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Quote from stevewhite :How about
"One wrecked car, $500,000.
Weekend in hospital, $500.
No evidence of alcohol at crash, PRICELESS!"

gosh hospitals are cheap in canadaland
Its free here in the UK Although you go in with a broken finger and come out with a lethal virus
This gives a whole new meaning to Scandinavian Flick
Here ya go...

Health care is free in Canada aswell.

(200th post! glad it was special :P )
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i just couldnt help myself...
"Be cool, we dont need to use insurance here. You can buff that out!"
'Giant slipper crushes pickup truck'
Quote from tristancliffe :Rules:
* Picture must be motorsport related, either LFS or real life.
* At least 5 posts/captions before the next picture, although I obviously can't enforce this.
* Do try not to be vulgar, it's not big (phnarr) or clever - like a retarded dwarf.
* Anything I say goes, so I can tell you off for being stupid if I want to
* The winner of each picture is chosen by the poster of the picture. The winner then posts a new picture. Don't post a picture unless you have been made a winner by a previous poster. Also, don't wait for days - I think if a favourite hasn't been chosen in 24 hours it can be deemed 'dead', and a new picture posted.

I'm amazing people don't die doing simple things more often, judging by how few people have looked at the (rather simple) rules.
"here we are, in the hot atmosphere of america. And in front of us now, is a very rare chevy scorpion about to pounce on his defenceless pray......"

lets make it motorsport related....

'Ralf Schumachers trip to America goes wrong after he crashes his rented pickup into the back of a Ferrari'
"Yuji Ide strikes again!"
'Clark Kent sells his pickup truck'
"Yes, it blends!"
"Someone obviously doesn't know how to park"

"This is what happens when you let a woman park"
"I told you one parachute wouldn't be enough!"
Dick's design for an automatic roof stowaway system plainly had some flaws...
if someone's ride gets destroyed as badly as that one, i'd say chances are they were racing.
ohh gosh! me won! ok... let me check the rules again and I'll go and find a suitable pic.. brb

"FIA presented the newest handicap system"
"Markko Märtin is bored of ordinary rally so he makes things a bit more interesting"

"M. Park: Poor visibility 4km"
"The FIA disqualified Ford from the Rally yesterday for a movable aerodynamic device"

(I know, it's kinda like Niko's, not funny )
Ford team reconsiders outsourcing maintenance
"They'll all stop laughing after dusk, when these night-vision goggles will really start to pay dividends...."
"Now in YOUR cinema : BTTF IV"

Caption Competition
(4257 posts, started )