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"Ford introduces binoculars to the Rally Championship to look further down the road!"

Edit: Just seen the night googles one, oh well neved mind That one was better then mine
"The goggles, they do nothing!"
"I told you that wasn't the NOS switch"
Ford admits their sunvisor may affect visibility.
"New Ford Satellite Phone proves to have a few teething problems, particularly relating to the position of the reciever dish. The Sky+ installation has, however, been seamless"
"FIA forces slight changes to the shape of the cars to simulate night driving situations."
"I'm telling you dude, I can't see!"
"Shut up and listen to that bass!"
Ford takes the term hoodwinked to a new extreme.
We have a winner!!

Quote from Taavi(EST) :"Markko Märtin is bored of ordinary rally so he makes things a bit more interesting"

"M. Park: Poor visibility 4km"

This got me to giggle the most reading your posts!
"Yes, it's blown! Don't look at me! You insisted on installing that @$$#%$ espresso machine!!"
OK new one.
Dragging this quantity of tyres around was bound to cause a few problems...
M. Schumacher voted to restart (1/12)
"Schumacher's official tyre barrier test"
I said BLUE FLAG you n00b!
"Schumacher retired from the race because he had tyre problems"
Unlike on Schumacher's favourite game; LFS - Reversing into walls and then flooring it doesn't end up in a wheelie.
"Schumacher found himself a little tired near the end of the race."
Quote from thisnameistaken :M. Schumacher voted to restart (1/12)

Ok when i saw this i literally laughed out "very" loud, so, WINNER!
kinda late on the ford one but anyway
markko märtin was stoked when he found out ford was finally going to reveal their new clutch turbo engine to the public during this weeks rally
he was displeased when he later found out during the rally meant while he was driving
Winner gets the car
"1....2....3!! go!!"
What's the name of the game where one person stands at a wall facing it, and the others have to run from across the room,
till the person looks back, and they have to be immobile? Then they repeat the process till someone makes it to the wall...
Statue? Stop? Damn international forums...

Anyway, here goes my quote, ''1,2,3 (insert name of the game here)"!

*These arent my tires*

Caption Competition
(4257 posts, started )