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anyone for this?
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I'm in Photoshop mood so I'm starting to edit screens on this page.

Squidhead's pic is here
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There goes Niko's.
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Quote from LFSn00b :Jakg, look at the replay again, i was PUSHED by the 87 car

to be fair, you ran into the back of me (my fault - pulled the handbrake by accident to make the corner) and some guy did the same to you, only for some reason you were spun by the impact - i just chose a deliberately mis-leading picture like you did where i didn't overtake because you were weaving all over the road
Anyone want to try this out?
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>.< hilrious
Quote from Ventu :not bad, maybe a bit too exagerate

Bit too much is always good Never thought I could make smoke that cool. Exhaust flames are a little dumb looking
I over cooked my stoppy Anyone wanna edit it - i dont mind how or how well its done
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Kaboom! a 20 megaton UF1!!
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Wow nice, thanks
10 min work for h3adbang3r !..
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can u upload the handprint template please ?
Hello! Someone should be up for my pic, Whatever you can do would be okay since I have no AA+AF, shadows, or things that You like and screenshots should have.
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Anyone who could do something fun with this?

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Quote from Mompen :Anyone who could do something fun with this?

i saw that one live ill give it a go if i get sum time
anyone up for UFR?
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Edit my screenshot
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