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Edited pics
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Nice Justin, although the water cloud behind the cars could be a little bigger
Quote from VALE 46 : Maximum size only 1mb, will this ever be increased

Whee, my skin in the second pic.. with very strange colours though

A very nice edit, by the way.
Great Screen edit Justin!
Here is a lil showroom:
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Something athmospherical. :dopey:
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And add some rain above the XFR and some more smaller rain drops in the background, so it doesnt look like its only raining in front of the camera

but very nice job, already saved the file to add it into the ZT gallery, but if you upate it, I will upload the update of course
Quote from (SaM) :Something athmospherical. :dopey:

very nice
*my new desktop backround *
Great skins Asmo, the best I've recenly seen
Here's mine
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#34 - Asmo
Quote :Great skins Asmo, the best I've recenly seen

they are made by Linsen

nice one Backfire
Quote from Batterypark :Whee, my skin in the second pic.. with very strange colours though

A very nice edit, by the way.

It is the same skin in the first and second pic (its the same car ), that skin came with LFS though ...
vale your stuff is awesome.

the rain pix, all of you - you have an inspiring summer as well, i guess ?
rain roxx
Thanks gloom
#39 - Don
quick one
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I thought about doing a sunset shot of my personal skin as a sort of promo for the ESL UK Summer Cup coming up soon So I decided to use a clip from my hotlap at FE Green. Enjoy!
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Hi. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I was working on a skin and got bored with it and thought about this:
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UF car.jpg
#42 - Asmo
a quick one...
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lol, nice one bo.

really like that skin of yours.
inspired by DoN's FE pic with the blurred RA of his and kidcodeas HQ sky

so heres another promotion

(my new background)
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Right, another edited delight for y'all! [tsr.]Munko at Westhill with the new sky/light mods (thank you kid and don again btw!) with some tasty filters to accentuate, what I find, beautiful lighting already in-game.
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and another
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Quote from XCNuse :and another

Quote from XCNuse :and another

Looks like the front window's missing... ^^
But it looks good.

Edited pics
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