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Edited pics
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#1 - Asmo
Edited pics
WOW! like the rain shot :P

I've been thinking about moving to LFS land for the nice weather, never any rain.
#3 - Asmo
Rain pics are VERY good

One crit though. I think the water looks too clean, like a mirror. Perhaps making the water to look a little dirty (etc.) would bring even more depth to the pic.
wow those rain pics are very nice. i'm looking forward to s3
#6 - Asmo
I agree about the water looking too much like a mirror. If you think about it, those engines are not quiet, and would cause at least minor ripples in the water, not to mention vibrations transmitted through the ground from teh actual movement

Great work, especially on the depth though :up:
Ok got bored so here are mine, not as good as yours but it passed the time...
These were takin from my "Dukes of Hazzard" AutoX track which can be found in the Layouts forum. Fun track!
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Awesome pics Asmo
Me on 2 wheels at South City.

Simple artistic effects.
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Nice pics peeps. Im going to post some of mine later.
Quote from Bean0 :Sorry dude but its my skin for FXO (not FXR).

Posted on RSC and here.

Well, well, well - great minds think alike and all that. No problem - looks like we both enjoy BTCC!!!
#16 - Asmo
Maximum size only 1mb, will this ever be increased
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rain V8.jpg
here are some pics that you can see on the [tsr.] vs ATC race report - but these are the full size pics in their edited glory
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Quote from justinziarko :Just the one pic for now ... /lfss2_ufr_rain_aston.jpg

good; i think the main problems with that, is the windshield wipers? .. that looks kinda odd, because the windows are alot lighter, when they shouldnt be that light (if you know what i mean), also.. you did a fairly good job on the lighting, however the white and red barrier in the background is a bit bright imo

also.. the reflections on the cars (where the sun is) looks silly

very good though on the water splatter.. very impressive!
#23 - Asmo
nice one Justin
Very nice edit Justin.

Edited pics
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