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Honda is schedualed to begin racing with more evironmentally friendly "green" cars. They hope to clean up the dirty image that racing has built up among the ecomentalists.
Honda claimed they would move up through the field with their revised car...Shame their revised car is the field.
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"Oh for god's sake......why did they plant the guy with the jack at the front? It will be months before we can get this bloody wheel off now!"
"Not only more environment friendly, but also faster then the Spyker cars!"
A typo on the FIA entry form gave problems for Scuderia Toro Mosso.
Quote from BigFatCat :A typo on the FIA entry form gave problems for Scuderia Toro Mosso.

Lol, best one so far!
Quote from BigFatCat :A typo on the FIA entry form gave problems for Scuderia Toro Mosso.

Absolutely terrible. Winner
Lawks alordy, really?

Fast left over crest, spectators on bank, cut
"20 points if you can hit the guy in the white shirt!"
The photographer: "I hope this photo will be on the first page of the newspapers because that car is heading to me!"
New technology from Audi: no-wheel drive.
Quote from sgt.flippy :New technology from Audi: no-wheel drive.

hilarious, laughing out loud.

i'll throw in a similar one.

"Look ma, no wheels!"
I believe I can fly...
The Audi co-driver fails to mention the minefield sector of the course.
VTAK just kicked in, ja.
"Some spectators were more interested in the bush shaped like an F1 car than the rally"
"Okay I'll lift the car, and you see if it's one of them illegal immigrants on the bottom."


"Audi's don't go that fast, it just hit a mine in the ground."

"Audi's don't go that fast, it just hit a red and white barrier."

"OMG LAGGING CRASHER." Audi has voted to kick Demo n00b. (Press 1)

"Another hip hop video. India is becoming westernized."


That's all I got for now

You mean that bump.
No problem, the nose will go right down, it's a bit front heavy with all these lights.
lancias plan to win the rally by reshaping the crests after audis trackspotters went though worked out beautifully
Ah, I'm torn...

It's a toss up between Mackie and Kaulgt.. Let me ponder awhile.

Ah, it's got to be Kaulgt. if only for giving the chance to do Roscoe P Coltrane impersonations, gyugh, gyugh, gyugh. Get 'em Flaaaaash, dem Dook Boyz.
Niko, I thought we made a new rule about you not posting humour, becuase you got an F in it?

Also, isn't it an Audit, for 2 reasons
1) You buy it, you're so poor, you get audited
2) German car, T is silent...
Filling his windscreen washers with soil always amused his pitcrew
Quote :Suppose you are driving along Captains Flat Road on a beautiful spring morning at around 11 o’clock. There is not a cloud in the sky and you have the road to yourself - or do you? Suddenly, on the immediate horizon, there appears a strange dense dark cloud at about windscreen height. It seems to be set on a course directly opposing yours and before you have time to initiate any defensive manoeuvring - wham, it hits you with all the energy that might be expected from the firing of a bazooka at close range. The windscreen is suddenly coated with a black gluey mess and you are forced to stop because something undesirable has totally obscured your vision of the road. It could be that you have been luckless enough to learn about one of the consequences of the spring habits of bees.

Caption Competition
(4257 posts, started )