anything like that. However, I have found that by putting LFS in windowed mode (shift+F4) (LFS Lazy makes Alt+Tab freeze everything up usually for some reason - so I can't Alt+Tab), anyways as I was saying, by putting LFS in windowed mode and clicking on the Lazy window once, then clicking on LFS and going back to fullscreen - the issue is fixed and it's back to 100 fps instantly. It's a little work-around that I've been doing ever since. And the issue can be replicated every time by simply starting LFS with Lazy and the issue can be resolved every time by simply going outside of LFS and clicking on Lazy window and then going back into LFS (without closing LFS).

Anyways, not a big deal - but something I wanted to mention. I love the program. [AMG] [SMOKE]
I performed the checks you requested. It turns out it's not Lazy - it's something with my LFS or Nvidia driver. If I run LFS without Lazy - the fps still drop to 70 for some reason and can be fixed by going to windowed mode - then back to full screen with shift+F4. Also, my Alt+Tab is working fine now even with Lazy running. In task manager Lazy was taking 0 CPU and 1,228 k. Sorry for the post - false alarm buddy.
Quote from THE WIZARD DK :
yer i guess variation is most on CG. coz that just seems to get worse the more people using apps. so when say, 10 people using the LFSLazy. 100byte x 10 .. ? so theres the issue right? or do you mean its only 100bytes combined? im curious about this now !

Did you even read my post or you are just trolling/expressing your hate for me?

Total size of stats download has nothing to do with number of people using LFSLazy, but the number of people on server. So when you say 10 people, that means like 1 KB every 5 minutes(time increases lineary with number of people on server). Also as most people are using free stats, that means that 1KB isn't downloaded instantly, but 100bytes, wait 5s, 100bytes, ... Just to remind you , server with 10 cars alone will cause atleast 5KB per second!!! (counting just position data, other basic stuff. ofcourse that can increase with the usage of specific server insims).
I'm done talking to you!
Quote from THE WIZARD DK :why would i change it

Because you look like an idiot with your replies, thats why. InSim buttons delaying your computer. Seriously, let yourself get checked.

*Rule: If 99,8% of the people have no problems, it has to be you.
NO! I want old version LFSLazy with 0.6E support version please? i like stay old 0.6E Version!

any got old version LfsLazy for 0.6E send me pls?!
Bump! Reply within 4 minutes or die!
0.6E isn't supported as it doesn't have commands for joining host, refreshing, ...

Replied within 4 mins, I'm safe now
lol Flame CZE...

Okay... I go get new version will gone my "gauge mod" can't new version =( i need gauge mod :<

Can help u do update gauge mod?
Let's settle this once and for all:

The analog gauges was last updated by (riskredruM) about 7 years ago (July 2007).
This guy just vanished some time after ...without available sources to public.

So here are the few options:

a -Author get back to life.

b -Someone else build a whole new one from scratch.

c -It's f***ed and gone forever (all things have an end), let's live with(out) it.
@1303s_vortech You're right! I know about that! I'm Sure "C" :/

Well bye gauge mod, Now use LFSLazy has Speed/Rpm other are cool!

+rep LFSLazy!
The Radar ain't Working for me for some reason.
I also talked to GT4 and he also has the same problem.
First make sure that you have checked "Car Radar" in LFSLazy window (by default its off). If its checked see if any error in LFS chat come up.
Usually Car Radar fail to start when you are using some other program that creates overlay aswell, such as streaming/recording programs.

EDIT: Problem solved
Some people started to complain that there haven't been an update for over a month, so here it is

Quote :Remote Chat - tabbed view
Buddie List (Entry screen) - hovering server name show details
Chat Log - log renamed messages
Pit Info shown even when Setup Filter is off (Track, lenght, WR, PB, ...)
Max speed in each gear shown in pits
Car selection screen - WR and PB times
Suggest needed fuel to complete race in pits (based on hardcoded data)
Program now download and store WR data from LFSW, new menu LFSW->WRs, WR TIME gadget
Options - button update teams and WRs
LFSW->Conns - right click on username will immediately update stats, recent connections
Split Predictor now works on first lap (after first split)
Position List - "relative on track position", cars half lap ahead are shown on top of list
Sounds for messages - option to disable
Export Chat log (and Remote Chat) in both ASCII and UNICODE (keep characters as they are in LFS)
Handbrake sound - works only when speed is <10m/s
Other fixes and changes

New commands:
/o skin - get name of skin used by viewed car
/o restart - restart program
/o user [username] - get details for user from database
/o pb - get pb times for current combo
/o del pb - delete pb times for current combo
/o sp - get split predictor times for current combo
/o wr - work offline compared to /w wr

Here is short preview of new stuff in pits
Quote :
-Pit Info shown ever when Setup Filter is off (Track, lenght, WR, PB, ...)
-Max speed in each gear shown in pits
Car selection screen - WR and PB times

Yes! i need it! Awesome work job!
Is that new build compatitle with 0.6G? if it is, then i got problems, when i try to open LFSLazy it says:
Couldn't connect to LFS.
Type ''/insim 29999'' in LFS's chat.
and then error cant connect target computer blocks it
how i can fix this??
And when i type /insim 29999 to lfs chat it says:
Insim - TCP: bind failed
Insim : not initialised

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