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Quote from SilverArrows77 :Yep, and really the only way to get fastracked is to be very clean and safe.... so chances are even if they arent not a fast driver and they dont know cars/tracks well, they will be likely to keep out of everyones way and not cause chaos, thats how they got fastracked afterall... It surprises me that some people have an issue with fasttracking. ...And Celtic or English, us aussies wouldnt know... your all strange and foreign to us! :P lol

i think it's a modern equivilent of " we didn't have computer games when i was a lad, we managed quite well without them", because they had to race for 4 seasons they think everyone else should be made to.

re celtic or english, the celts include the guys who are playing you lot at rugby tomorrow and the ones that beat you last weekend, the english are the ones who've never shut up after beating you lot in the final
Hey! I'm thinking of subscribing iRacing for 1 month just to try it out. And I wanted to ask if there's any discounts or something because today tried to get radical's promotion code, but I was told that that offer is outdated. Thank you for your answers
What are the odds of me getting to race online this weekend? I've not managed it yet (despite trying), because there are never any races for any of the cars/tracks I actually own.

Played more last weekend, but want to do some more before I commit myself to a position. I think my subscription ends some time next week, so this weekend is the last chance to play it - at least for the time being.
Quote from tristancliffe :What are the odds of me getting to race online this weekend? I've not managed it yet (despite trying), because there are never any races for any of the cars/tracks I actually own.

Played more last weekend, but want to do some more before I commit myself to a position. I think my subscription ends some time next week, so this weekend is the last chance to play it - at least for the time being.

Well you can race the Solstice any time, at either Laguna Seca or Lime Rock, the Skip Barber is at Lime Rock this week so you could race that, the Spec Racer is at Lowe's Road course so you could race that, and you could race the Mazda last week at Silverstone.
Don't forget to check the hosted sessions if you can't find an official race.
Tristan did you give the Skippy and the Solstice a go? How did you find them? I kind of wonder if you thought they were good so you're not saying anything .

I downloaded the C6 last night for something to do... You guys who commented really didn't do the sound justice! :jawdrop:

I cranked up the speakers and my face hurts from permasmile at this point... Now I know where Tiff Needel's enthusiasm comes from. Lower RPMs convey the intense grunt of that engine, you can feel every exhaust pulse rattling through your carcass (at least with a reasonable audio setup & a subwoofer of some type) and the high RPMs felt like they pierced my soul .

I've never been dissatisfied really with the sound in iRacing (save for the Mazda, no idea who's responsible for that one) but the C6R is on a whole new level both dynamically and in terms of the raw quality of the sound. The frequency response of whatever device they used to capture it is fantastic. Very easily the best engine sound I've ever heard in any game or sim, ever. Headphones is good, but a cranked set of speakers and subwoofers is rather mindblowing.
Oran Park and Zolder in iRacing..

Pair of 47-Year-Old Tracks Half A World Apart
To Be Available to Global Racing Audience

BEDFORD, MA (December 1, 2009) – When the checkered flag fell over a field of motorcycles at Australia’s Oran Park Raceway earlier this month it marked the final competitive motorcycle event in the 47-year history of this suburban Sydney motorsport facility. Following an all-comers car race at the end of January, 2010, Oran Park Raceway is slated to become a housing development.

But that won’t be the end of racing competition for Oran Park. In future years, while suburbanites sleep peacefully where Aussie V8s and Formula 5000 cars once thundered, racing enthusiasts from all around the world will be competing with one another in the virtual world on an exact digital duplicate of this historic venue, including its unique-for-Australia over-and-under figure-eight set of turns.

“Oran Park Raceway has played an important role in the history of Australian motorsport,” noted Divina Galica, director of partner relations for “Too many great race tracks have been lost forever; I’m pleased that we’re able to preserve this digital version of Oran Park and make it available to racers all over the world.”

Galica also announced that iRacing and the management of Circuit Zolder have signed an agreement that will see the sometime host of the Belgian Grand Prix join Silverstone, Brands Hatch, Oulton Park and Zandvoort as initial European venues in the iRacing service.

“Zolder is our second track on the continent of Europe, after Zandvoort,” Galica said. “In the fullness of time we’ll have quite a few more, but it’s exciting to have two such challenging driver’s circuits to begin with.” Galica said she expected that Circuit Zolder would join the iRacing inventory in the latter half of 2010.

Capturing Oran Park

Last month a surveying crew from made a series of millimeter-accurate scans of the 1.65-mile Oran Park facility, including all three of the track’s existing configurations and further documenting it with thousands of digital photographs. Over the course of the next several months, the data gathered by the iRacing surveyors will be transformed into a virtual version of the track that will join Phillip Island as the first two Australian iRacing circuits.

Oran Park opened its gates in 1963 and regularly hosted rounds of the Australian Touring Car Championship, V8 Supercar Championship Series, Australian Drivers' Championship and Australian Sports Sedan Championship.

