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Just came back to the site for my first time in years, I recently got back into sim racing after a big break of 10 years or so and am now hooked on iRacing. Currently loading LFS up for some nostalgia and to see how she compares to the modern sims.

This thread makes me feel really old, 12 years ago wow...
Wow, same situation, dont even know when was the last time I played or even logged on to these forums. Just remembered LFS existed today, it was such a big part of my life for quite some time, my eyes are watery
well.... same situation for me.

I started more then 10 years ago and even created some dials for some addon/mod. i remember showing the game to my friend. we never saw such intense and close races online!

my last serious race was in 2009 (i think), but after month (or years) without real updates...... i quit. in tryed it again one year later.... quit after a few races. nothing changed.

i just found my old racing wheel - Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback without USB Schwitz - and i had to see if LFS is still around.

after reading old news on the website (starting the infamous scirocco-news Thu 11 Dec 2008...) i just have to think that nothing changed Taped Shut

Just found the dial-addon... holy shit Na-na
Quote from screama :i just found my old racing wheel - Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback without USB

No money for that wheel Smile
Yeah its nice seeing all the older players here. The only thing thats keeping me from playing is theres no good content anymore. The game is old and boring. I dont even know how long ive been playing.

Edit: Damn 10 years, its went fast.
LFS will always have a spot on my HDD, sadly recently been racing on iRacing, Assetto Corsa and sometimes Project Cars (AI seems pretty good for some offline racing). Just purchased a G27, possibly looking into getting a rig together and slowly get back into sim racing. Unfortunately with a 7 month old, wife and dog, seat time on the sim racing is not like what it used to be Smile

Just other day, I booted up an old HDD and saw a couple screenshots of our old team, ART (Apex Racing Team). Brought back a lot of memories.

Hopefully S3 will be released before my daughter learns to drive Wink
Came back to check after 2 years, I tried to play some months ago but it wasn't the same :/

PS. Still waiting for S3 content
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Why don't you buy S2 in the meantime and get a lot of new cars and tracks to shorten the wait? Taped Shut
Quote from zeugnimod :Why don't you buy S2 in the meantime and get a lot of new cars and tracks to shorten the wait? Taped Shut

Because he most likely is a licenced user with some 2nd (or 3rd or 4th or whateverth) demo account,because his S2 account is banned from forum... Shrug Wouldn't be anything new.
Now he edited in a spam link. Big grin
As someone stated already, LFS will always be installed on my computer although i am not playing it for years already... I miss baby-r competitions we really had some great time then... I can still see that some of my lap time records are still in top 5 and then nostalgie starts...
Greetings to all my friends, AMT>>WlayCo

p.s. Who's your daddy?
I still occasionally run the game, but mostly offline these days.
... was young and played the Demo,
loved S1 with Mouse, got hooked with S2 and black Momo-Wheel,
went Semi-Pro with Team DSR and Logi G25,
uncounted nights of nice racing and skinning, tons of fun with competition
and Hotlapping, got some WR`s (at least for some days) and some buddies
around the earth ... Now my Rig`s down to cellar and i`m old ;_)

Knock knock to AlPayson, great to see that you are still active !!
Yeesss, still knocking about. Tried various simulators, still looking for the old feeling of community this simulator once had. Smile
I have not been around for as many years as most here but for the 6 years I have been playing LFS I have done quite a lot of time being online and after a short break I am returning to lfs. i must say that all these players from the early 2000s shows some dedication which one can admire
Hardly play atm, might get back into Buissiness soon..u never know Smile
But always around in the Forums Smile

(btw i know im not THAT oldschool...but meh Big grin)
Didn't run an account until 2007ish as i always thought that demo was the full game at the time and the rest of the content was not released yet Looking... Rarely post on here though!
Hi, my shoulders - pain forced me to give up on online racing a long time ago. There is only one exeption: when the SCIROCCO comes on LFS, which I am still waiting for. (No matter if the fuel consuption is faked or not) - I WANT MY SCIROCCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I still pop in from time to time. The sounds still suck Frown

E: Can still find these old beauts on google Dead banana
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How about Old School league?
Some off them did only few laps never raced again what can you expect?
Then how about Mid-School League?

Any 'oldskool'(lol) racers still visit these forums
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