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Caption Competition
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Caption Competition
But no prizes other than self-satisfaction.

* Picture must be motorsport related, either LFS or real life.
* At least 5 posts/captions before the next picture, although I obviously can't enforce this.
* Do try not to be vulgar or sick, it's not big (phnarr) or clever, like a retarded dwarf.
* Anything I say goes, so I can tell you off for being stupid if I want to
* The winner of each picture is chosen by the poster of the picture. The winner then posts a new picture. Don't post a picture unless you have been made a winner by a previous poster. Also, don't wait for days - I think if a favourite hasn't been chosen in 24 hours it can be deemed 'dead', and a new picture posted.
* In the event of a tie, i.e. two captions being deemed equally funny by the picture poster, then the winner is the person who wrote the caption first. However, the other people in the tie, be it one or more people, may hijack the tie after NOT LESS THAN 2 hours if the actual winner doesn't get his arse in gear and post a new picture within that time. The first hijacker to hijack (which is open only to members involved in the tie-break) is deemed the current picture, and any failed attempts for other tie break members to post their own picture must be met with ridicule and finger pointing.

I'll start with a picture of me, so that you can make me say silly things. Self-depreciation is fun

Edit: Updated rules (added a 5th one)

Edit2: Added tie-break clarification
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Quote from tristancliffe :Self-depreciation is fun

Making yourself less valuable?

I'm not seeing a lot of potential in this photo to be honest. Sorry.
#3 - Jakg
"oh look, my Momo clamp!"

I know, it sucks
" damnnn shes hottttt"
Hurry mum i need another 20p!!!
"Some bastard's stolen my wheel"
"Ok, plug in the monitor and lets see if THIS cockpit makes me drive any faster"
"Excuse me Sir, but the steering wheel is loose and doesn't properly mount! Do you have a spare hacksaw, by any chance?"
ignore this.Please?
"Don't go to Liverpool, they'll have your wheels off within 5 minutes"
Flintstones, Meet the flintstones
"the car is staying with us "
"the car is staying with us "
"are you sure you put it in here?"
Mitsubishi Lancer Tuned by AMS
Brake manpower: 2
Top Speed: 0.5 kmh
Fuel: High fat fish & chips
typical...... two pricks in an evo
"and you thought it wasn't possible, now who looks stupid..."
Joe Shmoe's Garage: Civil Partnership Ceremonies a speciality.
"We might look professional, but we're just janitors!"

Andy, as it's your pic you get to choose the winner and move on. Just don't wait for months before you choose!
The right knee connects to the headlight...

Caption Competition
(4257 posts, started )