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Someone edit this? (XFG "drift")

nope.. ass draging..
Quote from skiper :it is called "Power Slide".

Agreed. Im glad theres someone other than me out there correcting that...
anny one wanna have a go on this one ?
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Here is 1 attempt....
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LX6 edit.jpg
Nice thanks
Could someone please edit this for me, Thanks in advance
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FXO screenshot at BL1.jpg

Please try to edit this somehow . Thanks.
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Here you go whatever you liked to do with these pic's. I might make an edit myself later with one of them.
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Had a go at one with an evening effect which took about a hour at most I think. Hope you like it.
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FZR race.png
Yes, it is pretty good actually...the flames are crappy, but the rest is ok. I know its hard to get good flames and then cut them out well, so the picture is pretty nice...
Can anyone edit this? Thank you.
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#1491 - xt
roofle. I'm sorry, but it looks like you spilt coffee on it then tried to wipe it off therefore getting smuged.
I made something to you Amynue.
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Picture edit 1.jpg
Picture edit 2.jpg
If no one has anything better to do...
Nice photo
Quote from hazaky :LOL, i like the funny smoke-bubbles behind it Looks so unreal ...

Sometimes these happen under hard braking.

And sorry, the edited DDS file I used is a private mod.
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Edit my screenshot
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