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Quote from Gekkibi :"I played Action Quake 2 couple of years back and bunny jumping gave me extra speed. Might as well test it while racing"


Now I want to edit the pic

Shamelessly taken from
Quote from 5haz :

Shamelessly taken from

Bernie's way of hiding his multi-million pound brothel.
Ferrari's link to the Devil revealed
This elevator raises Ecclestone 1 to 3 Foots from the ground in order to get him able to talk to people face to face.

New pic then:
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"No! Stop! It burns!"

"Shut up, be a man!"
"Nowadays younger and younger starts to use alcohol. It is because there are older ones who give it to them"
At age 6, Tommy decided to become a teetotaler.
"Look guys this kid stinks!, Muahahaha"
"I'll show you alternative fuels you little f***er! ahahahahaha!"
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Here you go...
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Guy on left: WHY YOU LITTLE! *shakes fist*
Guy in centre: HI MOM!
Guy on the right *drunk*: waheeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyy

Quite a hard one to make sound funny tbh
So this is how the Finn's win. They have angry Santa's telling them that if they don't win they don't get anything for christmas.

*slightly drunk nerd voice* Ish thish the LARrrP gaming event?
Hi Ho
Hi Ho
It's off to the race we go!


Team Santa unveil their new pitcrew


First guy: Put 'em up!
Second guy: Yeah, you rock buddy
Third guy: Damn smoking laws
Quote from deggis :*slightly drunk nerd voice* Ish thish the LARrrP gaming event?

You win because your from Finland.

I was actually looking for something like this...

"Spanish racists proved how stupid they are when trying to taunt Kimi at the latest grand prix."
Looks like this thread is dying again (looking at the amount of replies lately)

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"This car is sinking like the Caption Competition post ratings".
Let's see...we got the we need to make it look naff




I think I went a bit wide
Poor drainage on the new track surface was to blame for the cancellation of the race.
Honda build some nice boats, but some drivers confuse them.

Caption Competition
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