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Quote from G!NhO :No its not, the gti lip makes the car look much much lower than with the standard lip. It has enough clearance under the chassis of mechanical parts at that hight.

but u wont get over a bump if u cant even get the lip over it

For my old 3TB XT600E

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Bought some new tyres from Poland... cheaper than getting them from England wtf!!

225/40/18 should be a small stretch over 18x9.75 wheels

Oh and new low downpipe arrived at work today, should allow me to run my car slightly lower (it is lower in that it splits to twin 2.5" pipes, rather than the single 3")

Quote from doyal :Bought some new tyres from Poland... cheaper than getting them from England wtf!!

Oooo, where'd you get them from?
Quote from Jakg :Oooo, where'd you get them from?

I got them from for £87 each, just checked the site and they nolonger have them in stock.. same with most Uk places.

Decent mid-ranges apparently! Will see howlong they last with a 2-way diff.
Accidently bumped into this when I was at the store. Thought it would fit well over the coffee machine we have at work
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For PC:

For RasPi:

+ new cable & earpads for headphones along with a guitar stand from Thomann.. and now I'm broke.
hmmm, i need a new fan for my Xigmatek DK. its getting noisey.

My Gigabyte GTX 670 OC Windforce came yesterday
Quote from Matrixi :For PC:

Which fan is that? Are they any good? I'm still looking for some new fans myself.

You actually got a Raspberry? I'm DYING to get one of them as HTPC/mediapayer/simple server!
It's a 140mm Corsair Air Series fan, figured it would go well with the red/black theme I'm going for.

And yeah, got my Raspi some couple weeks back, using it as a linux shell for IRC. Can SSH in to it from anywhere in the world from any phone/tablet/pc and it barely shows up on the electricity bills even while running 24/7. Had some problems with Sandisk SD cards with the newest Debian image refusing to boot up though, only the early first version boots.. hoping the Transcend card will fix that as people are reporting zero problems with those. But yeah, it really is a fantastic piece of a kit and I love it.
Quote from Matrixi :For PC:

I've had pretty bad experience with Trancend. That includes a few USB sticks and memory cards. :P

Figured it's time to pension my 2 year old HTC Hero which is slow and laggy as hell. I've heard Micro$oft has actually done well on the mobile OS platform this time, so I decided to give this a go
Actually the NF-HD14's are the best fans on the world believe or not, the amount of air the suck is enormous and they are really quite the onyl bad thing about them is the colour scheme...
Love the design of new Nokias but i would be bored shitless with that Windows in a few days.
An acer iconia a200 16gig, and a 32 gig micro sd card.

Considering it my first tablet its not too bad, cheap too.
Quote from Boris Lozac :Love the design of new Nokias but i would be bored shitless with that Windows in a few days.

Probably not as bad as my old HTC. After all the rooting and stuff it's slow as hell, and it doen't seem to work with my BT headset very well. I actually wanted a Galaxy S2 or a Galaxy Nexus, but I want to give Windows a chance on the mobile platform as I think they deserve that for once.

3 weeks left soon. Wohoo!

but...roken is dodelijk
HUAWEI Ascend G300
I bought lots of things : M3 mirrors,front bumper,side skirts,susp kit with 60-40mm lowering springs and a magellan downhill bike with good stuff in it
There you go. And yes, it is for me.

Quote from NitroNitrous :There you go. And yes, it is for me.

I had one of these when I was a kid lol. And get a rear brake if you don't want to get yourself killed...

E: I have taken a look at it full size and now I see you have a rear brake

Post your Last Purchase!
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