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Quote from e2mustang :welcome to da bmw club. please dont rice it !

Dont worry i wont, the only thing i want to do is change the wheels, because those are teeny, i would like one of these 2 styles, in an 18" rim ideally...


Not sure which i like best yet
I prefer the first one...
imho the csl style is utterly overused,and the second one is like meh. but its yours choice anyway
Ugh CSL style, boring overused and especially if you do not lower your car and have the m-sport styling pack which yours doesn't it will look stupid.

Save the money for when the swirl flap goes and you need a new engine :> lol
Well, i dont actually know what swirl flaps are (now googling) but despite having a brand new turbo its still pretty much flat on its arse pickup wise until you get over 3k revs, could this be a sign?
I've named all my cars. My Honda is a "she" and is called Tess. I personally do believe cars have personalitys, and used to give her encouraging pats on the dashboard back when she had starting issues, which are now thankfully resolved.

The only one I haven't named is my Lexus. While I appreciate it is a lovely car that is uber reliable, it justs leave me with an emotionless feeling. Maybe I am the only one, but I get the same feeling when driving a VAG, like a Golf (not a dig at you Jamie!) or an A4. Sure, they are pretty reliable and are great for getting you from A-B, but they are just so boring to drive. Excluding the fruity V6's, they sound like washing machines, have steering number than a porn actresses arse and have less character than a brick.

Seems like every car is like it nowadays too. Honda have wiped Type-R's off the map, Fords RS department is out of touch with themselves and Audi is still making cars that love to understeer. Seems like the only guys who are making cars that require some level of driver input to drive fast, is BMW!
Well here it is, not finished yet since the weather is pretty bad, rain and hard wind...

Hood has to be fully painted black, the white "foglight caps" should be painted black, i need a late model plastic bumper but this will do for now and thursday new shocks and springs will be installed for a reasonable/drivable, 60/40 drop.

Don't call me a ricer because the parts are OEM (except the lip from a volvo) and i dont add massive spoilers or huge exhausts, it keeps a fairly standard look.

Though there will always be haters.
Looks like an Edward to me.
I thought more of...... Helga.
That looks... terrible.
Well, it's not as bad as I thought. When everything painted, it can actually look pretty decent. Though I wouldn't paint the hood black.

Ye well, i might do the whole car sometime, but i don't know about it yet...

@jakg: It looks exactly like a standard 318iS, so i guess you are not into E30's.

Maybe i will post a video of a short trip from my gf to my house, but don't know about that yet.
Dan, why not go for M6 replicas?
It looks like a standard 318i that is fresh out of a scrapyard! :o

No seriously, it looks awful and I have no idea why your headlights are yellow AND taped up, but if you like it then thats all that matters.
Hahahaha ye well i like it, might get the tape off sometime.

@bmwe30m3: Overused
Quote from bmwe30m3 :Dan, why not go for M6 replicas?

NO! Omg, I hate those M6 replicas so much, I saw them here even on some Toyota's and Opel's, 14-15'' size.

Dan, get style230 from E90

Quote from Nathan_French_14 :like a Golf (not a dig at you Jamie!)


Depends what Golf you have driven. The Mk4 is rubbish, the Mk5 is far better. Actually can feel what's going on underneath you. The Mk6 is better still but I've yet to try.

I'd always pick an Audi over a BMW aside from the 335d vs the Audi A4 equivalent or the BMW M3, however I would probably rather own the RS4 day to day.

EU laws are to blame.
Quote from Shotglass :are you really that stupid? the side effects are determined by clinical trials

No, they are clearly not. Because printed on most tablets produced for the UK market have the side-effect 'spontaneous bleeding from the fingertips' on it.

Clinical trials my arse.
Quote from G!NhO :I thought more of...... Helga.

I'd call him Willem. Boeruhhhh
Quote from G!NhO :@jakg: It looks exactly like a standard 318iS, so i guess you are not into E30's.

Really? A "standard" E30 has yellow (ewww) taped up (ewww) headlight, and a matt (ewww) black (mistmatching - ewww) bonnet?

If you like it then fair enough... but to me it looks like it's been in an accident and fixed down at dodgy daves motor emporium
Lol, i respect your opinion.

I'd rather drive my "scrapyard" car, them your boring old folks car.
There's nothing wrong with the yellow headlight (inner ones only), looks pretty good without tapes (like this), of course.
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