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Quote from Töki (HUN) :Damn, I can't open thumbnails...however I click on it My Vista is just installed, fresh yet, and haven't set anything to block pop-ups etc... Oh and I use Mozilla What do you guys use who can open it by clicking on it?

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Phewwwwwww, Its taken me about 2 hours to do this simple, but complex edit.

I went for the photorealistic shot.
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man i'd love too see all the layers and filters for that. nice edit
I can't imagine that has to many layers, it just looks like a lot of histogram edits.

You messed up on your front right wheel cover though with the carbon fiber.
Not many layers, its mostly airbrushed stuff that not very opaque. Such as the highlights along the left side of the car.

Thanks for the comments!
A simple one:
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clean look, looks good but the brakediscs really need some improvements
Quote from Rappa Z :A simple one:

I really like this edit. Crisp, nice colour balance, interesting angle.

Where'd you get the skin from? I don't recall seeing it, it looks great!
I like it, however those brakes are a bit weird. Really nice edit and skin
It's my own skin, made it myself. Unfortunatly, it's private.

I think i overdid it with the brake heat a little, shoulda definetly been darker.
I was bored again!
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Nice, I like that fire
Good, very good.
Only thing is about flames, looks like car haves no speed and there is no wind, like, flames goes right upwards, they could be more horizontaly. Oh well, i hope you got it. Bai !
Thanks guys, i admit the flame doesn't look too realistic. But it was just a quickie PS. (didn't want to play around with it anymore than that.)
Just a tip, use a little gaussian blur on the trees and grass. Looks much better then.
good wery good
Formula BMW
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Lovely tough.
Sorry for quality, I didn't realise....
Ooh, Gixxer thou, nice bike.
Like Toki said, they're called Gixxer's for short. And thou is short for thousand.

Some people are extremely clever these days.
My first try at editing a pic

Edited pics
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