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Quote from Takumi_lfs :How come bad reflection? I hope that ure car isnt matte colour without any shine.

look at the attachment pic i did of the screen that was posted.. and then u can explain how a good reflection looks like.. this is not the way it should be AND i KNOW THIS IS A GAME.

bad reflection = white area´s on the car that´s not really there..

here is my car IRL.. so u can see that i don´t have mate reflections and so on on my car..
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I post these two if someone wants to make an edit. (Click for 1680x1050 and nice quailty)

whos using what programs to edit?
Quote from deiwisxxx :whos using what programs to edit?

photoshop cs2.

cs3-> are too.. well not for me.
is those are full names and where cauld i download?
Who can edit this screen ?
small edit thing.
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Nice, i like it !
just forgotten the CTRL+U thing but ..
expecting one nice edit
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Someone edit this? (XFG "drift")

nope.. ass draging..
Quote from skiper :it is called "Power Slide".

Agreed. Im glad theres someone other than me out there correcting that...
anny one wanna have a go on this one ?
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Here is 1 attempt....
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LX6 edit.jpg
Nice thanks

Edit my screenshot
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