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I have raced since 2005, having sometimes 1-2 month breaks, but to be honest, never really stopped it since I have started to play. Plan is to play today some TB4 races and having some fun to find something pretty new things. ( I know there still are plenty of them )
Not old enough sorry

Seems like i need to have an earlier join date
Yes you do, Timo Höfer.
It's nice to see some old forum names still around, can I claim baby old school. (2006)

The class of 2003 are still alive and kicking

I'll be back with S3. Also I've finally got another mate into racing with GT5, so I'll drag him over when the time comes.
Quote from The Very End :Not old enough sorry

You mean he's too young and inexperienced for some random buttsex from you?
Quote from Sobis :You mean he's too young and inexperienced for some random buttsex from you?

it's not random, but comes as surprise
Quote from Sobis :You mean he's too young and inexperienced for some random buttsex from you?

Heyhey! Don't get COCKy (see what I did there?) just because I have not done you for a while!
I still check the forum from time to time, play a little offline against the AI here and there, but really stopped racing after CTRA disappeared. TBO 10 lap races were the perfect balance of driver skill and luck with 20+ cars fighting panel to panel into turn 1. Every now and again the stack ups would happen, but most times it was really smooth, fun, clean racing.

Tin top hatch back racing was hilarious too. 105mph felt like you were really doing something when your in a swarm of other exceptionally talented racers fighting for position in a white knuckle battle. Checkers fly and you realize your still in your spare room on a computer.

LFS still has the thrills, I just don't get to enjoy them as often anymore being I'm getting old, and motorcycles consumed my life after cars got too expensive.
Not played LFS since about May and that was only for an hour or so, played again last night for a couple of races but the game is so unforgiving if you haven't driven for awhile.
Joined March 2003 and this is my first post!

Always been a big fan of LFS but never really had the time to drive much (got married soon after it released, had kids, moved overseas...).

It's a huge testament to the devs and the quality of their product that people are still playing and eager for more LFS 10 years after release.

Looking forward to S3 whenever it may come
Quote from RadEd :Joined March 2003 and this is my first post!

Wow! that's some serious lurking.

What qualifies one as an oldskool LFS'er?

Pre LFS dedicated forum (RSC) or the date we signed up here? I've been lurking and playing since the early days fwiw - Still just as slow - I still have the odd flurry of activity on the forums around patch cycles, but inevitably these are rarer these days.

I'm patiently looking forward to S3 and perhaps the Rally pack that was alluded to all those years ago.
I think a join date here of like 2004 because the join dates are loosely linked to our LFS account creation date.

I still can't believe that it's almost been 10 years of LFS.
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I'm still here, still waiting..
But gave up on reading here regularly the usual stuff 'cause it's for me always like: "Hmm think I read that / someone suggested that before"

Didn't raced much LFS in the last year tbh but it's always nice to race in LFS again after test driving all the other so called sims and racing games out there.
To answer your question: yes.
I'm still here, still playing and still interested in future developments of the sim. Never been a fan of forums myself but I do check it regularly.
Been here since 2003. There's no way I let this title slip away. All the progress I've seen during this time is simply amazing. Some of you olds'kool' people I know, some I do not. Whatever, I feel that I have some more great people to meet.
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I`m an old man..sleep...I need sleep...your time will come Bernd!
Quote from richard dk :I`m an old man..sleep...I need sleep...your time will come Bernd!

it's already there mate need to go now :sleep2:
Yep, started demo when I was 14, now 23.. Time goes fast, don't race a lot these days as I bought a house and put my LFS room on hold.

Yes I'm actually making a dedicated LFS room
Do 7 years count as "oldskool"?

Probably not, but anyways: I started out on Patch 0.5Q and still lurk here occasionally. I remember fondly the excitement and riddles leading up to patch R, and I remember sitting in the right Teamspeak channel at the right time when someone found the patch on the server a little early.

Fast forward three years, during which I participated in a few minor cups and a 24 hours race, and I remember seeing the screenshots of the Scirocco in LFS and being blown away by the level of detail of that model.

After that, I remember looking at a certain counter and checking out the forums in intervals that only ever seemed to grow longer and longer.

But yeah, I'm still around
Quote from St4Lk3R :Do 7 years count as "oldskool"?

Ofc it does! I count myself as "oldskool"
Quote from St4Lk3R :Do 7 years count as "oldskool"?

I'd say it does.

At least I consider myself part of that group as well.
Quote from Sobis :Ofc it does! I count myself as "oldskool"

well i must be too

Any 'oldskool'(lol) racers still visit these forums
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