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Quote from Töki (HUN) :No comment on Boullier sending Gro on Rai, seems like he's so bitter that Kimi is leaving. No one works for free, big boy.

Grosjean was asking for Kimi to be moved out of the way because he was only passed due to a small mistake(but he would have probably repassed him if the caution hadn't come out at the exact same moment that he was getting a run back on him after doing the cutback etc. But hey lets not look at the facts and post opinions thinking they're facts
Yup, posting specualtions of what maybe would've happened is facts aswell, yup yup.
What a crazy race . Hulkenberg is definitely the man of the match, I was just waiting for the tyres to drop off or for something else to happen, but it never did. Great defensive driving, the re-pass under DRS was excellent and the good thing about that is that he was at least completely alongside even before he opened the wing. The grip out of T1 was something else. I was expecting some sort of a reprimand or penalty for Perez (?) when he pushed a FI off the track, but well. Nice drive through the field for Räi as well.

STR, I don't know. They have massive issues with getting both cars to the end of a race, and need to do something about it.
Yeah, that wasn't how I heard the Grosjean radio transmission at all. Sounded like Boullier was telling him to maintain position.

Great drives from Kimi and Hulk today. And Vettel, of course.
Quote :He added: "We know he was upset. Romain was clearly pushing on the radio to get some help to get this position back, but we said no team orders and keep racing. We knew he was upset.

From Boullier
Quote from CodeLyoko1 :hmm, pretty smart. definatly possible considering their KERS problems last year

Do you believe anything you read on the internet or?
Quote from CrAZySkyPimp :Do you believe anything you read on the internet or?

I said it is possible, not that it's true
Maybe that's why Webber never has KERS
Well it makes sense. Out of all teh F1 teams, they have problem had the most Kers failures in the past two years. Kers isn't even working fully on Vettels car in some races.
Maria de Villota has been found dead in her hotel room in Spain. R.I.P.
We [men] all do it. Don't know why anyone is thinking this is newsworthy.
Because women.
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Looks like Lewis... lol

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