The Australian Grand Prix (not then a Formula One race, it featured F5000 cars) was held at Oran Park in 1974 and 1977. In the 1970’s the circuit attracted large crowds for touring cars and sports sedans. The Rothmans 500 for touring cars was staged in 1977 and 1978, and touring car endurance races continued through the running of the 1989 Pepsi 300. The final running of the contemporary V8 Supercar series Oran Park event was held in 2008. Oran Park was also home over its long history to club road-racing events, so it’s fitting that the final competitive race meet held January 23-24, 2010 is an all-comers amateur race.

Circuit Zolder

Like Oran Park, half a world away, Circuit Zolder opened in 1963. It hosted ten Belgian Grands Prix during the 1970s and 1980s. Mario Andretti drove a Lotus 79 to victory there on his way to the 1978 Formula One World Championship, but the death of Gilles Villeneuve in practice for the 1982 race signaled the beginning of the end of Formula One competition at the 10-turn, 2.492-mile circuit.

Following a series of safety-related upgrades in 2006, Zolder hosted a European round of the North American-based ChampCar series. The overall lap record was established by Sebastian Bourdais on his way to victory in that one-off event. Today Circuit Zolder is host to the FIA Formula 2, FIA WTCC Race of Belgium and the GT Belcar championship, including the 24 Hours of Zolder.
Pretty cool that the track can be "preserved" that way.
Good news, but no news on Brands.
Quote from anttt69 :Good news, but no news on Brands.

Brands is coming along slowly. I bet they're hoping for it to come out in about 2 months when the next season ends..........

Great news with Oran though.
when is Brands coming out?
and the other two???
I'm glad they've had the sense to scan Oran Park before it is demolished, even if it means we have to wait a little longer for some of the better Aussie circuits (not that I don't think Oran Park is an awesome track).

With regards to Brands Hatch I can only quote what Tony Gardner (who I believe is responsible for the track department) said on the Club England forum back in October:

"Looking good to be done sometime in December. If we go to the International Auto Sport Show in England should have a drivable version ready as well.


There's usually at least one track released in-season and one at the end so it is possible we may see Brands sometime soon.
i wouldn't be surprised if it gets released about xmas as a strange sort of present to us that we have to pay for great news about another 2 non US tracks especially as oran was a now or never situation. now when are we going to get my old local track, oulton park finished?
Quote from tinvek :now when are we going to get my old local track, oulton park finished?

Out of all the new tracks coming Oulton Park is the one I'm looking forward to. Been around there a few times on bike and car.
Hey guys, few days ago I wrote to radical about their iRacing offer, but they said that it has ended already and they'll let me know when it will be on again. Soooo it's on again!
Promotion Code: PR-RADICAL-5
I think I'll wait till my subscription will end and will take this offer, because that promotional code works just for new members and it's valid for 30 days
Quote :
What do you get with the Radical SR8 Virtual Test Drive?
Radical is offering a one-month subscription to the service plus the additional bonus content a $40 value for just $5.
Cars included in offer:
Radical SR8 race car – Regular Cost: $11.95
SSB Pontiac Solstice ZOK
Legends car
Spec Racer Ford
Tracks included in offer:
Lime Rock Park (Two Configurations)
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
Summit Point Raceway (Four Configurations)
Silverstone (Five Configurations) – Regular Cost: $14.95
Rookie level oval tracks

Wow I just went and checked out iRacing website out of curiosity and the first thing that caught my eye was a news article about Wyatt Gooden taking out the VW TDI Cup serries with Modoff a close second

I remember meeting Gooden when he first got into LFS some 4 or 5 years ago and telling him he would be faster than me in no time Well sure enough it didn't take him and Modoff long to be super quick, to see him go on and now get the opportunity to a real life drive through winning an iRacing serries brings a smile to my dial Well done WGooden and Modoff best of luck to the both of you in your futures
Anyone know what the file mysleep.exe is in my iRacing folder?
Happiness is so fleeting....
I'm really struggling to get around Road America with Dallara, making each lap four miles of fail and misery. On the brightside, I can get into 1:49's fairly easily if I can actually find the proper line through each corner and not toss it into walls
tbh i wouldn't recommend coming into ice cream.
Are you ok there Ant? Just feeling a bit random at the moment mate?
Quote from anttt69 :tbh i wouldn't recommend coming into ice cream.

Quote from AlienT. :Are you ok there Ant? Just feeling a bit random at the moment mate?

It's probably sleep deprivation.
Quote from anttt69 :Anyone know what the file mysleep.exe is in my iRacing folder?

Thank god iRacing found his missing sleep.
Anyone planning on doing the hosted and broadcast race this weekend at Silverstone in the Corvette?

Lots and lots of big names signed up, including a few LFS'ers like me, but plenty more spots open, and there will heats leading into splits on sunday so you'll be matched up with similarly skilled drivers.

It's the first major iRacing event, so join up people!
Good luck Dave and Jason jumping back and forth from C6R to XRR tomorrow. Given the times I guess you'll be doing the final MoE stints.

Do join people, it will be fun. Be a part of history.
I'm signed up and can't wait.
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