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The Patch X SmokeMod proves a little too effective...
International Rescue trial a replacement for The Mole from TB2's pod 5.
Look, he killed the sandman ! :O
'This week in Surreal Racing...

A dramatic photo finish today between a Ford and a tornado, followed closely by the hopping blue carrot, and finishing up last again this week, the chance meeting on a dissecting table of a sewing machine and an umbrella...'
Colin MaCrae was enjoying his drive in the V8's, even if tarmac wasn't always his preferred option.
Weather forecast: cloudy, with some very local smog.


The Ford Falcon driver was hampered by an incorrectly mounted dust filter.
The Ford dived onto the grass after he was cut off by ayrton senna 87.
Crew: "You're now in the top 10. Keep Diggin!"
"Another espionage scandal surfaces in motorsport: Ford investigates a possible mole within team."
Aaaah, we're just in luck. Look closely, it'll happen any minute now... WOOOW we wittnessed the birth of a brand new Falcon!
Return of the CGI Sand Monster

The guy in charge of the windscreen stickers still had a fixation with the right hand side
oooo Tristan is watching, lets annoy him with some dorifto moves.
a spy shot from ians secret training in rfactors prosche carrera mod ... good thinking but kamkor figured it out
"Niko still has to learn what humour is"


"OMG My very powerful rear wheel drive car is sliding, this will make a funny picture!!!111!1 LOLZ"
What Black Ice???
Ickle small letters at the top left of the screen:

Templeman updated his controls

Instead of sponsoring the RAC we should have taken it!
Zzzzz. Next pic please?
Here it is then.
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Driver: "Who photoshopped the flame behind my car?!"
Cheeky ball of fire creeps up on BMW driver, let's see how they like tailgaters.

Caption Competition
(4257 posts, started )