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The Jetsons re-enactment society has a good day out - they really ought to do it more often.
"The FIA realise that their restriction of aero dynamics for the 2009 F1 Season may have been too harsh"
"Martians reconsider invasion plan after realising all humans are giants"
Quote from tristancliffe :"Technology might improve, but M25 queues never diminished"

That made me laugh the loudest...
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"If Carlsberg made a motorbike championship..."
Rossi: "Noobs..."
"Drifting On MotorBikes Doesn't Work As #3 See's"
" The dropkick pass maneuver "
Max Biaggi tries to start the Speedway MotoGP breakaway series...with disastrous consequences.

From the sublime to the ridiculous.

The good, the bad and the ugly.
"You're doing it wrong"
...which you could say to almost every picture
there was some confusion in t1 about the track layout
"Gauloises - The smoother smoke."
For anyone who needed proof of the theory of evolution...
"Biaggi is stunned into an accident after seeing what people with talent look like"
Biaggi here, getting a little loose while using his patented "Heel and Camel-toe" shifting technique.
"oh snap a quarter!!!, its mine"
Simply put... "This is going to hurt"
Damn, This Tactic always worked in roadrash
Quote from Shotglass :there was some confusion in t1 about the track layout

The best one! We have a winnah!
id like to thank my mum ... tristan of course ... the producers ...

anyway ... couldnt think of anything good so here it goes:
This isn't a stunt race?, uh oh
"Beam me up, Scotty"
"The new version of LFSTweak allows modification of all physics variables."


"Hmm, how do I Shift-S in this thing?"

Caption Competition
(4257 posts, started )