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What time is the broadcast, cant see any on the PSRTV web?

EDIT :Nevermind times are on PSRTV website now.
oops that could have gone better, oh well
Nice, Misko and DaveWS both qualified to tomorrow's primary race! Commentators didn't figure out the reason for Misko's slow down because of cutting of last corner so they speculated about him running out of fuel.
Nice job guys
Quote from TV[cz] :Nice, Misko and DaveWS both qualified to tomorrow's primary race! Commentators didn't figure out the reason for Misko's slow down because of cutting of last corner so they speculated about him running out of fuel.

Yeah thanks, good result for me and Misko. Unlucky Jason had a timeout(?) though. My race was pretty uneventful while I tried to keep to around a second from Dom (Duhan), that is till a half spin on the final lap (doh!), but didn't lose any spots. Tomorrow should be very intense!

/me goes to follow the MoE precedings...
Quote from AlienT. :Are you ok there Ant? Just feeling a bit random at the moment mate?

Unfortunately im not but i will explain as it looks a bit odd .
There was a comment above "tossing into walls" or something, so it was supposed to be a joke 'walls' being ice cream. Guess my humor was on different level at that point in time.

I also just had the crappest friday night ever. Went to pick up a mazda track day car from Burton & when i got there the kid started messing me around after three attempts of completing the deal as agreed on ebay he started bullsh!ting me, i got real mad & gave him a serious verbal ear bending as i had just made a 2hour train journey to pick the car up. Damn idiot time waster.

Quote from DaveWS :Anyone planning on doing the hosted and broadcast race this weekend at Silverstone in the Corvette?

I would have done it except for i dont have Silverstone & ive already spent more than i wanted to on iRacing as it is. Any other track & i would have been there.
I hope they run another one some time. Anyways good luck tomorrow looks like you'll be mixing it with the top guys.
only had time for about 1 hours practice and failed lol

will watch the broadcast tomorrow
Watched Heat 2. Nice job Milos on missing the spinning car. Also nice job to Dave for staying up there the whole time and adding some laughs by embarassing himself that last lap.

Good luck to you two tomorrow, will be cheering for you both.
Great job Dave keeping up with Dom the whole time, I still miss bit of a pace. Being around 5th place brought me in center of attention, and it was intense indeed.

Tomorrow will be quite tough, like they wrote in the jingle "THE MOST EPIC FIELD EVER!" There will be a second chance for unlucky ones today to still make the A Main race.

Heat 4 with most entries will start in about 15 minutes.
Bump, qualifying for the A main starts in 20 mins.
Best racers ever!!111 and there's a multi-car crash even before T1. Awesome.
Yep very true, you never see a crash in a real live professional racing event at T1. F1 for example never ever take each other out at the start of the race, no way could that ever happen because they are all top pros. :sheep:
This event is really making me want the Ford GT and Mustang to appear in iRacing sooner rather than later so I can take part in some GT races that are more at my skill level.

Great race up front by the way, I really thought Greger would run away with it!
by watching the race streaming here, I can say: Greger Huttu is a MONSTER!
LOL Huttu rage quit

(I admit, it was probably from damage)
yea! =\

amazing, huh...

that McClean drives very well too!!
Well done Dave, finishing 8th in that field is very good. Top UK driver and top LFS'er as well
yeah, well done Dave! Superb effort I think
Yeah great job Dave, even if we didn't get to see much of you on the broadcast. I think you'll be a shoe-in for the Pro Series when the next 250 are selected; you aiming to race in it?
Indeed, well done Dave

Quote from AlienT. :top LFS'er as well

Nay, Brian McDaniel also plays LFS
Thanks guys! If I'm honest though I'm a little disappointed. I had some kind of painful cramp in my back out of nowhere just before qualifying which was pretty horrible, but I don't think it affected me during the race.

The field today was truely awesome, just look at the qualifying times and how tight things were (5th to 21st place seperated by just over 6 tenths). Still I was pretty hopeful of a top 5 result after the first few laps, where I managed to get past Dom Duhan and stay there for 9 laps. Frustratingly I had a bit of a balancing act for a while where I was looking to get past Peter Read while keeping Dom in check, but Dom was all over me trying to get past and eventually we went into stowe side by side and then into Vale with him on the outside. I made sure to give him room, so I had to get on the brakes hard and keep to the inside, and locked up the rear in the process and spinning hopelessly at 20 mph (those who've driven the C6R will know how easy it is to end up doing this). Shortly after that, frustrated, I was a little to eager on the throttle in one of the following laps and had another spin out of club. I got my head together after that and slowly worked back up into the top 10.

Still, it was great fun and probably one of the most intense races I've been in, oh and yeah, well done Brian too!

Edit: James, yeah I'll definately try and do the pro series early next year.
I try so hard to love this car...I just can't get along with it. Its just not any fun to drive. If you could really muscle it around and make it your bitch then yeah it'd be great...but you really just have to tiptoe everywhere and the steering feels like balls

My car looks awesome as shit though.
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Quote from spanks :...Its just not any fun to drive...

Blasphemy! I love driving this thing. Love it. LOVE it.

C6R @ Lime Rock is my new favorite thing in the world...
I unfortaunately have to agree with Spanks, I just can't get 'into' the C6R the way I would like to. The steering feels so light and it's tricky to know what the cars going to do next. Also the FOV in it, using 3 screens, is not great the view is very limited for me anyway.

Such a pity for me I wanted to love this car.
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