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Rockingham coming to LFS
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It's basic biology at the end of the day. If you put in more than you take out you get a surplus. The body goes, 'ooooo, i'll have some of that for a rainy day. just in case we get caught out on the Savannah millions of miles away from any food'. Only, we don't live on the Savannah no more. We live and work in ergonimic comfort zones with a chocolate box in every corner and never a chance to use all those calories.

I eat like a horse. In fact I don't stop eating. But I mainly eat what is laughingly described as 'healthy' stuff. I just class it as normal and all that pizza, beefburgers, chips, Crisps, Chocolate and sugery drinks as being abnormal. Plus I do have a pretty active job and cycle pretty regularily. Still fit into My 32 inch jeans I've had since I was 17. Thats an inch for every year of my life. Hehe.

As the great poet once said 'Get some excercise!'
Quote from Weasley123 :I'm trying to get an S1 license first of all but I need my sister to do it because I don't have a credit card but she keeps delaying me, so it's gonna be this weekend until I get it (better had be D: )

Look forward to it, S1/S2 is really fun!
Quote from tristancliffe :I can't remember its name. Halfords Diet perhaps?

I went on that and ended up with another spare tyre.

Oh jesus I am out of practise at this forum thing.
FFS Kev, just buy another car already!

Don't worry about the forum thing, there's always Team Fortress!
Quote from Funnybear :So don't do it.There is only one garantueed way to loose weight. Well, two actually. Eat less, excercise more and the other is food poisening. I wouldn't recomment you try the second way though. Not nice.

not eating anything at all works quite well too
I'd recommend getting Wisdom teeth pulled. The Pills and soda diet works quite well actually.
Quote from SamH :It feels like a new patch is imminent

New patch this Friday then? :hyper:
Rally Pack?
Blimey! why don' we all ave a bee's knees game ov jam jars. nuff said, yeah?
Quote from dougie-lampkin :New patch this Friday then? :hyper:

Remember this:
Quote from Arox123 :
Patch Q = Sunday
Patch T = Friday
Patch U = Saturday
Testpatch U35 = Wensday
Patch V = Friday
Testpatch V2 = Wensday
Testpatch V3 = Friday
Testpatch V5 = Friday
Testpatch V6 = Wenday
Patch W = Saturday
Testpatch W9 = Friday
Testpatch W10 = Wensday
Testpatch W17 = Wensday
Testpatch W20 = Wensday
Testpatch W21 = Wensday
Testpatch W25 = Sunday
Testpatch W26 = Sunday
Testpatch W32 = Friday
Testpatch W35 = Thursday
Testpatch W41 = Thursday
Testpatch W43 = Thursday
Testpatch W48 = Thursday
Patch X = Friday
Testpatch X2 = Friday
Testpatch X3 = Friday
Testpatch X4 = Saturday
Testpatch X5 = Wensday
Testpatch X6 = Thursday
Testpatch X7 = Friday
Testpatch X8 = Saturday
Testpatch X30 = Monday
Testpatch X38/39 = Thursday
Patch Y = Friday
Testpatch Y8 = Friday
Testpatch Y9 = Saturday
Testpatch Y10 = Tuesday
Testpatch Y11 = Friday
Testpatch Y12 = Friday
Testpatch Y13 = Friday
Testpatch Y14 = Thursday
Testpatch Y15 = Saturday
Testpatch Y16 = Thursday
Testpatch Y18 = Wendsay
Testpatch Y19 = Friday
Testpatch Y22 = Saturday
Testpatch Y24 = Friday
Testpatch Y30 = Friday
Testpatch Y31 = Monday
Testpatch Y32 = Thursday
Patch Z = Wensday
Testpatch Z3 = Saturday
Testpatch Z4 = Same day as Z3
Testpatch Z5 = Sunday
Testpatch Z6 = Wensday
Testpatch Z8 = Thursday
Testpatch Z9 = Sunday
Testpatch Z10 = Monday
Testpatch Z13 = Friday
Testpatch Z15 = Friday
Testpatch Z16 = Friday
Testpatch Z17 = Saturday

Wow, that was 1 hour of my life wasted

1)How bored were you to do such a thing?
2)What's the point of that list?
The point is to show that not every patch comes out on a Friday, so it could be out on Wednesday for all we know, but what Wednesday.....
Quote from Bawbag :The point is to show that not every patch comes out on a Friday, so it could be out on Wednesday for all we know, but what Wednesday.....

Nooo, speculative patches are ALWAYS on a Friday, even the dogs on the street know that And Sam said it's coming soon, so it MUST be this Friday
No patch on Tuesdays?!

LFS' day of boredom I guess.
Quote from libben :Is these kind of money really an issue? I pay more for just eating lunch out every now and then.

Yeah, been in sweden, costz me a fortune paying 12 euro's for a pint and a glass of wine

So YOU are used to that
Night racing... heard it here first.
It's really refreshing to me to see game developers that have a very clear and crisp set of goals, update/interact with the users, and also take direct advice and suggestions straight off the forum. I was just looking at the latest patch threads and seeing all the "Thanks for [such and such] feature!" posts was just great as opposed to some other boards where fans are highly displeased with the developers' shenanigans. Props to the LFS dev team...can't wait to see what you guys have cookin'!
Quote from kingcars :can't wait to see what you guys have cookin'!

It better be good since Scawen spent all that time on his new kitchen!

Oh i'm just full of the lol's today.
How much layout will it have?
BTCC Circuit

any other?
Probably around 5 or 6 layouts, like the real track (minus the rally layout)
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Quote from PMD9409 :No patch on Tuesdays?!

LFS' day of boredom I guess.

Let's hope it comes on Wensday or Saturday
My Mobile Phone is loaded, so directly when it's released I will get a SMS.
Why should it come out so "early"? Who got/released such information?

Rockingham coming to LFS
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