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Quote from sinbad :When you watch some AC hotlaps it is hard to see why they're that much faster. With my setup a super clean flowing lap ran me to 29.4, and then I watch a lap like this: ... ture=youtube_gdata_player and it's hard to see how it's that much quicker, it's not even a great looking lap.
I'm happy to accept that people are quicker than I am, but usually I can see why. Obviously I should think the setup too :-)

The Lotus '49 was at least half a second faster in the previous patch than it is now, so it's nothing to get frustrated about. Look at the speeds in straight. You are at least 5-6 kmh slower at the finish line. And at least 10 kmh quicker on turn exits.
Quote from Mysho :try to completely turn off abs just to see how unstable braking without abs is

No kidding!

Got a 56.129 but for some reason I don't have the 56:60 achievement
Because it actually requires 55.6.
Quote from NotAnIllusion :Because it actually requires 55.6.

Well that explains it lol... I double checked what I read after I read your post, I guess they have to fix that
1.54.6 at Imola in 458, no ABS and I reckon 53s are easily possible too because my laps are far from perfect.

You just have to make sure that when you're hard in the brakes not to be turning too much, then use the instability to turn the car in when you release the brakes. Feels awesome.
Quote from PMD9409 :Looks like the RSR LiveTiming App has now been updated. ... nk&track=3&car=18

If anyone can figure out how the heck to register and get this downloaded it would be lovely.

From the forum :

no registration is needed to download stuff. If you see a login screen there, it's because the file is not intended to be available for the public, for example the RSR live timing. Don't worry though. the RSR Live Timing will be available soon.
Blah, I must have missed that. Thanks Phil.
Here we go once again. I am officially the first one to reach Level 100 in Drift Mode (according to the Global Achivement stats of Steam, it stood on 0% before I did it)
Surprisingly I still had ammounts of fuel left in my car, so I continued on for a bit longer:
Such a session, really. It kinda got me tired even.
Whats with the orange screen shot?
I'm using f.lux, which makes my screen kinda orange-ish towards the night. It's kinda relaxing to have really, try it out. Turning it off makes my eyes want to burst out, at night.

I don't know why FRAPS didn't ignore the app though.
Damn, Kristi u drift king how you achieved it? 3' gear, low revs economical drifting
3rd gear of course. I wouldn't call it low-rev drifting though Just stay away from throwing away high score comboes, or throwing away any score at all..
Is it possible to play AC using a 250gts & 3.4ghz Core2 cpu? Does it utilize quad core well as im consider upgrade.
Voted for Opel
Quote from anttt69 :Is it possible to play AC using a 250gts & 3.4ghz Core2 cpu? Does it utilize quad core well as im consider upgrade.

I have a dual core@3.4 and a 5770. It runs well enough for hotlapping with no frills. Cant see it working with a full grid at any respectable framerate or graphical quality.

The 250 is dx10 isn't it? It's unofficially supported (via a config tweak)but may well have graphical issues and may not be supported at all in the future.

It uses all 4 cores on my brothers Core2 quad core and gets 150 FPS+ with a 7950 and a decent amount of eye candy.

It's very GPU dependant.
It's 10.1 and should "work", but expect to turn everything all the way down. AC doesn't seem to be CPU intensive in the single player modes at this time.
Quote from BlueFlame :Erm.. why?

Underrated car brand who made awesome race/street cars in 70' 80' and early 90'
Yup, voted for RUF too.

Kunos Simulazioni - Assetto Corsa
(8873 posts, started )