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Test Patch Y18 - Licensed Demo System
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Quote from Bean0 :You should stop thinking that everyone using the demo is a career demo user.

It gives a much better impression of the game to someone genuinely trying it out with a purchase in mind. They'll see the auto skin downloading in action when S1/2 licensed racers join, and with a bit more accountability for demo users, the quality of racing should be improved.

I have read on a few other forums that when people try the demo, they see LFS as a wreckfest. Hopefully this is a thing of the past.

It was kinda a joke. A pretty crappy one though

I wasn't 'dissin da system' though. What with the new license for demoers system, It should stop those who just want to go online and wreck.

Most of the time wreckers will be too lazy to bother registering
Pretty cool Scawen, nice going.

Will download it later if I finish work at a reasonable hour.
Quote from Bean0 :This brings a question though.

If a demo user is using a skin that is already on LFSW, do others autodowload it ?

I would have thought not, and that LFS would not send a request in the first place, otherwise the system is open to too much abuse by people effectively unaccountable (no matter how honest the majority of demo users may or may not be).

But we'll have all the answers soon I'm sure, and the decision has already been made, so it's just a case of waiting (and bug-catching).
Does this mean S1 users can finally join S2 servers running S1 content? It's about time! Thanks Scawen! You da man!
huh...still can't dl the patch?

i just got the dedicated host no problem, but the patch...
#57 - troy
*link removed*

there you go
Quote from troy :

there you go

thanks a lot. you are my hero now.

edit: i was prevent situations like this one, everytime a new test patch is avaliable, Scawen could post an alternative link just in case the one from is dead for someone.
Great patch Scawen!

I'm greatly excited to see that development is progressing now. The community is happy!

Any chance on a sneak peak/news on the GTR interiors? That's gonna be the next big thing in a patch, IMO.
Quote from Scawen :Well... not really. You could use the car filters. There are much fewer demo compatible hosts anyway so they won't make your host list take much longer.

The idea is to unite the community, not divide it, so it's better not to have filters and labels. I know it's a different way of thinking...

Demo has like 200 servers online with guys inside, when S2 has 50, why not make the filter?, personally i dont like the idea of see demo when i am S2.
When i left demo, i swore (<-correct?) that i wont touch it again... i do it sometimes, but in private servers.
But meh, well your the boss, i like the idea of demo license tough
Quote from dadge :include the uf1 in your car list and the server then becomes incompatable to demo users?

good question. and what happens to the demo users that are on the server when someone add's a not-demo car/track?
damn! nice addition!
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Cool Beans! The long waited "content availability" feature is now available. Thank you Scawen!
Thank you so much, Scawen! That is the wisest improvement that has ever been made to the demo system (after removing teh XRT doriftoz, ofc). Naturally, I won't be enjoying it for too long, since I'll finally buy my license , hopefully this week .

thx scawen this is really cool great work now you should take like a week break.
Thanks Scawen
I actually asked for a requirement of proper LFS user name and password for demo users in my last article in A.S.S. which was released yesterday. You must have read my mind on that one
but there arent any demo servers with the new patch right now.
CTRA allows more than 12 cars on track, don't it? So I guess not.

Devs deserve a medal for all their hard work. WELL DONE.
Nice work Scawen!

But I dont understand one thing, when I show a list of hosts, there will be also Demo hosts? (I am S2 user)
Quote from Flame CZE :Nice work Scawen!

But I dont understand one thing, when I show a list of hosts, there will be also Demo hosts? (I am S2 user)

Yes, that's right. Demo, S1 and S2 servers have all been combined now into the same host list.
A pretty good but also risky change

Is there any special protection to disallow creating multiple accounts on one computer? Like checking the hardware and creating a unique key?
I don't know if extra measures have been put in place, but currently each account must have a unique email address.
Great patch Scawen. I have a question: Did you have to swap the single player and multiplayer buttons around? I keep going into single player wondering where eveything is.
Great news for DEMO, and S1!
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Test Patch Y18 - Licensed Demo System
(324 posts, closed, started )